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Use this kid's butterfly tote bag tutorial to turn the Butterfly Garden quilt pattern into a mini tote bag for your kiddo!

Kid’s Butterfly Tote Bag Tutorial

We are so so excited to bring you this kid's butterfly tote bag tutorial based on the Butterfly Garden quilt pattern! Kim Vogelsang, the designer of this tote, is a long-time Suzy Quilts pattern tester. She surprised me with both an adult and matching mini butterfly tote when she mailed me her sample quilt for photographs!

Beautiful red, white, and blue quilts patterns can be bold and modern or simple and traditional.

Red, White, & Blue Quilt Patterns and Fabric

We are celebrating Memorial Day here at Suzy Quilts by showing you six different examples of red, white, and blue quilt patterns and why they work so well in this color scheme. Lilo Whitener-Fey, one of the founders of Modern Service Quilts, and owner of Trace Creek Quilting, has made three of the beautiful quilts seen here.