Over The Hills Quilt Pattern


Over the Hills is a free pattern you get when you join the Suzy Quilts Patterns Facebook group!

Subtitle: Wabi-Sabi Quilting

What is wabi-sabi quilting? At its core, wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and accepting the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death. One Japanese phrase that I found especially poignant in describing wabi-sabi is natsukashii furusato or an old memory of my hometown.


If you are like me, and no longer live in your hometown, you probably have similar feelings – beautiful nostalgic memories mixed in with an awareness of its flaws. Wabi-sabi is to embrace the process of making without getting caught up in the product of making. It mean to appreciate the simple things and find more satisfaction with that which is immaterial, rather than material – the warmth of a cup of coffee, your child’s laughter, rain running down a window, my dog Scrappy cuddling in my lap 😉


If you sit here long enough, you could probably list 10 things in your life that are not “perfect,” but still wonderfully heart-warming and beautiful. You most likely could also list 10 distinct moments that made you pause and think, “If only I could bottle this moment up.”


Wabi-sabi quilting takes that Japanese tradition and applies it to the art and process of quiltmaking. When cutting and sewing, try not to ask yourself, Am I doing this right? Is my seam exactly a ¼ inch?


Instead, think about the smooth motion of slicing through fabric with a rotary cutter. Think about the happy hum of your sewing machine and what a joy it is to stitch such pretty little seams.


Wabi-sabi quilting is simple, uncluttered and inexact. Through this Over The Hills quilt pattern practice accepting the “mistakes” and embrace what is unique about each cut, each seam and each block – simply see the beauty in the handmade-ness of it.


So if you need someone to give you permission to dive in with no fear, here you go! This is a judgement-free space for you to create something that is truly and authentically yours!


Take a look at this video tutorial to see how approachable and fun wabi-sabi sewing can be!


A short Q&A for those with doubts:

Q: Are templates included in this pattern?


A: Nope! Each block will be unique because you will decide where to cut and how much slope to give every hill. The pattern will show roughly where to cut and explain sewing technique, but the rest is up to you.

Q: I’ve never sewn curves before. Could I make this pattern?


A: OMG YES! This pattern is probably the best way for you to learn. Because the heart and soul of wabi-sabi quilting is finding beauty in “mistakes,” you can relax and let yourself learn and enjoy the process of sewing curves. My video tutorial will demonstrate exactly what to do so you have the tools you need to launch yourself into a curves-sewing frenzy! Once you master wabi-sabi curves, try a pattern with templates like my Propeller quilt. You may just become addicted to those curvy edges!

Q: I don’t have a lot of time. How long will it take to make these blocks.


A: Because there are no curved templates, think about all of the things you DON’T have to do with this pattern – 1. Print and make the templates. 2. Painstakingly trace the templates onto the fabric. 3. Carefully cut each template out. With my wabi-sabi technique, you just eliminated those first 2 steps and then very much expedited the third. Whaaaa?!? 🙂


After making a wabi-sabi quilt, you may want to try a curves pattern with templates. My Propeller pattern is a lot of fun and also has an instructional video tutorial. Just because templates are introduced does not mean you should be intimidated. This sewing curves technique uses no pins or special tools. I guess you could say even my template patterns are a little wabi-sabi 😉


Also, if you want more info on what wabi sabi is, this book is a great resource. Reading it in college started my life-long love affair.​

11 thoughts on “Over The Hills Quilt Pattern

  1. Shannon says:

    Okay…..you have just given me hope with curves and this method. Every one always says PIN PIN PIN with curves but I am not a pinner– I’m a pincher-together-er, and it makes me feel better to see you doing it this way. My one question– when sewing the curve, do you push any bubbley-creases away from the needle, or do you have any tricks to help with the little bit of puckering that can happen around the curves?

    • Suzy says:

      Yeah for curves! Well, to tell you the truth, I sew pretty slowly and gently stretch the fabric as I sew, that way you can avoid bubbles and creases. It will take at least 5 tries before you sew a curve without a crease, so give yourself at least 5 passes. After sewing hundreds of curves, I still give myself passes for the occasional crease, though 😉

  2. M says:

    Hi there.
    Could I please trouble you for help with purchasing the pattern for the baby quilt you recently completed and posted on Instagram? I liked it so much that I’m just finishing making it, so I’d like to buy the pattern so I’m not stealing. Can’t seem to locate it on your website though.
    It’s my first quilt. Thanks for your help. : )

    • Suzy says:

      Is it the Indian Summer quilt? If so, that pattern has not been released yet, but will be soon. I’m impressed that for your first quilt you didn’t need a pattern! You got skillz!

  3. M says:

    Thanks much. I’ve just been listening to the Modern Sewciety podcast while sewing rows. It was fun, and I learned, so thanks. I’ll get the pattern once it comes out, because it’s excellent, and you created it, so it’s only right. Keep up the good work!

  4. Ali says:

    That landscape backing fabric though… Any chance that’s still available somewhere? Really amazing stuff and I’m inspired to give it a try!

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      Isn’t is cool? It’s a print by Anna Maria Horner from her Fibs & Fables fabric line. I just did a quick search and haven’t been able to find it, but maybe if you put your mind to it, you can. The specific print is called “Enchanted.”

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      It’s pinned to the top of the discussion forum in the group. It’s a PDF that you can download directly. You can also find it in the “Files” section in the group too.

    • Suzy Williams says:

      Hey Anne, I will be doing a couple demos and a lot of meet and greets and various booths in the vendor hall. In the next week I’ll post my QuiltCon schedule so we don’t miss meeting each other!

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