The 5 Best Machine Quilting Books: Quilt Like a Pro at Home!

a lit of the 5 best machine quilting books that will help you sew like a pro on your home sewing machine

Here’s the deal: although I have a machine quilting tutorial here on the blog, and also a post dedicated just to straight line machine quilting, I know that I only skim the surface on what magic you can wield on your home sewing machine. The quilting world is huuuge and the possibilities are endless! So even though I love thinking that you and I are quilting together in spirit like two peas in a pod, I also want to bring a few more amazing quilters and authors into the mix. So let me share with you the best machine quilting books you can buy that will catapult your quilting into a whole new league of sewing.

The perfect list of the best books on machine quilting. | Suzy Quilts

The 5 Best Machine Quilting Books

Having a good quilt book by your side can be really helpful, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned sewist. It’s almost like having a trusted friend hanging out on your sewing table, giving you tips and reminding you to have patience when things seem to be falling apart. Here are the best machine quilting books that have stuck by me when I needed them the most:

WALK: Master Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot

Jacquie Gering is basically the Wonder Woman of the modern quilt world. I got to meet her once at QuiltCon when she gave me a hand quilting award for Mod Mountains. Afterward I chatted with her and she is one of those people that has such a comforting presence – a true teacher and giver at heart.

In her book, she covers all kinds of different quilting questions that can pop up while you’re learning to quilt with a walking foot. It covers the basics, as well as describing more advanced motifs.

An added bonus is that if you’re not that into reading, you can also attend Jacquie’s Craftsy Class so you can pretend she’s hanging out with you in your sewing room. She covers a lot of the same information, it’s just nice to hear her patient voice speaking great sewing truths in your ear as you work. Is that weird? No. It’s totally not weird. 

Catherine Redford hails from my town, (Chicago, heeeeyyyyyy) which automatically makes this book awesome. But if that’s not enough for you, would it help to know that I personally know the author??

Long story short, I went to college with Julia Redford, aka Catherine Redford's daughter. Julia was one of the top graphic design majors in the year above me and since I was one of the top graphic design majors in my year (just go with me on this, OK?) we ended up working side by side at the publications department on campus. Fast forward 10 years, and I'm having coffee with Catherine Redford at Quilt Market in Houston. She and I kept hearing about each other and were so excited to finally meet! 

She gave me a copy of her book and I knew right away that it was special. Catherine gives some amazing advice with step-by-step explanations of the quilting process along with TONS of helpful photos. 

Modern Machine Quilting: Make a Perfectly Finished Quilt on Your Home Machine
Best machine quilting books you can buy to help build your quilting skills and allow you to sew on your sewing machine at home!

Machine Quilting in Sections Book

Marti Michell’s book has great photos, and shows you how to "quilt-as-you-go" or quilt in small sections so you can successfully complete a full quilt project on your own sewing machine. It’s perfect for all of you king-sized quilters (although I still don’t understand you, crazy people.)

Note: This book is better after you have a little bit of quilting experience. OR you can check out her Craftsy Class on Machine Quilting in Sections! The concept is easier for new quilters if you can watch her in action! 

This class was actually the first thing I watched on Craftsy and I found it positively deeelightful! When I was at Craftsy studios last week doing some filming, one of the producers told me that Marti is 90 years old and still working as hard at her quilting business as ever. How fabulous! What joie de vivre!

Learn to quilt like a pro on your domestic sewing machine at home. Here are the 5 best books to get you on your way.

Get the Rocksteady quilt pattern you see here! It's a PDF instant download. 

The perfect list of the best books on machine quilting

Ready to step it up and get your free-motion foot out? Angela Walters’ book on free-motion quilting will make you swoon with the possibilities. Angela will convince you, yes you, perfectionistic quilter, into trying out free-motion quilting and embracing the artistic imprecision of it all! I guarantee you’ll be inspired by the gorgeous photos she has of her free-motion designs. 

And yet again, you have a Craftsy option if that’s your jam. You can also check out the Angela hosting the Midnight Quilt show here

Angela and I met ON CAMERA this past winter at QuiltCon 2018. She and the Craftsy crew surprised me and we ended up doing a quick 5 minute segment. WARNING: I am wearing heels in addition to my 5'8" status – let's just say it looks like Jack and the Giant, the only thing missing is a bean stock. The show should be live soon, so keep an eye out on the Midnight Quilt Show YouTube channel.

Shape By Shape with Angela Walters

Best Quilting Books: Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day

I have been a huge fan of Leah's videos for years. She has hundreds of videos on free-motion quilting and walking foot quilting. I highly recommend checking some of them out.

With her walking foot book, she shows how to push the boundaries of what you think your walking foot is capable of – very practical and inspiring!

I should also mention that I got to meet Leah last year and she is such an inspiration! She truly is in the TOP of her field.

Now that I think about it, I've gotten to meet all of these authors. Since I'm personally recommending all of their books, I thought it wise that I meet all of them. 😉 Just doing my due diligence for you, my lovelies!

The 5 Best Machine Quilting books to help you jumpstart your skills and allow you to quilt like a pro on your domestic sewing machine at home!

Have another addition to the best machine quilting books? How did you learn machine quilting? Leave a comment below and we’ll keep the list going. I love getting recommendations from you! xo

28 thoughts on “The 5 Best Machine Quilting Books: Quilt Like a Pro at Home!

  1. Jennie says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Great to have new suggestions. I have Leah Day’s book and I love it. She too recommends Jacquies book. And I have to get me an Angela Walters book. Amazon, here I come ……. Again!

  2. Judy Britt says:

    I’ve watched Marti Mitchell’s Maxine Quilting in Sections on Craftsy, Angela Walter’s Free Motion Quilting videos but I have not ventured out to do any quilting except with my walking foot. I was so disappointed to know that some really greats were at the Houston Quilt Festival and I did not see them. I’m going to have to hang around more next year. Maybe you will be there!!!!

  3. Christen says:

    I’ve checked out several of these books actually and own 2 of them. My favorite book is Modern Machine quilting! I’m so glad it made your list! It is definitely worth buying, but I will admit that I learned most of my machine quilting skill with good old fashioned trial and error to discover what worked best for me.

    As much as I adore the machine quilting, I have to admit all of your Instagram posts lately with your jersey quilt are pulling me into the direction of hand quilting! You may have finally pulled me a little close to the other side in terms of favoritism 😉 Thanks again for sharing these books, Suzy!

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      No matter how many books I own on one subject, there’s always some learning through trial and error. We just have to learn for ourselves before it truly sticks! 🙂

  4. rita albaneze says:

    I am so enthralled by what I see and I did my first quilt (at 80 years) – a queen size, It was very challenging, but you inspired me . I am glad to see your patterns. Thank you Suzie. – Rita

  5. Karen L Alexander says:

    And don’t forget the first (and still the best IMHO) book on Machine Quliting: Harriet Hargraves “Heirloom Machine Quilting, 1995 C&T Publishing. She covers it all, Walking Foot, Free Motion, QAYGo, Batting, Thread, machine settings and set up… The original! Happy to see Marti’s book here too!

  6. LisaD18 says:

    Thanks for the reviews! I have several of these books and have done some small practice sessions but I still find quilting more than straight or wavy lines VERY intimidating. I also very much appreciate the Craftsy class info to go along with each book! Why didn’t I think about looking that up since I have an annual subscription to Blueprint?!? Maybe that will get me to practice more!!!

  7. Stephanie HD says:

    I would like to add that my go-to books for quilting ideas are by Christina Cameli — I love her Craftsy/Bluprint class on free motion and her books make simple patterns look even easier. She also has some great tutorials on YouTube. I’ve taken a class with her and she’s just so low pressure, and really shows how simple patterns can combine to make something really impressive. I love Angela Walters, but sometimes her fabulous quilting is a little intimidating!

  8. Roxann Burns says:

    Great choices. I’ve got three of them. I’m crushing on Christina Cameli’s newest book, Texture Quilting (her two other quilting books are good too). I’ll also endorse her Bluprint classes.

  9. jeanie turnbow says:

    You mentioned quilting side by side in spirit. Again and again as I sew I see your finger scratching at a small amount to ooch a top fabric on over to make your seam a little more perfect. It works. Haha. No response needed. Just know that you are a fun teacher. ❤💚💙💙❤

  10. Audrey says:

    I’m unsure if you are selecting the products listed in the ” Shop related products” section, but it made me giggle to see ” The Foot Book” by Dr. Suess.

  11. Deanne says:

    Oh Yes! Any of the books by Angela Walters and Leah Day are fantastic resources! I learned by using the “Freehand Filler” books by Sue Patten.

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