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Welcome to the Suzy Quilts day on the Five & Dime fabric blog hop! Five & Dime is a fresh and fun new line of fabric designed by the wonderful Heidi Staples of Fabric Mutt

I have been a fan of Heidi since I first saw a Bear Paw quilt she made almost two years ago. I loved the quilt so much I emailed Heidi and begged her to let me write about it here on the blog. Obvi she said yes, because she's awesome. 🙂 Check out her completely gorgeous Bear Paw quilt here.

What I love about this Five & Dime fabric is the amount of adorable things Heidi was able to pack into a single print. I can't wait to finish this Fishing Net baby quilt and play a game of I Spy with my little nephew. He's going to love it!


There's one other little creature who loves this fabric almost as much as me. Can you guess?

Five & Dime Fabric Blog Hop | Suzy Quilts

I opened up the box of fabric from Riley Blake Fabrics on a Friday, and fanned out each print on the floor. Within 5 minutes Scrappy claimed the fabric as her new bed. I thought to myself, "Oh Scrap, she loves rubbing her furry little body on anything I lay on the floor."

But nooooo. That wasn't it at all. Throughout the weekend I laid out other piles of fabric and tried to organize various quilts on the floor too. Scrappy never once moved from her Five & Dime stack. These pics were taken on different days. I know there's no way to prove that because Scrappy doesn't wear clothes or style her hair differently. You're just going to have to trust me.​


Scrappy is very possessive of this fabric. And will most likely be quite angry with me when I give this baby quilt away.


It really doesn't matter where I put this quilt – she's going to sit on it.


The above quilt pattern is a simple design called Fishing Net. It can be found in the shop!

I hope you follow along on the rest of the Five & Dime fabric blog tour. Here's the schedule below:​

7/31 - Lauren at Transient Art
8/1 - Elea at Elea Lutz Design
8/2 - Suzy at Suzy Quilts (that's ME!)
8/3 - Amy at Diary of a Quilter
8/4 - Minki at Minki's Work Table
8/5 - Heidi at Fabric Mutt

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