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​Ahoy, ye landlubbers, scallywags and sailors! Find yer sea legs or walk the plank! This quilt pattern will have ye strap'n on yer boots and set'n sail! Arrrrr!

With only one quilt block to master, you will be feeling as confident as 'ol Cap'n ​Jack Sparrow himself. One quilt block, a few stripes, and Ta-da! There ain't nutt'n to it!

If you're trying to figure out how to read this non-English nonsense, just pretend you're a pirate who sometimes slips into a Southern draaaawl – that pretty much covers all of my accents.

Wait! No no, I take that back. I can do a meeeean 'liza Dooli'le (that's supposed to be 'Eliza Doolittle,' from My Fair Lady, but I was giving you a taste of how good my Bri'ish flower​ gull accent really is.)

But, ya know, now that I put it all together, Eliza Doolittle, pirates and Southern damsels all kinda sound the same when I emulate the accent...or are somehow a hybrid of the three...hmmm...Shiver me timbers!


​And I digress...per usual...

Let's go back to the beginning – the inspiration. Well, the inspiration for this quilt design was this salty Saltwater fabric designed by Emily Winfield Martin. Full of mermaids, sand dollars and scurvy, this fabric pulled my heart sails the moment I locked eyes with that white wale. Do you see the one I'm talking about? Look up the picture right above... YES! Now you see the one.

I love that whale.​

I love those little octopuses too, but that whale....​


This fabric line uses a lot of large-scale illustrations, so in addition to the cute little sailboat blocks, I wanted to make sure the quilt pattern didn't call for slicing and dicing up all the wonderful creatures floating around in the sea.

Which brings us to those majorly big horizontal stripes. Biggie stripes are one of my favorite ways to showcase beautiful fabric without the quilt looking too cluttered. Even though these stripes read as various shades of cream, I wanted the fabric patterns to really POP, so I juxtaposed them with solid cream fabric.


​You wouldn't suspect this based on the photo above, but it is nearly impossible to get a straight on shot of a thin quilt top while standing in a Chicago wind tunnel (also known as a common alley.) There were many outtakes and even a really lame video I finally shot thinking I would never get a good photo.

Much to my husband's chagrin, I am all too patient when it comes to quilt photoshoots. 🙂 Five minutes in he's ready to throw in the in towel...20 minutes later when I'm still saying, "Now, just a little to the left...ok RIGHT, RIGHT! Good...hold it...I said HOLD IT!"

Then he's saying, "Suz, my arms are tired, can't we call it a day."

"But Honey boo boo bear, lovie darling, sweetest Husband, can't you hold it just a teeny weeny bit longer? You're so strong and tough and handsome."


That almost always buys me another 15 minutes. That, plus vague promises of future back rubs that may or may not actually happen.​

Would I call that manipulation?...No, I probably wouldn't. Would John? mmmm....if he ever reads this blog post I'll let him chime in. Until then, "Secure the rigging and do ma' damn bidding or ye'll get harpooned!"​


​But seriously, how cute is he??

At this point in the blog post you're thinking to yourself, "Oh man, how much more do I have to skim to get to the free pattern?"

Well, let me tell you one more thing...​


...this quilt is not just a FREE pattern, but also a kit you can purchase! "Wahoo! Where, oh WHERE, SUZY??? Where do I buy such a kit?!"

Alright, alright, keep yer breetches on. I never would have brought this up if I had known you'd get so intense about it. Why don't you take a breather on the poop deck.

Want to purchase the full kit to make this Ahoy Sailor quilt? Click here!

Other supplies you may need include: ​a sexy eyepatch,  this flouncy pirate blouse, and a seam ripper to hold in one hand while shouting, "Arrrrr! Me tiny hook will spear ye eye out!"


​To download this FREE QUILT PATTERN, Click here!

Happy sailing and don't forget to use #AhoySailorQuilt when posting to social media. MUAH! xo



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