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Find the perfect pre-cut friendly Suzy Quilts pattern with this handy guide! #sewingdiy #quilting

The Best Pre-Cut Friendly Suzy Quilts Patterns

Do you have a beautiful bundle of pre-cuts calling your name? Once you've bought your lovely pre-cut fabric, the next step is finding the perfect quilt pattern for them. If you love Suzy Quilts patterns, this guide to the best pre-cut friendly Suzy Quilts patterns is your new go-to. 

The New Horizons quilt along includes lots of extra instruction and tips in sewing this fat quarter friendly modern throw quilt. #quilt #modernquilt

New Horizons Sew Along Week 6: Finish!

It's the FINAL week of the New Horizons sew along! You did it! You did it!! And even if you're still technically on week 3 or even week 1, you deserve a pat on the back. I'm giving myself multiple pats on the back because throughout this sew along I had only so much time during the day so I had to choose between sewing and clean laundry for my family and as you can see each week I chose sewing and I'm standing by that choice!

Have fun making this fat quarter friendly quilt pattern! The New Horizons quilt along includes lots of extra instruction and tips. #sewalong #quilting

New Horizons Quilt Sew Along Week 2: Cut Fabric

We're back with Week 2 of our New Horizons sew along! I'm skipping the small talk and cutting straight to the chase because this week is FUN! Over the next 7 days we are cutting out all of our fabric. I know some of you dread cutting, but believe me when I say that cutting the New Horizons quilt pattern is shockingly fast and surprisingly delightful!

The New Horizons quilt pattern includes instructions for both fat quarters and limited-color yardage instructions. #modernquilt #quilt

New Horizons Quilt with Double Gauze

This blog post is a total baby bomb, but this quilt made me do it! How can such a soft and cozy quilt not also include my two-month old baby? Impossible! The New Horizons quilt pattern is now available!

This pattern checks all of the boxes for what I love in a quilt:

  1. Large pieces: These blocks are big and use large pieces of fabric making it perfect for double gauze and other scrumptious wovens!