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Sewing Thread Part I: How Is Thread Made?

How is thread made? From magical worms, rows of cotton plants, or crude oil? Possibly all of the above! Did I just confuse the heck out of you? I promise to bring clarity, so stay with me. In this two-part thread series I will explain first how thread is made (so you know which to buy) and then in Part Two - which brands are the best quality and when to use what kind of thread.


The 4 Best Inexpensive Sewing Machines

Let’s be real. There are a lot of reasons why you may be looking for an inexpensive sewing machine.

You might be looking for a gift for a newbie sewist (who might totally drop the hobby in a year… or a week.) You might want to have an extra machine on hand at your second home (think your cottage, your mom’s house, or the trunk of your car.)

You might just be a rational person who is grounded enough in reality to have a moderate budget when it comes to crafting (if so, I kind of need you in my life.


The 5 Best Cutting Mats for Quilters

You know what doesn’t get enough credit? The non-tippable wine glass. Seriously, what an amazing invention. Definitely a must-have for your crafting surface of choice.

You know what else doesn’t get enough credit? Cutting mats! Cutting mats are even more essential to your crafting surfaces than non-tippable wine glasses (I can’t believe I said it, but I did.) If you use a rotary cutter, you probably use a cutting mat All.


The 4 Best Quilting Rulers

When you’re not a quilter, rulers are just this thing that takes up space in the back of your widest desk drawer. Behind all the random pens and batteries, you probably have one floating around that you use sometimes to reach things that get stuck underneath the refrigerator.


A Quilty Adventure Part V: How to Sew with Poplin

People always say that around Christmas, the media is all, “You deserve warmth and comfort and relaxation!” and then when the New Year hits, it switches to, “Get with the program! Get in shape! Get practical!”

Well, I’m about to take a page from the mainstream media playbook (since I’m just as widely circulated, right?) We ended the year with a comfy drive through Jersey and Wool, but now, it’s time to face reality.