Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE


I have so many fun, free and exciting things to cram into this one post about the NEW BERNINA 570 QE, it’s going to be really hard for me to stay on track. Since I want to be sure you don’t miss anything because of my excessive rambling, I have written a detailed outline that I will strictly adhere to... 

JK, I’m totally going to deviate. I’m deviating right now and I’m only three sentences in! Or is it four...? 

Before I lose you, as part of the brand new BERNINA 5 Series celebration, I designed a FREE quilt pattern just for you! Click here for the instant to download! Scroll to the bottom of this post for more photos of this joyful spring quilt!

Why I Switched to BERNINA

My more observant friends who have seen my early video tutorials, will most likely notice a couple things.

  1. I have zero videography skills and take on a soothing yoga teacher voice when speaking at the camera.
  2. I am not sewing on a BERNINA.

Originally when I learned to sew at the age of 15, I learned on a BERNINA. However, when it came time to purchase my own machine, expenses and availability steered me in the direction of Janome.

For 13 years I sewed on a sweet little Janome 4623LE. As a middle-aged-minded 28 year old, I decided to graduate myself to a Janome Memory Craft 7700 QCP. It served me well and still works great.

At this point you are scrolling back up to the title and confirming that yes, this post is about BERNINA. I am leaving no part of the background story out because I want to be transparent about my sewing machine experience. As a sewing blogger and quilting enthusiast, it’s important to me that you know my opinions come from a place of sincerity.

Back to the timeline – in early 2017 I was contacted by BERNINA with a simple question, “Would you be interested in trying out a BERNINA sewing machine?” By nature I’m very loyal, so my knee jerk reaction was to say, “No way. Janome for life.”

I had been sewing on a Janome for 15 years. I wasn’t going to convert sewing machine religions without many reasons and lots of time on a BERNINA machine.

And that’s what they gave me – time on a BERNINA 770 Quilters Edition. I live an hour away from BERNINA USA headquarters, so the following Saturday afternoon I drove to the BERNINA Creative Center and had my first sewing machine lesson. After a couple hours of fiddling around with the various attachments, stitches and feet, I packed up the machine and went home – still feeling suspicious of this sewing stranger in my trunk.

Guys, I’m going to be honest. My first week with the machine wasn’t pretty. I wanted this machine to act like my old machine. I didn’t understand the front-loading bobbin and the self-winding bobbin feature scared me. The machine speed was soooo much faster than I was used to! I thought I was going to start a fire in my little apartment!

Once I changed my mindset, and opened myself up to using the machine as it’s supposed to be used, my thinking completely changed. And oh my how I fell in love! I realized that with the dual feed, I could actually sew that fast AND have consistent, even stitches. I also realized that because of the jumbo bobbin size, I could sew for hours without having to replace my bobbin at all! 

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

And let me just tell you about the foot hover. I’m obsessed with my foot hovering. When the machine is set in the needle-down position, every time you pause sewing, your foot automatically lifts slightly and hovers over the fabric. Do you know what that means?? It means that when I’m pivoting I never have to use my hands to lift up the foot. I can just stop sewing, foot hovers, I pivot, and then BAM! Back to sewing! You can even adjust the height of the hover based on how thick your sewing project is.

I could keep listing off all of the amazing features, but I want to continue on with the story before this gets overwhelmingly long and you stop reading.

Just Call Me Swiss Miss Suzy

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

After weeks of honeymooning with my BERNINA, I got another call from BERNINA HQ. Now that I was a Big Time BERNINA Believer, they had a second question for me, "Would you be a part of a campaign for a new sewing machine made specifically for quilters? Oh, and by the way, we would fly you to Switzerland to film the campaign video."


Yes! A few months later a suitcase full of quilts traveled with me to Steckborn, Switzerland – home to BERNINA International Headquarters.

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

I was nervous and sweaty and bumbled through a lot of the filming, but you know the best thing about the Swiss? They are the kindest people you’ll ever meet and their love language is chocolate. So even if you are a sweaty American, they will still hug you and tell you sweet things about your hair while feeding you the best milk chocolate of your life!

This is what I look like with a tummy full of Swiss chocolate.

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

I also veeeery quickly became accustomed to getting my hair and makeup done every morning. Patrick became my safety blanket and when I was really struggling behind the camera, I'd call for him to reapply my lipgloss and brush my hair. LIKE A FREAKING DIVA. 

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts
Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts
Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

Another thing I realized on this trip is that if given the opportunity, I would become a total and complete prima donna nightmare. It's inside me. There's no denying it. I'm waaaay too happy in this photo...

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts
Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

The filming crew was patient, funny and fabulously talented.

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts
Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

Also incredibly professional. Part of the crew decided to steal my cell phone and...

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

But enough behind the scenes. You need to see the end result! Check out what we made!

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

Short and Sweet BERNINA 570 QE Video

Long and Detailed BERNINA 570 QE Video

Read more about the amazing features of the BERNINA 570 QE here!

A Bit of Swiss Traveling

I want you to know that I know how annoying it is to look at someone else's vacation pictures. So, now that we're on the same page, here's a few vacation pictures!!

I flew into Zurich alone and was immediately whisked away to Steckborn for filming. After filming, however, I wanted to see some of the country before heading home to Chicago. It was my first time traveling internationally by myself and it took me a few hours to get my bearings...and confidence.

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

Midway into day one in Zurich, I called my husband and told him I was lost, confused and didn't know what to do with myself. Instead of letting me whine for 30 minutes, like I was all geared up to do, here's what he said, "You're a strong, smart woman. Go to a bank and get some francs. Do a Google search for the top 10 things to see, then pull up a map and go see them. You can do this and you don't need anybody's help."

And he was right! I just needed to believe it. Gosh I love him.

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts
Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

I stayed at the lovely Hotel Florhof, just steps away from the Museum Haus Konstruktiv....

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

Which was almost completely empty except for me and this girl. Which was crazy because it was a huuuge and fantastic museum! I probably could have streaked screaming through the halls and only the camera footage would have seen it.

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

But guys, the dead girl in the museum was not the weirdest thing I saw in Zurich! All throughout the city you would see troops of armed guards walking around in camo with big guns strapped to their backs. This wasn't too surprising because I had just been to Paris and seen the same thing. 

Here's where there was a VAST difference. The Swiss guards obviously had no intention of guarding. I saw a troop walking down a street eating ice cream cones. ALL OF THEM had machine guns AND ice cream cones. This guy was with his troop drinking beer. WITH A GUN.

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

And I'm pretty sure he saw me snap this photo. I had to melt into the crowd and make a run for it right after. I hope he never sees this blog post...

After walking alone, eating alone and stalking armed guards alone, I was so excited when my fellow BERNINA Babe, Andie, met up with me for a quick weekend getaway to St. Moritz. I quickly learned that not only is BERNINA a sewing machine company, it is also a train and a mountain. 😉 I saw both!

Below we are chilling on the Bernina Express.

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts
Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts
Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

This is what happens when you're the only ones not skiing and so you ride the gondola back down the mountain alone....

Suzy Quilts Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE Sewing Machine | Suzy Quilts

I'll save you from more travel photos so we can finally get to the...

FREE Liberty & Flowers Quilt Pattern

As part of the brand new BERNINA 5 Series celebration, I designed a FREE quilt pattern just for you! Click here for the instant to download! You can find the fabulous floral fabric that inspired this quilt here!

Liberty and Flowers Free Quilt Pattern | Suzy Quilts
Liberty and Flowers Free Quilt Pattern | Suzy Quilts
Liberty and Flowers Free Quilt Pattern | Suzy Quilts

One thing to get that will make your life A LOT easier making this pattern is vinyl template sheets. You can get the exact sheets I use here.

Liberty and Flowers Free Quilt Pattern | Suzy Quilts
Liberty and Flowers Free Quilt Pattern | Suzy Quilts

96 thoughts on “Becoming a BERNINA Babe with the B 570 QE

  1. Andrea says:

    Suzy! You are the best. I am so happy you are part of our Bernina family and I will always remember our super fun adventures on the train ride through the mountains of Switzerland. And…for making me ride the super scary gondola. Come visit me in Switzerland and we can have a part 2 – “Let’s Make Party!”.

  2. Tina says:

    You look super cute in that video! And that Bernina! 😳 wowsers. Nice!
    I’m still sewing on a Bernina 1260 (which I thought was super-cool 20+ years ago, no other company had a presser foot lifter bar!).
    As much as I would love that machine, I don’t think i can afford to be that babe-a-licious of a Bernina Babe! I can only dream 🤔 ☁️ 🦄 🌈 (we need a sewing machine emoji)

  3. Sally says:

    Bernina Babe Suzy,
    I love, love my Berninas- have had three starting with the original 830 in the late 1970’s. Then a 1031, which
    is the smoothest sewing mechanical machine-fabulous! and now a 550QE but am sorely tempted to
    upgrade to the 570QE! Bigger bobbin-Yes! Wonder if all the feet I have for the 550 would fit?
    The 700 and 800 series are too big for my small space.

  4. Mareike says:

    Hey Bernina Babe,

    the video is amazing and I love it.
    I currently tried a B770 QE for two weeks but unfortunately couldn’t get used to it. I observed so many differences to my Pfaff and it didn’t feel quite right. I’m somewhat sad about it, especially when I see you this happy with your new machine.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with you but not so with my own experiences. So I cept my old one and love it now more than ever.
    Have fun!


    • Suzy Quilts says:

      I toootally get it. Going from one brand to another is a HUGE adjustment! You’ve got to go with what feels right for you. I actually own a Pfaff too, but have never been able to make much sense of it. To each there own, right? 🙂

  5. Xanthe says:

    Sold! I want one! Now to start saving my pennies!!! And convince my husband I NEEEEEEEEED it! Not sure what one is harder…. Also, that would have been hard to have to come home and do your own make-up and hair again. Like, how did you survive?? Are you ok? Not too traumatised?? 😉

  6. Fran says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I looked it up and it looks like the opening or throat of the machine is only 7.5 inches……..the same as my old 430 (I do have the BSR foot which is AMAZING!!). I would LOVE to have the even feed and HUGE bobbin on the 770 QE and would consider getting one of these machines if it had a larger opening for easier quilting;-( I LOVED your video………you make everything look like so much fun. Your husband is AMAZING……..I’ll bet he was ‘biting his nails’ until the next time he heard from you! LOL!

    • Fran says:

      I LOVE my Bernina 430 and since I’m starting to quilt my own quilts I am anxiously awaiting Bernina to make a wider throat space machine so I can also get all the fantastic extras on this newest model! Maybe you could convince them Suzy with your sweet influence 😃🤗

        • Fran says:

          Oh WOW!! 11” is FANTASTIC!!!!
          I truly will save to get one now……wowie! 11 inched!!

          I must have read the wrong info online?? I KNEW Bernina would make a larger throat space sometime. Thanks for updating/correcting me!!

    • Donna C says:

      I read that the new version of the 570qe is 8.5 inches. You can see it under the “new to site”section of the US Bernina website. 🙂

  7. Dyann Cox says:

    I love my Bernina too, it is an older one but it sews like a dream 🙂 I have other machines but every time I sit down to my Bernina I wonder why I don’t sew on it exclusively! Probably because it is the standard throat space, would love to have the 570QE. You did an AWESOME job on the video! AND I love your blog:) Thank you for the free pattern!!!

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      I think the same thing about the smooth stitching of my B-Baby! If you get the chance, you should hop on over to a Bernina dealer and give the 570 QE a whirl! It’s pretty fun. 🙂

  8. Renee says:

    Suzy- congrats on the Bernina gig!! I was so broken hearted for you when you shared you previous story about that deal not coming to pass. I am a Bernina girl myself – I have 3 and Love, love love each of them!! The BSR is the bomb and quilting on the 770QE is a dream come true!! I tell every girl I know to save your pennies because the machine and you are soooo worth it!!! Love the quilt pattern & the colors!! Big high five!!

  9. Becky says:

    Congrats Suzy! I hope to one day have a nice machine like yours. I tried skiing the Swiss Alps once but should have taken the train. My family still makes fun of me BC I got scared on the way down bc it was so steep. A random dude/guardian angel who was skiing with his kid skiied me down on his back! So embarrassing! Your free quilt pattern is so cute. I will look for templates.

  10. lori says:

    How fun! Feel like I just took a trip to Switzerland!
    I love my Bernina- its an older one, but still works like a charm.
    Thank you for the free pattern!

  11. Claudia says:

    Haha! What a lovely story! And congratulations on being chosen for such a wonderful job. I’m from Germany so it was nice knowing you had dropped over to visit us Europeans and Switzerland is a beautiful place with very kind people as you obviously noticed. I’m sure you had a lot of fun together. Thanks for your detailed report I enjoyed reading it immensley. Oh – I can well understand that you loved being seen to every day I am sure I could easily get used to it too! Good luck with Bernina (I’m as yet still a Janome fan but that could change…)

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      Since Steckborn is so close to the border, one night the entire crew hopped over to Germany for dinner. I loved the little bit I saw! I’m now remembering that the weirdest thing happened too…I found a birthday cake in the parking garage bathroom. I just assumed that was a German tradition. 😉

  12. Eveline says:

    Hahaha…So funny the story about this army guy! I am sure he would be proud to see your pic from him. And they don’t have some ammunition in the guns, only when they have shooting training. I am glad you enjoyed your stay in Switzerland. I am Swiss and and a big fan of you (and of course of Scrappy)! And I also love my “old” Bernina. Last year I was sewing your Campfire Quilt. Maybe you saw it on Insta? And thanks for all your free pattern!
    All the best with your new Bernina!

  13. Charlene says:

    Great videos and what an experience. Switzerland is like my second home so I am so glad you got to tour around bit! And thank you for the free pattern. It is one that I have been admiring and of course Scrappy on the quilt!

  14. Donna C says:

    Congrats “Babe”! 😉 Super cool gig! So did you get the 770qe for yourself or the 570qe? I think I’d be a total diva with the hair and makeup too…that would be easy to get used to! LOL,

  15. Rebecca Heinze says:

    Interesting article. Lovely young woman but “Babe”? Come on guys it’s not the 50s anymore. There are lots of men involved in our art form now too.

  16. julie says:

    thanks so much for the gorgeous, super fun looking quilt pattern! love my Bernina! now i will have to save my $$$ to upgrade. the 570 looks incredible! awesome video, by the way and congrats on your new partnership!

  17. Caitlyn says:

    I’m very distracted by the vertical blinds in the background of your “studio” in this video.

    But, I want this machine!! You sold me

  18. Kate says:

    Bodacious Bernina Babe Buddy,

    I have a Bernina and love it – but now I need that one! I have always wanted to go to Switzerland (ok even just Europe) so I Loved the pics and your adventure and LOVE the quilt and that k you for sharing your awesome gig with Bernina! Congrats! And now on to buying liberty fabric for my new quilt!

  19. Judy says:

    Your photos and video are fantastic!! And the quilt is gorgeous. So happy for your collaboration with Bernina. They are so lucky to have you & Scrappy!!

  20. Pam M says:

    I started with a Bernina when I was 17 years old. Sorry to tell you, Suzy – you could have been enjoying floating pivot since 1999 with a Husqvarna. Not trying to start a brand war though – I think all quality machines have something to offer. Thanks for the free quilt pattern. Love the quilt (and the photos with cute dog). Wishing you many happy quilting years with your new Bernina. Have you named it yet?

  21. Theresa Lennon says:

    I have a Bernina 560 that I am still trying to get use to. I still keep my go to Viking ( non-computerized) machine that I have had for years ( when they were still made in Sweden) Bernina picked a bubbly gal to represent them.. a perfect match😊

  22. Dianne says:

    As a huge Bernina fan this is a great post but I have to admit the only thing I can think of is “the dead girl in the museum”.
    Please tell me she wasn’t really dead.

  23. Annie B says:

    You said that you have both the 570 QE and the 770 QE. I’m trying to decide between the two. Would the 570 QE support doing large quilts, or just smaller ones (I’m concerned about throat area). Any other observations between the two that you feel important? Thanks for everything!

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      Gooooood question. I too like the wider throat space, so if you can afford to spring for the 770 QE, I’d say go for it. What makes the 570 QE special is that it has some awesome features from the 7 series (like the dual feed, jumbo bobbin, quilt-specific feet, BSR compatibility, etc…) but for a cheaper price point. If you have time, check out both at a Bernina dealer.

  24. Dana says:

    This was such a fun post to read. Love that you ventured out and saw some cool sites! And hilarious about the militia men and their beers and snacks. haha. Congrats! You look gorgeous and did a great job on camera!….totally natural 🙂
    – Dana

  25. Carol S says:

    I found your website because I just came from my Bernina dealer who was offering a great deal on the new Bernina 570QE with a trade of my ten year old 630 QE. I’ve had my Bernina 880 Sterling Edition for three years so I’ve gotten very used to the dual feed, hover, 9.9 stitch width, and large bobbin. When I pulled out my beloved 630 to use (while my 880 was in the shop getting cleaned and updated) I found myself missing those features. I would never get rid of my 880 but I’m thinking that I can use the 570QE as my travel machine with so many features that I love in my 880. I also have the Bernina Q20 sit-down longarm so I am a Bernina girl all the way. Thank you for a lovely post and I’m so glad I found your site. It’ll be a go to place from now on.

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      I hear so many Bernina sewers talk about their machines like their children and I completely get it! They can last forever and it is incredibly easy to grow attached. My Bernina feels like an extension of myself! I hope you enjoy the new 570QE!

      • Carol S says:

        I thought I’d never be able to let go of my 630 because, as you said, she’s my child but the features of the new 570QE will be so much more convenient for me. Do you happen to know how much the 570QE weighs (without the embroidery unit) since I’m not finding the new 570 on Bernina’s website. I’ve only found the info on the old type.

      • Kay Thompson says:

        I’m currently using a 40 year old Bernina my late mother-in-law gave me, while my BabyLock Embroidery machine is in for maintenance. I forgot how well a Bernina sews!! So…when I pick up my BabyLock, I’m going to see what kind of a trade-in they’ll give me & get the 570QE

  26. a says:

    Interesting that this year’s 570 qe model has dual feed . I bought mine last year and had to buy a walking foot and a 1/4 inch foot and was told that quilters don’t use a walking foot anymore{!!!!}. And this was for a machine that is supposed to be for quilters. BTW I have quilted for 40 years. Front loading bobbin is a pain as well.
    Solid machine, I like the BSR but way too many gadgets I’ll never use in quilting. When I brought up these points with the dealer and the Canadian rep they were less than helpful and rather dismissive.

  27. Toosh says:

    I tumbled down the rabbit hole of links whilst surfing lots of craft sites and blogs and wound up on your blog; very glad I did too 😊 I too use a BERNINA but its quite old – a 153QE – but it has served me well. I am terrible at flitting between lots of different crafts, so my machine has to cope with making toys, quilting, working with different textiles and free embroidery to name a few.

    I would love to upgrade my machine and the 570 QE looks awesome; just need to justify the price but I know that it will last a very long time for me personally with my limited use, as all those lovely features will do me for a lifetime!

  28. Patti says:

    So glad you are a Bernina babe. I have had a Bernina since 1979. My late husband treated me to a new 570QE a couple of months before he passed away. Now my Bernina has even more meaning to me. But I have noticed that my machine does not have the larger bobbin or the thread cutter. I wonder what else is different and why. I am a beginning quilter and really am loving it. I know my machine will do many more things that I still have yet to learn. Quilting is helping me to cope with being a widow. So very therapeutic!
    Just found your website and love love love it!!

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      Patti, I’m so sorry for your loss. Quilting has gotten me through some really hard times and I’m glad to hear that you’re finding comfort in it too. If you’re interested in finding out more about the new features on the latest BERNINA machines, I’d suggest hopping into your nearest dealership. I know they’d love to chat. xx

  29. Chris Van says:

    I am really struggling with my Bernina 570 QE. I love Bernina (I have two other Berninas) and I was really excited about that big bobbin and dual feed. But the 570 sucks the fabric in and it gets stuck and it sews super tiny stitches and gets stuck! I’m sick that I bought it. Help!

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      Oh no! First off, have you talked to your dealer about this? They should know that you are struggling and are unhappy with the machine. I bet they could even offer you some one-on-one sessions to troubleshoot the problems.

      A couple thoughts on your two problems: What size needle are you using? I have found that my machine is so powerful, if I’m sewing with a dull needle that isn’t a good fit for my fabric, it can do that. For most of my quilting I use a 80/12 Universal.

      On the main screen you can change the size of your stitches. If you are finding that the standard 2.5 is too small, try upping it to 3 to see if that makes it better. If you are changing the stitch length on the screen and it’s not changing the actual stitch length, it’s definitely time to consult your dealer. It sounds like something is amiss. Good luck!

  30. cate smart says:

    Ok, just going to admit it… I got the 570QEE and i must admit some of it had to do with your long you tube video on it. It looked like you were truly having fun on it and the features ARE amazing. (I was shopping for a new machine and Bernina finally came out with a QE in the right price bracket and with the right features, the first being a longer throat!!!… it’s dreamy honestly!!) liked your whole blog post honestly… you told your story…the ups and downs. I’m experiencing that first few days with a new machine, learning all the new stuffs and have had my moments of being overwhelmed and then I come back and sit down and everything is fine and it sews beautifully. I am very happy and excited to have gotten to purchase such an awesome machine. Thanks and also, your husband is right, you were brave!!

  31. Margaret byrne says:

    I know you were loyal to Janome. What specifically caused you to switch alliances to Bernina? And, if you WERE paying—-what is your favorite machine ? Perfectly fine to reply that if $ no object, or someone else paying….
    However, i would like to your opinion as someone who does/may make mortgage payments, school tuition, orthodontists bills, music lessons, buys sport equipment, etc for a family… essentially… how do the machines rate for the money? Isn’t that reality ?
    I very much enjoy your blog.

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      Honestly, Janome makes some fantastic machines. Like you said, I was sewing happily on a Janome for 15 years. There are some features about my BERNINA that I have grown to truly love – the walking foot, jumbo bobbin and BSR being top of the list. However, if a BERNINA is not in your budget, I know you will be exceedingly happy with the quality of Janome. If you have the ability, visit a Janome and a BERNINA dealer, chat with them about the different machines, grab the spec sheets and go home and compare. You’ll get a really clear picture of what is best for you once you have a clear comparison in front of you.

  32. Ursula says:

    Such fun to read this in June 2020. You’ve definitely seen the 3 best Berninas that we’ve got. Unfortunately I don’t live near Steckborn but one day I’m going there to see the newest machines in their gorgeous show room. Love from Switzerland (Bern) Ursula

  33. Blanca says:

    Suzy, I need your help! 🙂 I just moved to Germany and left my old sewing machine behind (I didn’t want to use it on a converter). I’m in the market for a Bernina, specifically because they are dual voltage and I can take it with me wherever my travels may take me. I’m debating between the 570 QE and 770 QE. It appears that the greatest benefit of the 770 is the greater throat space. In your opinion, is the almost-$1,000 difference in price worth it?

    Any advice you can provide is much appreciated!

  34. angela says:

    Suzy – can you help me?! i have a 570qe that i just got a few months ago. i just finished piecing the Gather Quilt top and am getting ready to quilt it. what foot do you recommend for just basic straight line quilting? i don’t know if i can use one that came with the machine or if i need to buy a walking foot – hmm

  35. Robyn of Oz says:

    The newsletter directed us to this blog and it is really interesting, some of the things that you have written.
    I am pretty sure that when I bought the 570QE that it was post 2017. Here in Australia they were still being offered with the regular bobbin size. I have a 153QE that I bought 2nd hand and wanted a machine that would do more and the 570 fits that bill.
    The ‘new’ model that has been available for less than 2 years has all the features that you have mentioned. In Australia, a new 570 is just shy of AUD5,000.00.
    I think if I am looking for something regarding quilting, as I have trouble with wrangling quilts with a regular machine, I would seriously consider either the Bernina Q16 or the Handiquilter. It will be specs and how easily we become friends that will make that decision.
    I had a Janome MC6000 that we bought as a second hand machine. I mainly bought it for the buttonholes. Being able to program at buttonhole was a game changer for a business my husband and I had. It was a great machine, but so heavy! I am now regretting that I didn’t keep it as I searched for my sewing companion. I have kept the 153. It’s good for taking on retreats.

  36. Cynthia Gottlieb says:

    I love Switzerland! and loved reading your Swiss Miss story! I bought the 579QE 1 year ago and traded in my adorable 330 that I loved. Many frustrating hours adjusting to my new machine and I can say I still really miss my little 330. I am not brave enough to try to quilt fancy on it as I would need that stitch regulator. I am not impressed with the dual feed as I prefer my walking foot. The stitches are more even and there is less puckering on the underside when doing straight line quilting. My favorite presser foot is the 10D. Next is the 97D. My favorite function is the presser foot pressure adjustment feature. Game changer in sewing totes and bags with heavy stabilizers. I love the quality of the Bernina and my service rep. The large bobbin is terrific invention. I enjoy Hans’ video tutorials and they have great webinars. So Bernina is worth every penny. Now off to Switzerland…..

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