What sewing machine do you use?
My main sewing squeeze is a Bernina B770 QE.

What sewing machine do you recommend?
Finding the right sewing machine is a lot like finding the right car – you may need to test drive a few different brands to discover what fits your style of sewing the best. I wrote a blog post about different sewing machines based on budget and features. I personally prefer Bernina, however if you were to talk to a Janome owner or a Juki lover, you would hear very different things. 

If you have the time, I would suggest seeking out a few different machine brand dealers and trying out some different brands. Also, be up front with the salespeople about about your budget, how much you will use the machine, and the bells and whistles you need as well as the ones out can do without (e.g. I LOVE my automatic thread cutter, but I could definitely do without the 200 different embroidery stitches that came standard with my make and model).

Take your time looking. My guess is that it will probably become one of your best friends.

Oh! Also, don’t forget to have your machine serviced every other year. If you want your new BFF to continue loving you back, it will need a good cleaning and oiling every 18-24 months depending on how often you use it. You can usually do this through the sewing machine dealer or a local sewing machine mechanic (oh yes, they exist.).

What hand quilting supplies do you use and do you have a video tutorial?
Yes, I do have a video tutorial. To view it you must purchase the Sew Mojo #1 or Sew Mojo #3 mini quilt pattern– the private YouTube link is in the pattern.

Hand quilting supplies I love and use include:

  1. Leather Thimble
  2. DMC Pearl Cotton Thread No.8
  3. Clover Gold Eye Embroidery Needles
  4. Gingher Stork Embroidery Scissors
  5. Needle Threader – makes the job much easier

Are your quilts for sale?
Some of them are, so if you see one that strikes your interested, please shoot me an email about pricing and availability. A couple quilts are listed in my shop, and some of my quilts are traveling in shows or hanging in different venues, so I don’t always have immediate access to them. However, in most cases, I can ship it to you within a month of inquiry.

Will you make me a custom quilt?
Probably not, however, if you would like to purchase a quilt based on one I have made before, I am more than happy to get you in touch with a quilter who can make it for you. (This applies to most of my quilts, however a select few do not have written patterns and could not be remade.)

Is it possible to make money as a quilter?
Well, the short and sweet answer is, yes...kind of.

In my experience, in order to make money, I can't just be a quilter – I have to be a pattern writer, graphic designer, webmaster, photographer, marketer, networker, sales person, writer and recently, videographer. I think my main take-away is, to be an entrepreneur, you must wear many different hats. If I thought people would buy my quilts according to their value, I would never write another quilt pattern again. I would just design and sew aaaaall day long!

I didn't have much success making and selling quilts to the general public, so I had to take my passion for sewing and do something else. Everybody's journey looks different, so if you are interested in starting your own textiles business, I would suggest making lots of lists and crunching numbers. One good thing I've discovered is that if you have an online presence and are bold enough to ask for it, fabric companies will usually give you the fabric you want for free. First try asking the specific fabric designer, then move on to the fabric manufacturer. The worst thing that can happen is they say, "no," but the best thing that can happen is you just cut costs for your business by A LOT.

Be bold. Ask for what you want. Put in the work and be patient – building something meaningful takes time.

Do you use affiliate links?
Yes, however I will never post a link to a product I do not personally recommend. If you click on an affiliate link and then proceed to purchase something from that affiliated website, I receive a small commission. This helps me continue to provide high quality, free content. Please send me an email if you have any questions.