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Sewing with knits doesn't have to be stressful! Read this informative post for tips and tricks about working with knits, and use what you learned to make your own Bohemian Garden shrug with step by step photos! #quilting #sewingdiy

Free Bohemian Garden Shrug Tutorial

Using knits for the first time is intimidating, but this tutorial will guide you through all of the steps to make your own elegant and simple Bohemian Garden shrug using a combination of machine and hand sewing.

We've talked about knits previously on the blog, so this first section will link to other posts that cover basic knit knowledge and answer any questions you have about purchasing and sewing with knits.

The Paper Cut-Outs of Henri Matisse are a huge inspiration for the Bohemian Garden quilt pattern

Henri Matisse Paper Cut-Outs: Bohemian Garden Inspiration

I've been talking a lot about my latest quilt pattern, Bohemian Garden, and even though I've mentioned some of my influences, I wanted to dive deeper into one of them – the paper cut-outs of Henri Mattise. 

You're probably familiar with him, and even more familiar with the dramatic and captivating shapes he created through simple paper, but did you know that the work he created and was most proud to call his, was done at the very end of his life?