FREE Duval Star Quilt Pattern

Get a free PDF quilt pattern! The Duval Star quilt pattern (previously named Reverse Star) uses fat quarters!

In this blog post, you'll get a FREE quilt pattern PDF that you can download at your convenience. Previously named Reverse Star, I've lovingly renamed this design Duval Star, to celebrate the release of my debut fabric collection, Duval!

This pattern is beginner-friendly and an excellent skill builder, since you'll practice making flying geese a whopping 224 times. That may sound like a lot, but I have a shortcut that will make these geese fly by. 😉 Keep reading to see mockups of the quilt in prints and solids, get the fabric list, and download your free pattern at the end. 

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Reverse Star Quilt Pattern

When making a Reverse Star quilt, each two fat quarter color combination will create six blocks — three in one layout and three that have the fabrics reversed. Get it? That's the reverse in Reverse Star! You can see an example below. 

Below you'll find a tutorial to make a Sawtooth Star block. This block is so versatile and looks great in any fabrics — you can see a scrappy version example below. If you'd rather download a PDF of these instructions, they are included in the Duval Star pattern at the end of the blog post.

Finished Quilt Size - 56" x 64"
Finished Block Size - 8" (56 blocks total)
Fabric - 20 *Fat Quarters (10 light, 10 dark) OR if you choose to use solid white as the background fabric, you need 10 Fat Quarters and 2 ½ yds. of white fabric cut into 10 Fat Quarters

*A Fat Quarter or FQ is pre-cut fabric measuring 18" x 21"

Cutting Instructions

  1.  Stack a dark and a light Fat Quarter on top of each other and lay them horizontally, so the longest side (the side that is ~21" in width) is at the bottom.
  2. Trim the left side of the stack so that both fabrics are in line with each other. Cut a 5" strip.
  3. From that 5" strip, cut three 4 ½" squares and two 2 ½" squares. See cutting diagram below.
  4. FLIP the remaining FQ 90° so that the long side is still on the bottom. Your FQ should currently measure 16" x 18".
  5. Cut one 5 ¼" strip. Sub-cut that strip into three 5 ¼" squares.
  6. Cut three 2 ⅞" strips. Sub-cut TWO of those strips into ten 2 ⅞" squares.
  7. From the third 2 ⅞" strip, cut two 2 ⅞" squares, for a total of twelve 2 ⅞" squares).
  8. From the remaining portion of that strip, cut four 2 ½" squares.
  9. Cut one 2 ½" strip. Sub-cut that strip into six 2 ½" squares, for a total of twelve 2 ½" squares.

Simple Sewing Steps

  1.  The first step is to make 4 Flying Geese. Place 2 small dark squares on opposite corners of the large light square. On the wrong side of the dark squares, draw a guideline from corner to corner.
  2. Sew a ¼” from the guideline on both sides. Cut apart. Fig.1
  3. Press seams out. Place 1 small dark square right side down and sew a ¼” from the guideline on both sides. Cut apart and press seam out. Repeat with the remaining unit. Fig.2
  4. Now that you have 4 Flying Geese, or points on your star, sew the remaining squares together in rows as you see in Fig.3
  5. Sew the three rows together and press to complete the block.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Block & Quilt Assembly

Each set of light and dark FQs will produce 6 Sawtooth Star blocks. Three of those blocks will be the reverse of the other three. Fun, right? You will have 60 blocks made, and since you only need 56, 4 will be left-over. Looks like you’re making a pillow too 😉

  1. From the fabric you just cut, separate the pieces so that each stack contains all the pieces for one block. This will save you some confusion. Each block will contain: 
  2. Sew the blocks together as instructed previously. 
  3. Lay all of the stars out using a checkerboard pattern of light, then dark, then light again.
  4. Once you are happy with the layout, sew blocks together in rows, then sew those rows together, pinning where the blocks meet.
  5. If you are on Instagram, use the hashtag #SuzyQuiltsReverseStar so that we can all enjoy your beautiful designs! 

Make Your Own Duval Star Quilt

Keep reading for the fabrics used in two versions of the Duval Star pattern and to download your PDF!

The print version of the Duval Star pattern uses 10 fat quarters and a single background fabric to give the design a more minimalist look. To do this, you'll need the fat quarters plus 2 1/2 yards of background fabric for the throw quilt shown below.

Fabric list for the Duval Star quilt pattern in Duval prints, each fat quarter is paired with the same background color: 

  • Background: Tiny Moon in Breezy (remember, you still need to cut this yardage into fat quarters before you begin)
  • Boho Birds in Snapdragon
  • Diamond Stripe in Glacier
  • Boho Birds in Glacier
  • Basket Weave in Shrimpy
  • Boho Leaves in Haze (the version below uses two fat quarters of this print and the quilt includes eight blocks in this combination, there will be four blocks leftover)
  • Basket Weave in Haze
  • Blocks in Haze
  • Blocks in Snapdragon
  • Diamond Stripe in Spiced
Duval Star: A free quilt pattern from Suzy Quilts in printed fabrics. #quilting #sewingdiy

Duval Star with Honeymoon Blue

If you like the minimal look of the cover quilt, but want more contrast with your stars, swap out the background fabric for something with a little more punch! This version uses the same FQs as the cover quilt listed above, but instead of Tiny Moon Pearl as the background it uses Signature Solid Honeymoon. So pretty!

Duval Star Blue

20 Signature Solids Star Quilt

For a scrappier look, use 20 FQs instead, as shown in the solid example below. Mix and match them any way you like!

Fabric list for the Duval Star quilt pattern in Suzy Quilts Signature PURE Solids, listed as their are paired in this mockup: 

  • Pearl and Truffle 
  • Velvet and Cerulean 
  • Hemlock and Haze 
  • Spiced and Nova 
  • Driftwood and Shrimpy — four blocks
  • Pistachio and Thistle — four blocks
  • Poppy and Glacier 
  • Queen Bee and Monet 
  • Matcha and Ginger 
  • Honeymoon and Snapdragon 
Duval Star: A free quilt pattern from Suzy Quilts in solid fabrics. #quilting #sewingdiy

Elegant "Black and White" Duval Star

You can't go wrong with black and white. But since we're quilters and we like to keep things interesting, what about a scrappy-ish black and white quilt? This version uses the black and white solids and prints. Here's what you need to make this quilt:

  • 5 FQs Boho Birds Truffle
  • 5 FQs Solid Truffle
  • 2 FQs Diamond Stripe Truffle
  • 2 FQs Solid Pearl
  • 2 FQs Tiny Moon Pearl
  • 2 FQs Boho Leaves Ginger
  • 2 FQs Solid Ginger

I recommend buying 1/2 yd cuts of most of the fabric and then cutting them in half to make two fat quarters. Since you would need to purchase 1 1/2 yd of fabric to get 5 FQs, feel free to either switch it to 6 and 4 so you can buy the exact yardage, or use the extra FQs for some binding!

Duval Star Black and White

Fall Duval Star Quilt

Celebrate the colors of fall by picking out the harvest-inspired colors from these two collections. Here are the FQs you need to make this quilt:

  • Boho Birds Snapdragon and Solid Honeymoon
  • Diamond Stripe Glacier and Shrimpy
  • Boho Birds Glacier and Poppy
  • Boho Leaves Nova and Basket Weave Shrimpy
  • Boho Leaves Haze and Tiny Moon Pearl
  • Solid Velvet and Basket Weave Haze
  • Blocks Haze and Solid Pearl
  • Solid Spiced and Blocks Snapdragon
  • Diamond Stripe Spiced and Solid Snapdragon
  • Tiny Moon Truffle and Solid Thistle
Duval Star Quilt Fall Colors

Duval Star Quilt Pattern

Are you going to make a Duval Star quilt pattern in prints or solids? What colors do you want use? Let us know in the comments! And if you make a Duval Star pattern, be sure to tag @suzyquilts on Instagram and use the hashtag #SuzyQuiltsBlog so we can see your beautiful work!

8 thoughts on “FREE Duval Star Quilt Pattern

  1. Sharon L Aitchison says:

    Thank you for this lovely pattern! I can’t wait to cut and sew! I think I’m going to try it with holiday/winter fabrics.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Wow, Suz! So much quilty fun and cozy goodness packed into one post. I have all the Duval solids, but haven’t wanted to cut them up yet! This pattern may be just what I need to entice me to do so – and it’s time to get the Duval prints into my sewing room, too!! Love this post 💕

  3. Sue says:

    Yay, I finally know what I want to make with my Duval bundle! Did you only use nine FQ Duval prints and the the 10th was the background fabric?

  4. Dianne says:

    Hi Suzy, thanks for this gorgeous pattern. I can’t wait to make it! I think I’m going to make it in solid blues and greys.

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