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Make your next quilt soft and cuddly with a microfiber blanket as quilt backing. We have tips to help you make your quilt extra cozy!

How To Use a Microfiber Blanket as Quilt Backing

Would you like to make your next quilt irresistibly soft and cuddly? Try a microfiber blanket as quilt backing and you may never go back to regular quilting cotton! The snuggle factor is off the charts making them perfect for any child-related project, couch throws, quilts that will be gifted, and any other quilt you intend to truly use a lot.

Find the perfect pre-cut friendly Suzy Quilts pattern with this handy guide! #sewingdiy #quilting

The Best Pre-Cut Friendly Suzy Quilts Patterns

Do you have a beautiful bundle of pre-cuts calling your name? Once you've bought your lovely pre-cut fabric, the next step is finding the perfect quilt pattern for them. If you love Suzy Quilts patterns, this guide to the best pre-cut friendly Suzy Quilts patterns is your new go-to.