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Find the perfect pre-cut friendly Suzy Quilts pattern with this handy guide! #sewingdiy #quilting

The Best Pre-Cut Friendly Suzy Quilts Patterns

Do you have a beautiful bundle of pre-cuts calling your name? Once you've bought your lovely pre-cut fabric, the next step is finding the perfect quilt pattern for them. If you love Suzy Quilts patterns, this guide to the best pre-cut friendly Suzy Quilts patterns is your new go-to. 

Make a sophisticated, neutral quilt using the Stars Hollow quilt pattern. This is a classic quilt pattern, but with a modern twist. The design plays on negative space to create traditional sawtooth star quilt blocks.

Make a Neutral Quilt with the Stars Hollow Pattern

Making a neutral quilt comes with it's own set of challenges. With all of the wonderfully bright fabric available, it's probably not your natural instinct to limit yourself, or your quilts, to soft, low-volume colors. Why would we do that when we have talented designers like Alison Glass, Tula Pink or the ladies of Ruby Star Society creating highly saturated new fabric designs every season!?


Stars Hollow Quilt

Gilmore Girls

Love it? Hate it? Never heard of it? (To those who fall in that third category...really??)​

Whether you are a die hard fan, a 4-season shoulder-shrugger…“meh, take it or leave it,” or a confused person who is currently Googling “Gilmore Girls,” (again….really???)