Duval: A Fabric Collection by Suzy Quilts for Art Gallery Fabrics

We are so excited to introduce you to Duval fabric by Suzy Quilts. This was designed in partnership with Art Gallery Fabrics. suzyquilts.com

Friends, there's so much I want to say, but first let me get something out of the way — Duval, my debut collection with Art Gallery Fabrics, is now available! This collection includes 18 prints on premium quilting cotton, 2 on double-brushed flannel, a single print on rayon, and a 108" wide-back. Oh! And how could I forget? It also includes specialty binding fabric that is printed in 2.5" x WOF strips so you can cut it out for binding. How fun is that?

Duval can be purchased from any of the shops listed in this post — Where to Buy Suzy Quilts Fabric. In addition to the release of a printed collection, I have also launched a coordinating Suzy Quilts PURE solids capsule collection! You can read more about that collection here, but in a nutshell it includes 20 different colors with a fantastic variation in hue and value so you can make hundreds and hundreds of projects with just the capsule collection! Wahoo! Skip to the bottom of this post to see pics of them together.

Visit the Art Gallery website to see both collections in full.

Duval Fabric by Suzy Quilts

What's in a name? Well, in this case, an awful lot. The idea for this collection has been percolating in my brain since 2019 when my family first visited Key West, Florida for Christmas. At the time it was my parents, husband, 10 month old baby boy, and myself. From day one we were all smitten.

Suzy Quilts family in Key West

I didn't know I had a Key West sized hole in my heart until that initial trip. The tropical breeze, the care-free vibe, the food, the music, the roosters — my gosh the ROOSTERS! My husband and I would strap Desi in a stroller and walk all over that tiny island. We'd treat ourselves to Cuban iced coffees and stroll up and down Duval St.

So it's only right that when we went back again this past spring in 2023, I packed a suitcase full of fabric so I could pose with it on Duval. But even though we had a fantastic trip that first year, and again this year, our second trip in 2022 was when the pieces for this fabric collection finally snapped into place.

We are so excited to introduce you to Duval fabric by Suzy Quilts. This was designed in partnership with Art Gallery Fabrics. suzyquilts.com

The Inspiration Behind Duval Fabric

When designing Duval I pulled from a lot of different stories, histories, and feelings — some made up and some real. I gathered bits of information and facts about the history of Key West, but in the end, the catalyst was a single conversation I had with two men, both over the age of 90, and still running their own menswear store.

It happened one early morning in March of 2022 when my little family of four walked into a bakery on Fleming St. Lucky for us, only one other couple was there and surprisingly seemed to find a lot of pleasure in watching my kids mess with the cups of silverware, pull out too many napkins, and run their sticky hands all over the pastry glass.

Claude, the more talkative of the two, struck up a conversation with me, and despite wrestling children, I learned their fascinating story. They had both worked in advertising in New York in the late 1950s and 60s. (At this point I was filling in the gaps with my extensive Mad Men knowledge.) They heard Key West was a welcoming place with a much slower pace.

After moving to Key West, they opened a menswear store that happened to be across the street from where we were currently eating. Claude told me that in the 70s a lot of people from New York made their way to Key West and with that came a wonderful fusion of tropical textiles and New York fashion. He was being modest, but I could tell his menswear store was part of the reason for that.

We are so excited to introduce you to Duval fabric by Suzy Quilts. This was designed in partnership with Art Gallery Fabrics. suzyquilts.com

A seed had been planted in my mind. I couldn't get the idea of 1970s New York tropical menswear out of my head. I kept imagining what Don Draper would wear if he uprooted his life and moved to Key West. I wondered if I could design a collection that could be sophisticated enough to be worn by the NY fashion elite, but also be cozy and accommodating for my fellow quilters.

I'm delighted with how this collection turned out. There were a lot of things going on in the background of my mind while forming it into existence, but somehow they all came together into a beautiful mashup of vintage meets modern meets urban meets tropical meets fashion meets quilting. You know? 😉

We are so excited to introduce you to Duval fabric by Suzy Quilts. This was designed in partnership with Art Gallery Fabrics. suzyquilts.com

I feel the most connected to my designs when I base them on emotions and places in time. I once pulled fabric for a quilt based on a single memory I had of sitting on my grandma's couch waiting for her to come into the room. I once designed a quilt pattern based on a 30 year old print hanging in my parent's bathroom.

I am deeply connected to Duval because I connect it to a single memory. I remember the smell of the bakery, the exact color of Claude's eyes as they sparkled, the touch of Joanna's tiny hands holding onto my leg, and the feeling of absolute joy in connecting with a stranger while the COVID pandemic still felt very overwhelming.

Duval is cool and quirky but also sophisticated and timeless. The premium quilting cotton collection includes three color stories with six different prints in each one. The names of each color family correlates with the Suzy Quilts PURE solids so you can easily match the fabric. From top to bottom in the photo below they are Spiced, Haze, and Nova.

We are so excited to introduce you to Duval fabric by Suzy Quilts. This was designed in partnership with Art Gallery Fabrics. suzyquilts.com

And this was my attempt to take some photos of the collection with Joanna. She thought it was very funny to pull the fabric down as soon as I hung it up. Photo cred must be given to my dad who very patiently waited with my camera for a shot that never came. And that's what taking photos with an almost-two-year-old is like, folks!

We are so excited to introduce you to Duval fabric by Suzy Quilts. This was designed in partnership with Art Gallery Fabrics. suzyquilts.com

My Hope for Duval

I designed this fabric collection as a quilter making the fabric that I wanted to sew with. When deciding on scale, movement, colors, and its overall aesthetic, I wanted it to look great after being cut up, mixed up, and used in quilts. Through every design decision a singular thought kept running through my head — this fabric is not the finished artwork.

What I mean by that is, this fabric is a stepping stone in our shared creative collaboration with the finished artwork being what is made with this fabric. I get so excited thinking about being a part of your creative expression! So when you get this fabric, can you do me a favor? Give it a hug and know that I thought of you when making it. I hoped for this very moment when my art and your art got to be mashed together to make OUR ART!

Then, of course, once you hug it a bunch, pre-wash it, and cut it up!! I'll be cheering you on in spirit. If you post photos to social media of your Duval creations, please use #SuzyQuiltsFabric and #AGFDuval so I can see!

Duval + Suzy Quilts PURE Solids

As I mentioned before, this collection and my 20 PURE Solids coordinate beautifully together. In the photos below I grouped the three different color families so you can clearly see the fabrics together; however, as you saw in the full collection above, you can mix and match from the three color families in any way you like.

Do you have a color family you like best? I'd love to know in the comments!

Duval and PURE Solids by Suzy Quilts for Art Gallery Fabrics - suzyquilts.com
Suzy Williams of Suzy Quilts designs fabric for Art Gallery Fabrics - suzyquilts.com
Duval and PURE Solids by Suzy Quilts for Art Gallery Fabrics - suzyquilts.com

Duval Marketing Assets

If you are a fabric shop or even just a fabric lover, I encourage you to use any photos of Duval seen here as part of your own fabric shop promotion. Here is a link to high resolution Duval images that you can use in your shop listings, social media, or website listing.

If you do use these photos, all I ask is that you credit Suzy Quilts and link back based on the platform in which you are sharing.

We are so excited to introduce you to Duval fabric by Suzy Quilts. This was designed in partnership with Art Gallery Fabrics. suzyquilts.com

Well? What do you think of the fabric?? Obviously I'm dying to know!!

We are so excited to introduce you to Duval fabric by Suzy Quilts. This was designed in partnership with Art Gallery Fabrics. suzyquilts.com

83 thoughts on “Duval: A Fabric Collection by Suzy Quilts for Art Gallery Fabrics

  1. Danielle Cooke says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Suzy!! Really appreciate all the details you shared about the inspiration. Cannot wait to see with it all!!

  2. Judy Richmond says:

    Totally smitten! I keep re-reading your fabric inspiration story and falling more in love! I’m so proud of you and excited to see what comes next when this gorgeous fabric becomes available!

  3. Laura MacBean says:

    I fell in love with fabric at age nine ( now 49 years ago) while visiting Key West with family. There was a fabric company there back then… they silk screened patterns on poplin on site.. Glorious colors. I did not take up quilting for another 35 years. But I still have that iconic 60’s head ‘kerchief’ from Key West Fabrics. I remember being entranced by the scrap bin there… such depth of colors in the designs. ☺️ Cannot wait for your bundle release! I may get two….😉

    • Patricia Holihan says:

      Wow, Laura, I’m so thrilled to read your post. I still have some scraps from a dress I made with beautiful fabric I got there in 1972! I couldn’t remember the name of the company but I remember how exciting it was to watch the silk screening process. What a beautiful memory, so glad to hear of someone else who was lucky enough to be there as well.

  4. Yasmin says:

    I love them ALL! I can’t pick just one. Love that they coordinate with AGF too. And living in Florida I can’t resist the story and the places. ❤️

  5. Nicole says:

    Gorgeous fabrics. I’ve been following your posts for several years and finally made my first quilt (Adventureland quilt kit) this past winter. Will you offer a quilt kit using the Duval collection? I’m not sure that I can pull together the right combination of fabrics on my own.

  6. MK Taylor says:

    Suzy your Duval line is beautiful! Thank you sharing with AG solids! I am really anticipating when I can purchase the fabric and make a quilt !

  7. Jenni Grover says:

    suzy, i’m in love! i especially adore all of the orange-y tones – gorgeousness. i can see making not only a quilt with these but also throw pillows for my couch, a breezy summer dress, a market tote… i’m inspired! thank you and i’m thrilled for this next step for you!

  8. Kristy says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I’m seriously in love with this collection and the new solids. It’s like you read my mind when I think about colors I want to see/use in quilts. And the vibe is perfection. You nailed it! I cannot wait. Love it all. Congrats Suzy!

  9. Pamela Morris says:

    I love the photos and the inspiration behind the designs.
    I generally use only Pure Solids( I have ALL of them) but may have to mix in the warm and cool prints . Stunning

  10. Sharon McKendry says:

    Hi Suzy. Such a nice collection! I like the fact that one of the color waves is brown. I had a retreat with Victoria Findlay Wolfe a few years ago and I wanted two main colors to work with and chose brown and chartreuse for an improv double wedding ring pattern. I had a hard time finding a lot of brown patterns at that time which indicated to me that it wasn’t used much at that time. I’m seeing it more now and wish that yours had been around then! They’re all lovely! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on how, why and when your inspirations came about. I was in advertising for 30 years and had to follow trends and appreciate good design. Nice job. I look forward to following you in the future. Hugs to you. Sharon

  11. Vicki Jernigan says:

    I LOVE the collection! Downloaded pics of them has illustrated in this reveal. So much easier to make fab pulls when you can see them all together rather than flipping back and forth to different groups. Can not wait to start something new and beautiful from my fav quilt designer now fabric designer. “If I were years younger I would have aspired to be like you.”

  12. Josephine McClelland-Yong says:

    I love all the contemporary designs & colors. I’ll be buying all of them!! The tough part is to wait for August. Will you be selling through your store?

  13. Lisa Solatka says:

    I love this inspiration-I feel in love with KW in 1985, fresh out of high school! The vibes and the feel are real-and now a way to have it in my home with your fabric! Love it!

  14. Nilene Thompson-Finn says:

    Oh Suzy! Wow. This collection is so sophisticated, yet tropical. That is hard to pull off. I grew up in Florida and know Key West well. We used to visit once or twice a year in the 60s and 70s. I was nodding my head over and over as I read your post. I’m not sure how you did it but you captured a time and place in fabric! At least for me. Key West has a vibe that’s so different from the rest of Florida and here it is in fabric. I am drawn to Spiced and it’s coordinating solids so that will be my first quilt, but see me making one quilt with the entire collection and it will remind me of a special time and place. Thank you!

  15. Sheri Bowen says:

    I love, love, LOVE the fabrics you chose. The photos of your kiddos are so precious, I really enjoyed seeing them. Thanks for sharing!

    • Theresa says:

      Congratulations! Hearing your “fabric design story” made it a real adventure story, thanks for sharing it. I’m wondering if Claude and his partner have already, or will be, gifted with some fabric? Surprisingly, I’m drawn to Spice – usually I’m attracted to jewel tones.

  16. Carlotta says:

    Absolutely beautiful! My granddaughter and I have been talking about her graduation quilt. I’m excited to share this with her. My hobby is only becoming more fun with the 5 grandkids,

  17. Michelle Ellison says:

    With us being pushed to purchase more online, it helps to know these all marry together well! Thank you!!!

  18. Lola says:

    Suzy… what a BEAUTIFUL and inspiring collection! Loved reading the story behind the designs. Will be hard to choose which palette to pick (maybe all). Will look forward to hearing what stores will carry the collections in August! I really enjoy your posts and flair for modern quilting.

  19. Lisa Stevens says:

    Wow! Your fabrics are absolutely gorgeous and so unique and cohesive all at the same time. Haze color way is calling my name but they’re all gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your inspiration. I love this.

  20. Carol Stewart says:

    Yes, your new fabric line is my kind of fabric in both color and pattern. Great for modern quilters who also like a touch of tradition.

  21. Linda says:

    I love your new fabric line…I absolutely love the sort of muted colors…the spice, mauve and teal/green – great creations!! I see a quilt in my future…Congrats!! And Thanks!!

  22. KathyJB says:

    I love it all – especially the “Matisse” prints based on your previous projects (yes I still have to make those Christmas placemats)! We have been to Key West a few times and love it, too. We live in north Florida, just above Jacksonville, which is … DUVAL County – named for William Pope Duval, Governor of Florida Territory from 1822 to 1834. So I am destined to own some of this fabric – can’t wait for it to come out in August!

  23. Sue Duval says:

    Hi Suzy, My name is Sue Duval. Yes that’s really my name. I live in Maine and my husband’s family, the Duval’s, are from New Hampshire. I really enjoyed reading your inspiration for this new fabric line and of course I’m going to have to get some of it! And I hope to someday travel to Key West to visit Duval St. 😊. I’m on IG sueduval922 (I changed it from Suzyquilter because it was too close to your handle)
    Can’t wait to see these fabrics in person!

  24. Patsy Kappler says:

    Exquisite! Art created from the heart’s experience. You are in full bloom. These fabrics express your loving talents. I’ve been following you for three years and you amaze me. I can feel your joy and passion for your art and can’t wait to make something special with your fabrics!

  25. Patsy Kappler says:

    Exquisite! Art created from the heart’s experience. You are in full bloom. These fabrics express your loving talents. I’ve been following you for three years and you amaze me. I can feel your joy and passion for your art and can’t wait to make something special with your fabrics!

  26. Betsy S. says:

    Congratulations Suzy! I can’t wait to work with Duval. I am new to quilting, have now made a couple of Maypole baby quilts and have had so much fun. You’ve been a good teacher, so thanks. Your point about us being collaborators is so true—I think I am loving fabric and quilting bc I am at once appreciating another’s creative product and envisioning my own, which integrates theirs. It’s really quite a touching thing. I mean, we are basically accomplishing world peace here. Here’s to Duval selling out!

  27. Sharon says:

    Beautiful story! Beautiful fabrics! I’d love to see some projects made from them. Thank you for all your beautiful creations, Suzy. I have followed you for years.

  28. Charlene says:

    How exciting to launch your first fabric collection. A great story behind Duval. I love each colour way! Too hard to decide on a favourite. I would probably mix from each collection when sewing. Looking forward to your Look Book for AGF.

  29. Ellen Hutchinson says:

    Wow Suzy, I am so impressed with these three dimensional works of art fabrics. You have a gift of design. Love love love Ellen.

  30. Kathy Nargis says:

    The colors and patterns are so different than what I see in quilt shops. To me they are very moody looking. I look forward to pattern designs that you will come up with.

    • Suzy Williams says:

      I’m so glad to hear that! Thank you!! And yes, moody is a good descriptive word. I really want these designs to feel elegant in a way that would elevate the sewing projects they’re in.

  31. Suzanne says:

    I love them all more everytime I see them, and I’m especially excited about the solids. Love the story of your inspiration for the entire line! Oh, and the rooster part is so good, too….. our youngest daughter and her husband talked about those roosters for days after their return from Key West!

  32. Geraldine Wright says:

    I love the new collection and your story about Key West. I can’t wait to make a quilt, pillow and tote with the Haze color way . Please make a pillow pattern to go with the pattern you design for this line.
    Great job!

  33. C.M. says:

    Hi Suzy! Do you have any idea when in August Duval will be released? I’m wondering if it’ll come out in time for me to get this for a friend as a birthday present 😉

  34. Elizabeth Montano says:

    This is so beautiful. Spiced makes me in a hurry—quick, I must make something now! Your coordinating solids bring everything to life. There are so many ways I can see quilts happening. Oh, and your daughter just adds to the excitement! Thank you.

  35. Patricia Bertrand says:

    Oh my goodness right when I swore that I would never buy another piece of fabric you brought me right back to five years ago when I celebrated my birthday and the entire ship saying happy birthday to me and we spent almost the entire week on Duval Street there’s nothing like Key West and then I was walking and walking and walking one day and I stumbled into a quilt store by accident and I didn’t have my wallet with me. Well didn’t you know I had to walk down that same street with my wallet the next day and boy I bought Fabric I bought the cutest little mermaid Panel. I made my granddaughter, a mermaid and I told her how I did it and doesn’t she go into a commentary at age 2 or three? I’ll have to find a video and send it to you about how her Grammy found this and made it for her. That was the whole thing at her birthday party that day she had to show everybody and talk about it and walk around with. It asked if she could keep the leftover scrap on the outside of where I cut the mermaid out signed me up where do I where do I get this fabric how fast can you get it to me?

    • Suzy Williams says:

      Patricia that is so so cute!! My two-year-old daughter sounds very similar to your granddaughter. They sure do love to chat about all the things going on!
      You can get this Duval fabric now! First ask your local fabric shop about it, and if they don’t carry it, tell them they should. 😉 You can also find it online. Don’t forget to pick up some of the binding fabric – Key West Bound. It’s so much fun! https://suzyquilts.com/binding-fabric-you-must-try/

  36. Hailey says:

    I am always looking for more fabric in shades of orange (let’s be honest I am always looking for more fabric period, but the oranges are difficult to find). I love the patterns, the hues and the way they compliment each other so well! What a beautiful palette and pattern set. These fabrics just coax me to begin designing another beautiful project!

  37. carolyn says:

    Hi Suzy, I totally enjoy your patterns and these new fabrics. Ive just ordered 12 yards of duval and evolve fabric for the back of a star crossed 2.0 and a large perennial quilt. Your work and posts are upbeat and fresh; I love reading them.

    • Laura Hopper says:

      Hi there! Are you asking about a project in the Duval lookbook by Art Gallery Fabrics? Depending on which page you’re looking at, some of the projects are made by their in-house team and do not have patterns. If you’d like to see them turn a project into a pattern, reach out and let them know!

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