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Make a DIY sewing machine cover to fit any sewing machine with this free tutorial. Use the Fireside pattern to make it minimal and modern! #quilting #sewingtutorial

DIY Sewing Machine Cover with the Fireside Pattern

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to make your own DIY sewing machine cover using the Fireside quilt pattern. If you can make a baby quilt, then you can make a cozy cover for your trusty machine! And the best part is that this sewing machine cover is easily customizable to the exact dimensions of your sewing machine.

How to make a patchwork bandana with the leftover scraps from the Adventureland quilt pattern. This bandana tutorial is fast and easy! #bandana #sewingtutorial

How to Make a Patchwork Bandana with Adventureland Scraps

Can you think of anything better than finishing a new quilt? I’ll wait. Got nothing? How about matching your brand new quilt with a stylish bandana! If you’ve just made an Adventureland quilt and aren’t quite sure what to do with those big, beautiful scraps, then let me show you how to make a patchwork bandana two different ways.

Use your scrap fabric to make this free quilted sleep mask! | #sewingtutorial #DIYsewing

Free Quilted Sleep Mask Tutorial

As the days are getting longer, and lighter, there is no better time to try out a sleep mask to make sure you are still getting a quality night of rest. This quilted sleep mask tutorial is a must make, whether you are going to be catching a flight, camping in the woods, or just blocking out the morning sun in your bed.