Stars Hollow Quilt


Download the Stars Hollow PDF pattern today!

Gilmore Girls

Love it? Hate it? Never heard of it? (To those who fall in that third category...really??)​

Whether you are a die hard fan, a 4-season shoulder-shrugger…“meh, take it or leave it,” or a confused person who is currently Googling “Gilmore Girls,” (again….really???) you should know that after an almost 10 year hiatus, it’s back.


Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters: Part V – The Seasoned Sewist


We’re wrapping up (See what I did there? Gifts? Wrapping paper?? forget it...) the Suzy Quilts Holiday Gift Guide with a group of quilters who are near and dear to my heart… the long-time, seasoned sewists. These are the quilters who seem to have collected everything over the years… a huge stash of fabric, two sets of every tool, a shelf-full of books and a wealth of practice.


The Churn Dash Quilt Will Remind You Why You Love Quilting


You guys, the Churn Dash quilt pattern is everything. Each time I work on a Churn Dash quilt, I think, “Yes. Yes. This is why I quilt!”

There’s something about the history and the simplicity and the tons-and-tons of variations and modernizations that really make the Churn Dash quilt block the complete package of all that quilting should be.