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A Quilty Adventure Part V: How to Sew with Poplin

People always say that around Christmas, the media is all, “You deserve warmth and comfort and relaxation!” and then when the New Year hits, it switches to, “Get with the program! Get in shape! Get practical!”


Well, I’m about to take a page from the mainstream media playbook (since I’m just as widely circulated, right?) We ended the year with a comfy drive through Jersey and Wool, but now, it’s time to face reality.


A Quilty Adventure Part I: How to Sew with Denim

How to sew with denim! This next series of posts is very exciting because I'm going to take you on the adventure of a lifetime (and y’all know me. I never exaggerate.) Prepare yourselves to boldly go where few quilters have ever gone before: on an exploration of seldom-used, underrated, crazy-difficult or just plain strange fabric options that you may have never even thought of before.

Bohemian Garden Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts

The Bohemian Garden Quilt Pattern: Choose Your Own Adventure!

This light-hearted and whimsical design has been itching at my brain for over a year, and only now am I finally scratching that itch. My high school art teacher always emphasized the importance of an artist's "layering of experiences." I think about that all the time when tracing back the inception of a design.