Bluefig Sewing Bags – Stylish and Practical!


Quick disclaimer: Bluefig gave me a few complimentary sewing bags to review, but all opinions are my own. I only partner with brands that I sincerely support and I triple “P” promise to give you the facts.

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Tell me if this scenario sounds a bit familiar – technically, I have an "official" sewing room, but I like to do all of my hand quilting in the dining room. The living room is best suited for sewing binding and, occasionally, when I'm feeling very indulgent, I'll quilt in bed while watching Netflix. Basically, on any given day, I am carrying sewing supplies through every room of my house.

Familiar? Is this how you sew too?

I most likely have my stitching supplies scattered about in three or four different rooms. And surprisingly, after caravanning through all of the rooms, I somehow manage to lose things. Total shocker, right? I can't tell you how much time I have spent searching for a thimble or trying to remember, "Which room was I in when I tripped over my thread basket? The kitchen?"

Trending patterns!

I sincerely didn't think of my domestically nomadic ways as being problematic until I saw that there was another option – organizational sewing bags! Whaaaa?! Totally obvious, yet not obvious to me.


Bluefig sent me three different sewing bags, all in this luscious houndstooth print as part of their Designer Series. From top to bottom in the picture below they are:


As you can see I was getting into the Christmas spirit while staging this photoshoot. At one point I thought, "Should I dial it back with the ornaments? 


But then I realized, it's not that I had too much Christmas, it was that I wasn't leaning far enough into it. I needed MORE Christmas. So I chopped a hole in my Christmas tree and stuck it inside all of the pockets of my Notions Bag.


Nailed it.

The front of the Notions Bag has a nifty pocket that is the perfect size for stashing patterns...or pine branches. I guess it's up to you. The back of the bag has a sleek strap so that it can slide nicely into the handle of a roller bag. Planning a sewing getaway? This set would look sharp strutting through the airport. I'd stop and stare.


This quirky bag is more than just a pretty face, though. Take a look at its insides – tons of pockets, zippers, pouches, nooks, crannies, velcro...did I mention crannies? I'm not completely certain what a cranny is...I'm guessing it's an old a cranberry granny....a cranny. Take a look for yourself!


You could fill this bag with so many things! I'm actually thinking about getting a second one to use as a new makeup bag. This modern sewing toolbox is amazing! The center section actually comes completely out and then can velcro back in again.


I've talked so much about the Notions Bag, the other two sewing bags must be feeling left out. Let's remedy that. This adorable hatbox-looking Thread Carrier comes with a removable plastic thread tray so it can be converted into anything you like! Delivering warm cookies to a neighbor (please say you live by me!)? What an impression you would make pulling snickerdoodles out of this?

Just call me Suzy Homemaker!


Lastly, and largely, we have the Project Bag. It actually fits a regularly sized sewing machine AND a 12 lb. dog. Not at the same time, though. Scrappy can attest to that.

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Pockets line the inside along with dual pockets on the outside of the bag. It's incredibly sturdy, but not overly heavy.


Now that you're totally sold on getting one of these bags, how about a coupon to push you over the edge? Get a bag this week and have it with plenty of time to gift for the holidays!

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2 thoughts on “Bluefig Sewing Bags – Stylish and Practical!

  1. Janis says:

    I didn’t realize the size of these bags on the Giveaway. Perfect for tripping to quilt retreats with my girlfriends. We’ve been friends since elementary school! Thanks for the review…it was great!

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