Jenni Grover


Jenni is a post-modern maximalist quilter who loves wild color and pattern combos. She’s also a journalist who’s worked in publishing for more than 30 years, including gigs for Quiltfolk and Quiltmaker magazines. Jenni is a past president and active member of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. She cares deeply about the intersection of craft and health, offering wellness coaching for quilters through 1:1 sessions, online courses and in-person workshops. Her book ChronicBabe 101: How to Craft an Incredible Life Beyond Illness has helped countless folks feel better. When Jenni’s not quilting or coaching, she’s often gardening in her backyard, watching sci-fi, or working out. Follow her adventures on Instagram: @coachjennigrover.

Use these 6 Steps to Mindful Making to help you stay excited and joyful to make and create through sewing, crafting or even cooking!

6 Steps to Mindful Making

Today we’re examining six mindset mistakes that will kill your quilting mojo… and ways we can conquer them to develop a mindful making perspective. These tips can be applied to quilting, crafting, or even your holiday cooking!

Do any of these mindsets sound familiar?