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Are you ready to explore new types of fabric, different sewing techniques, exciting color palettes and have a raging party with me in your sewing studio?! (The answer is yes!!) YAY!! My first Craftsy class, Fabric Play: Sewing Mojo Minis with Suzy Williams of Suzy Quilt">, is live and just waaaaiting for you to watch it. So watch it. Watch it and text me. We can text and watch together!

Who's bringing popcorn? Scrappy likes extra butter.


These 6 video lessons are based on my original Sew Mojo mini quilt patterns. I wrote those patterns in the fall of 2016 and now, one year later, they are reaching a whole new audience. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to share my joy of fabric play and experimentation with you!

Even if you've made the original Mojo Minis before, you'll still learn new things and have a ton of fun sewing with me through these Craftsy vids. I mean, let's face it, Scrappy is pretty lousy at manning the camera, so those original videos are ruff. (Expect more awesome puns in the videos! I'm here all night, folks...)

[Scrap...don't look at me like that. Ok, yes, they already know that you don't have thumbs....and you're only 13 inches tall....yes, yes, now you're just sounding whiny. Can I continue? good grief...]

Trending patterns!

Fabric Play: Sewing Mojo Minis includes 6 - 20 minute lessons. Are you ready to sew something that's fast, simple AND fun?? You're invited to my mini quilt partaaaaay! We'll make 4 eye-catching minis that you can customize and design yourself using your fav fabric, old scraps or random up-cycled materials!

This class is puuurrrfect for beginner sewers and seasoned quilters alike. If all you have is a small sewing machine and a pair of scissors, that's totally fine! No need to make any more of an investment. These minis can be made with limited tools so you can dip your toe into the quilting pool before swan diving in.

But, if you're a long-time quilter, and want to try new notions or techniques, this is the time! Have you been intrigued by free-motion quilting, but don't know where to start? These minis are it! Have you wanted to try needle-turn appliqué, but are worried about the time investment on starting a whole quilt? Well what do you know? These mini quilts are small and adorable and conducive to multiple appliqué techniques.


And guys, I can't tell you how many times I've been asked if I have a hand quilting tutorial. It's something I know a lot of you are passionate about learning. So guess what else is included??

A hand quilting tutorial. BAM!

In addition to the patterns all being included in the class, there's also an extensive supply list as part of the course materials. 


Basic Supply List for Newbie Sewers

Advanced Supply List

Hand Quilting Supplies

Are you looking for an out-of-the-box gift for your crafty friend or family member? This class + a fat quarter bundle is a great option! If you really like the person, you can throw in some thread...but only if you really like the person. 😉


If you make a Mojo Mini quilt and want to share it on social media, be sure to use #MojoMiniQuilts or #SewMojoQuilts so we can all see what you create!


Before I let you go party with all of the fabric, I wanted to give a quick shout out to my girl, Rachel, owner of Oak Fabrics. She is the absolute sweetest and most amazingest friend and sewed me a top before I headed off to Craftsy HQ to film. Sadly, my arms were too fat for that top (lol!), so I forced her to let me borrow this fantastic one she made over the summer. Shop kits for this adorbs shirt here!


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12 thoughts on “Fabric Play: Sewing Mojo Minis

  1. Judy says:

    That video is AMAZING!! I am so inspired and I don’t even own a sewing machine!! Those cute minis are making everyone happy! 💕

  2. Donna Mattison-Earls says:

    I tried to access your class but found that a photography class popped up. I checked all of the online quilting classes looking for your class but it wasn’t listed. I know Craftsy has been bought and the platform has changed. Do you have a new location for this class?

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