Free Waffle Cone Quilt Pattern: An Example of the American Dream


My lovely quiltketeers, aside from sewing, is there anything more wonderful than a huge scoop of your favorite, velvety ice cream? Now, dollop that scoop into a fresh waffle cone. Drooling? Well, I want you to have your cake, uhum, I mean ice cream, and eat it too with this delectable free Waffle Cone quilt pattern!

Sewing this quilt together is as simple as eating a triple-stacked cone – it's absolutely scrummy and ends much too quickly. In the spirit of handmade confections, I want to share with you a fun tidbit about the lovely history of the waffle cone. The waffle cone and I have a lot in common, you see. We both hail from the Show Me State and are happiest when heaped to the brim with ice cream.

Free Waffle Cone Quilt Pattern | Suzy Quilts

A Quick History of the Waffle Cone

The first ice cream cone to hit the scene was not the classic waffle cone as we know it. In 1896, Italian immigrant, Italo Marchiony, began selling his ice cream cones to a quickly increasing fanbase in New York City. He is credited for inventing the first official ice cream cone. He even got a patent!

Fast forward 8 years, and Marchiony has an ice cream cone booth at the St. Louis World's Fair. These cones are selling cakes? Let's say, selling like ice cream cones, and soon he realized that he was scooping his last cone. He had completely run out! With days still left at the fair, what was he to do?

Lucky for him, a Syrian immigrant, turned local Missouri man, occupied the booth next door. Ernest A. Hamwi was selling a crisp, waffle-like pastry called zalabis. When he saw the need for more cones, he began rolling his wafers into cone shapes. The new cones could hold even more ice cream than before so the people were happy and the concept of waffle cones was quickly on its way to becoming the American institution that it is today.

Who knew that the waffle cone's inception would be a perfect example of the great American Dream? So next time you find yourself at an ice cream parlor standing in line contemplating mint chocolate chip or cookies 'n cream, think about the quick-witted ingenuity of our dear pals Marchiony and Hamwi.

Supplies for the Waffle Cone Quilt Pattern

Just like our muse, the waffle cone, the supply list to make this quilt is sweet and simple.

Check out more great tools and notions!

Waffle Cone Quilt Pattern Fabric

To make this quilt, I used fabric from the Merryweather line by Birch Fabrics. I like to call it "granda chic!" This line of fabric has beautifully mixed vintage style with tatto-like punk rock. What do you think?

Free Waffle Cone Quilt Pattern | Suzy Quilts

A Couple Tips

Before sending you on your candy-coated course I have a two teeny tiny tips. (I may be slightly sugared up at the moment from Christmas cookies and unable to alleviate the acute alliteration accurately. Apologies.)

  1. Tip numero uno - Be gentle. Your large, bias edges will thank you. The largest pieces are cut on grain, so you there's no need to be overly cautious. But, as bias edges tend to do, they will stretch if you tug or rip seams too often.
  2. Tip numero due - Don't get too busy. This waffle cone quilt pattern leaves loooots of open space for large prints and large quilt designs. So fun! Just don't get too excited and use all fabrics of the same scale or same color value. Your waffles will look like a melted mess if you do. Like I always say, toss in a few solid fabrics and don't be scared of negative space.

Quilt Pattern Correction

  • The small 9 ½" side-setting triangles should not be cut into quarters, but in half on the diagonal. Another option is to cut another one large 12 ½" square and cut that into quarters as seen in the diagram in the pattern.
Free Waffle Cone Quilt Pattern | Suzy Quilts
Free Waffle Cone Quilt Pattern | Suzy Quilts

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    Nothing better than a person who gives you a free quilt pattern and she has a great sense of humor! I wish I could bottle it and sprinkle it over my family! ThAnks for all Angela B.

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