Drip Quilt Dance Off…With Myself


The conversation I'm going to have with my husband tonight...

Me: How was your day today, honey?

John: Super busy and kinda stressful. I had a conference call at 9AM, an 11AM dashboard deadline and another client call at 2. After that I figured out a complex algorithm to better display the statistical analysis of my market research. I think the client will be really pleased, but it's going to be a lot more hard work than I had anticipated. I guess it was a pretty typical day. How was your day?

Me: uh...well after I stared at Scrappy for 30 minutes trying to figure out if she looked more like an old catfish or a baby dragon I ate a bunch of cheese...and then I took pictures of myself dancing with my Drip quilt. So, ya, pretty typical day too, I guess.

John: ...​


If you were wondering whether Scrappy looks more like a baby dragon or an old catfish, here's a photo. I still can't decide!


And if you follow me on Snapchat and are currently asking yourself, "Does she wear that sweater every day?" The answer is, "Yes. Yes, I do."

Drip was featured in the QuiltCon West 2016 international exhibit so...NBD...JKVBD!

ALSO, if you wanna know the perfect Drip dance off music... ;)​


​And! It's reversible...here's the back!


14 thoughts on “Drip Quilt Dance Off…With Myself

  1. Michelle Romanowski says:

    I love this so much that I don’t have enough words to express how much! As far as Scrappy, I am thinking a perhaps a Gremlin, but a sweet one? Did you feed her after midnight?? ;-p

    BTW – I need that quilt, do you have one in shades of purple, cream and gray? Then you can skype me in for your next Drip Quilt Dance Party!

  2. Ruth K says:

    The impression that you give me, is that you are a very energetic woman, gosh! I wish I was like you.

  3. Bernie says:

    So I just found your site, not sure how. So glad I landed here though! I have even reading through your posts. But this one, this one is amazing. My daughter (15 years old) and I love the pictures. I am pretty sure you are both hilarious and kind. I also end the Mother’s Day post and found it so touching. Ok, off for more.

    Did you really take these photos yourself?? I love them.

    • Suzy says:

      What a sweet comment! I’m so glad you found me and even happier that you and your daughter can appreciate a good dance party 😉 The ratio of time I have spent fiddling with the self-timer on my camera to actual usable, non-blurry photos would be embarrassing to share. haha! But, yes, most days I am home alone with my little pup getting into mischief and making a mess.

  4. Brandy says:

    Oh jeez, I just about passed out laughing! Thank you for that. Now I want to hold a quilty-dance party 🙂 It’s funny, I turned 30 this year, and my husband’s name is John too! I ended up here when I looked up tutorials for a sawtooth star block, and have since saved yours to my favorites. I like your style, thanks for sharing it with us!

    Also, baby dragon, definitely.


  5. Brenda Walker says:

    Did I see see somewhere the pattern will be available in July??? OR was that wishful thinking??! 🙂 .. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your quilts!..

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