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5 secrets you must know before quilting with 12 wt. thread!

5 Secrets to Machine Quilting with 12 wt. Thread

Before sharing my 5 secrets to machine quilting with 12 wt. thread – travel with me back in time to a few weeks ago (cue dreamy music)…

It was a rainy day in May and I was teaching a Sew Mojo Mini workshop (watch the video class here and get the patterns here) in Grand Rapids, Michigan (heeeeyo to my GR ladies!) My teaching style is, how to say this...mostly me giving loose instructions and then hopping around oooohing and ahhhhing over the splendid things everyone is making.


How to Tie a Quilt…with a Modern Twist!

Learning how to tie a quilt, but with a modern twist is a great example of what we 21-century quilters are all about – honoring the past through imitation and transformation. Sometimes I dress Scrappy up as a pioneer dog by placing bonnets and adorable chihuahua-sized aprons on her.


3 Easy Steps to Make a Memory Quilt

I must have a kind and approachable face, because people love coming to me with their questions. Like, “Suzy, how do you build a website from scratch?” "Suzy, will you look at my quilt top at tell me how to quilt it?" “Suzy, what’s the best Halo Top ice cream flavor?” That last question has an easy answer – mash chocolate and peanut butter together.


How to Baste a Quilt

This tutorial will show you 3 different ways to baste a quilt, but first let’s begin with a quick attitude check for those who need it. Growing up I lived across the street from a retired military man and he would say, "AC, Suzy." He was never one to elaborate, but I knew what he meant.


10 Creepy & Fun Halloween Sewing DIYs

Here are the only Halloween sewing DIYs you'll need for this fall season, so grab a chai tea, a handful of candy corn and let's dive in! 

Out here in the Midwest, we like our abrupt transitions. So, last week, we were all about sippin’ margs on the patio in our summer rompers, and then suddenly someone hit the “fall” button, and it’s all about SWEATERS!