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Appliqué All Day! Needle-Turn Appliqué Tutorial

Like so many things in the sewing world, needle-turn appliqué is one of those techniques that seems completely intimidating…until you try it. I’ve been there! It’s like when you walk into a party and see that über hip and interesting person in the middle of the room drinking a cocktail you've never heard of and looking crazy intimidating.


A Quilty Adventure Part V: How to Sew with Poplin

People always say that around Christmas, the media is all, “You deserve warmth and comfort and relaxation!” and then when the New Year hits, it switches to, “Get with the program! Get in shape! Get practical!”

Well, I’m about to take a page from the mainstream media playbook (since I’m just as widely circulated, right?) We ended the year with a comfy drive through Jersey and Wool, but now, it’s time to face reality.