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Prevent tangles, knots, and frays when hand sewing with thread conditioner. Learn how to use it and our favorites! #quilting #sewing

The Ultimate Guide to Thread Conditioner

Knots. Tangles. Fraying. Breakage. UGH! These are the most frustrating things that can happen while hand sewing. What can you do to prevent them? Use thread conditioner! Most thread conditioners are made with all-natural beeswax, and while using it or not is an optional and personal choice, this handy little notion has many benefits.

The Quilt Alliance is one of five nonprofits Suzy Quilts is donating to in 2022. Learn more about their important mission to preserve quilt stories! #quilting

Suzy Quilts Gives Back: The Quilt Alliance

Supporting our communities and giving back is at the heart of what we do at Suzy Quilts. We've been donating to a wide array of nonprofits since 2020 and this year we aren't only fundraising—we're friend-raising! 

That means we're supporting these nonprofits through a financial donation and doing our best to get the word out about the great things they are doing.


Adventureland: Pastel Rainbow

Adventureland, the newest design in 2022, is now available and can be purchased in the shop!  This modern quilt pattern is jelly roll friendly and made for beginner quilters or those looking for a speedy project.

In this post I'll share what fabrics I used, a couple sewing notions to make this quilt pattern flow together beautifully, and links to a thorough hand quilting tutorial if you would like to try some hand quilting on your Adventureland quilt.