Quickie Quilt Market Recap


Quickie Quilt Market Recap: Go!

  1. I had a dopey smile on my face the whole time. Like even when I was beat tired and my roommate Stephanie was making me stay out and mingle past my bedtime (which is preferably 10pm, but ya'll, I was out till midnight every night! Also, ya'll, I never say ya'll. That is 100% Stephanie's influence, ya'll.)
  2. Melissa from Sew Shabby Quilting was my other roommate and after knowing her for 48 hours I'm creepy obsessed with her. Ya'll, I have to tell myself to not text her all the time. Like after I text her, I make myself wait two hours before texting again. Today I was walking down the street and I thought, "I just miss Melissa." But you know what? I did NOT text her that cause I have known her one week and that would be weird...I'm trying to play it cool. Melissa did you hear that?? I'm SUPER COOL!!!
  3. I had a pop up at the Birch Fabrics booth! Patrick Patton took photos of the event and as a result my ego is much inflated. Let's just say I've started looking into hired bodyguards....cause that's what famous people need, duh!
  4. Every single one of the photos was taken during that 2 hour Meet 'n Greet...so don't think that I wore my train conductor outfit for the whole weekend. OK? I only wore it for a day, it just looks like I never take it off. However. If I were to have my poparazzi photographing me every day, you might realize that I wear those overalls 5 out of 7 days of the week. It's not weird. Melissa, did you read that? I'm NOT WEIRD.
  5. I saw old sew-ie friends, met new fabulous people, got to drink wine, geek out over fabric, chat about YA fiction (Angela and AnneMarie, the book club is happening.) and awkwardly hug Sarah Watts #dreamscometrue. Sarah I promise I was only staring at you for 3 minutes before tapping you on the shoulder. ok, maybe 5...Let's just focus on that beautiful hug we shared.

​This is a photo example of the great energy Meliss and I have. I probably said something really funny and she was probably like, "Ya gurrrl! Oh you know it!" 


​This is a photo of Meliss trying to be the funny one. Oh Meliss. You gotta stick to our designated roles. You're the pretty one and I'm the funny one. 


​Trying soooo hard to be charming. In this photo I am definitely saying something classy like, "...so then I just rubbed the cream all over! With it spreading that quickly I couldn't afford to be stingy. Am I right or am I right??"


​The thing I love most about the quilting community is how sincerely kind people are. For example, I'm sure these ladies didn't know why I was loitering around the Birch Fabrics booth, but they saw a lonely train conductor looking hopefully at them and let me chat about my quilts for 5 minutes. God bless 'em.


The most popular quilt of the day was the Stars Hollow quilt I designed as part of a Gilmore Girls themed Quilters Candy Box. Printed patterns are currently shipping to fabrics stores (Tell your LQS if they don't carry them.) and the digital pattern will drop on BLACK FRIDAY (Nov. 25)!!!




This is a photo of me loving Melissa...probably too much. But wait, according to this photo, MELISSA is the funny one....hmmm...I'm going to have to think on this...maybe consider revamping some of my jokes.


​Fave moment of the day. These three ladies make their own hats and clothes every year for Quilt Market. They have also been attending since 1989! I hope so hard I can be like them someday.


I love working with Birch Fabrics, Andrea in particular. Her open-mindedness to all different kinds of quilt ideas and Birch's beautiful fabric has pushed me to create quilt designs I would never have created otherwise. To list a few:


​Now be honest, would you have stopped and talked to this weirdo? 😉 xoxo

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  1. suzanne riley says:

    you are super funny!!! If I’m ever in Chicago.. I would look you up.. to ya know, say that I met ‘Suzy from the awesome Suzy Quilts!!! I love your posts and look forward to seeing all the new and cool things you are doing!! your name twin from Renton WA – Suzanne 🙂

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