Hexie Stripe Quilt Pattern


​The Hexie Stripe quilt pattern is now available! Shop suzyquilts.com/shop.

​Hello my lovelies and welcome to the Hexie Stripe show! I have lots to tell you about this pattern so without further ado, let's jump on in!


This is a relatively basic quilt design so you don't need a bunch of fancy pants tools. However, there is one tool that will make this quilt go from being a huge pain in the butt to your fave pattern of all time.


A 60° triangle ruler. I use this exact ruler.

Without a​ triangle ruler you will be stuck using just the template provided in the pattern. And while it's possible, it's not the funnest. Honestly, from a person who has made this quilt three times, sans triangle ruler, that's pretty much the unfunnest. 

Other basic supplies include:

  • Ruler
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Iron
  • STARCH - I'm putting this in all caps because I don't want you to miss it. Also I'm yelling it at you, but in a super nice way! Starch is going to be your best friend on this project because you are working with a lot of bias edges. And we all know what bias edges do. Let's say it together – they stretch! (Did you say it?) Read more about starch here.


As you can see in the photo below, I hand quilted parts of this quilt and then machine stitched in the ditch. This is my favorite way to finish a quilt because I love the look of hand quilting, but usually don't have the time to complete an entire quilt by hand.

If you've never hand quilted there's something very soft and luxurious about the feeling of hand stitching on a quilt. By loosely machine quilting some sections for added security, between the layers of the quilt, these combination quilts, as I call them, keep that snuggly soft luxury of hand quilting without spending the hours.

If you would like to know more about my favorite hand quilting supplies, check out my FAQ page.


The hand quilting is mega yummy, but those swans!! I've been in love with this Swan Lake line of fabric since I made the free Warrior quilt pattern using it.


Fabric​ + Kit

​Guys, this is where the magic happens. This Hexie Stripe quilt is made for those who love color by someone who loves color! The fabric requirements for this 54" x 52" throw include 9 fabrics, ½ yd. cuts each. That gives you so much space to explore any color palette your color-loving heart can imagine!

If you like the spring-inspired quilt above, you can make a very similar one yourself! I've collaborated with Fabricworm to curate a Hexie Stripe quilt kit. Buy the kit here!​

Below is a picture of the kit which includes 1/2 yd. cuts of each of these 100% organic poplin cottons.


Below is a lovely combination of red-orange, coral, mustard yellow, mint and turquoise. After having the same question asked over and over again about this quilt, let me just go ahead and answer it for you.​ That fabulous floral that is currently making your mouth water is Meadow Blooms in Minty by Amy Butler. At the moment you can find it at Hawthorne Threads.


​On the cool end of the spectrum is a pattern-prominent Hexie Stripe featuring periwinkle, navy, light blue, lavender, cobalt and berry purple. If you are ever having trouble narrowing down a favorite print, don't! Narrow down the color palette and then all of your prints will sing in beautiful harmony. Trust me.


Hexie Stripe Quilt in the Wild!

This quilt pattern looks vastly different based on the colors, fabrics and personality each quilter brings to it. Let me show you some of the Hexie Stripe goodness that some of my pattern testers have made.


​Meghan of Then Came June

Meghan is a fabulous quilt designer with a sophisticated eye for color and composition. Check out more of her work on her website.


Leah of Dixie Stitches

Don't look directly into this pup's eyes...he's trying to mesmerize you to buy the Hexie Strip quilt pattern.... He told me that if you don't buy it he's going to put a HEX on you!! Beware!


Shannon of Shannon Fraser Designs

Shannon is currently working on her Hexie Strip quilt but isn't the progress so beautiful?? That pink and green hexie looks like a watermelon and it's companion orange hexie looks like a cantaloupe. I don't know about you, but these quilt blocks are inspiring a major craving for summer melon!


​Amanda of Gypsy Moon Quilts

Amanda is one of my most encouraging pattern testers. She has a beautiful spirit and it comes as no surprise that she channels that into her quilts. Most of her fabric is found in thrift stores and repurposed into new designs and creations. Check out more of her work on her website


Brooke of Garden Variety Cookie

Sweet Brookie has done it again and made a completely delicious, lip-smacking, summer-in-a-bottle quilt! I'm not sure I'm making a ton of sense at this point...this has turned into a very long post. But can't you feel a warm summer breeze when looking at this sunny combination of prints and solids? I believe this is the perfect picnic throw!


​Tiffany of Village Bound Quilts

I love the way Tiffany thinks and would most definitely be producing less accurate quilt patterns without her. She can find my typos and the holes in my instructions with surgeon-like precision. Tiff don't ever leave me!!

Also, if you didn't get a chance to see her creative spin on the Minimal Triangles pattern you've gotta check it out. Click here!

​I hope you enjoy making this quilt and and be sure to use #HexieStripeQuilt so we can all see your beautiful designs! Until next time, ciao bella! xo

27 thoughts on “Hexie Stripe Quilt Pattern

  1. margiestitcher says:

    what a lovely quilt and no Y seams. I like hand quilting just as well at the moment as my walking foot broke last week

  2. elizabeth rehmer says:

    just purchased and ordered the ruler! i can’t wait to make this… now to decide on my colors. i am thinking this would also be fun for my halloween quilt! i can’t wait for the ruler to arrive so i can get busy.

  3. Mary says:

    Hi Suzy-
    Will this work with a 60 degree ruler that has a flat top instead of meeting at a point? I just cut my first strip set with the flat top, and I’m not sure if it will still sew together the correct way! Thanks!

  4. Kelly says:

    This pattern is fantastic!! I have a 6″ 60* ruler but the ruler you use is 8″… do you use the full 8″ in this pattern?

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      The best way to convert this pattern to a queen would be to first check out this post on quilt sizes to find out approximately how large a queen quilt is. (It’s about 90″ x 108″. It’s not a bad idea to measure the bed to make sure you have the right amount of overhang off each side.)

      This pattern makes a quilt that is 54″ x 52″, so to turn this into a queen, you will need to quadruple the size (think of this throw as roughly 1/4 of a queen quilt. If you add another throw next to this and two on the bottom, you’d have 108″ x 104″). If you don’t want your queen quilt that large, leave a row of hexies off the bottom.

      That means that you can pick fabric a couple different ways: 1) Pretend like you are making 4 of this quilt and get 1/2 yd. cuts of 36 fabrics. OR 2) get 2 yd. cuts of 9 fabrics.

      I hope that helps and good luck!

  5. flmiller808 says:

    I just found and purchased this pattern… I have tried several times to go to the “Fabricworm” to purchase a kit but I can’t find anything about the quilt!

  6. Ashley H says:

    I’m relatively new to quilting and have pressed my seams to the side and hid them in the darker fabric. I re-read the directions that say to press to the side in the same direction. Do I need to go back and repress them all in the same direction?

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      The instructions say that so when the blocks are rotated the seams that sew together are facing different directions. That makes it easy to nest them together so they line up well. That’s not a necessity, just something that can help with accuracy.

  7. Lyssa Jensen says:

    Beautiful quilts! Thanks so much for your vision and clear instructions!

    The link for the ruler is not working.

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