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Does batting have a right and wrong side? The answer is yes! Check out this photo guide to help you find the right batting for your next quilt.

Is There a Right Side to Quilt Batting?

Last week, on the Suzy Quilts Patterns Facebook Group (yes, I hope you read that like the episode recap narrator of your favorite TV show), someone asked if there was a right and wrong side to quilt batting.

Let me just say that I’m thankful for my quilting community for a lot of reasons: the crazy creativity, original ideas, and incredible muffin recipes… but I’m also thankful for you all because you ask amazing questions that I probably wouldn't have come up with!

The 5 types and sizes of the best hand quilting needles

The 5 Types & Sizes of Hand Quilting Needles

Over the last year I’ve done a lot of hand quilting, which means I’ve formed a pretty deep and intimate trust relationship with my hand quilting needles. People tell you that you should choose your friends wisely, and surround yourself with supportive, sharp people who can move easily through fabric (that’s what I’ve heard, at least).