Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters: Part II – The New Quilter


And we’re back! It’s time for round two of the Suzy Quilts Holiday Gift Guide. This time, we’re focusing on The New Quilter. New quilters need love! New quilters need encouragement! New quilters need tools!

Sometimes, new quilters don’t know where to start. That’s where you come in. Hook up a new quilter with everything they need to delve into the wonderful world of quilting... and maybe a little extra 😉

1. All-In-One Quilter's Reference Book


When you’re learning to quilt, you have a ton of questions. Though it’s awesome to have a seasoned quilter on speed dial, it’s also nice to have a reference book for those questions you feel stupid asking… when you’ve already called your friend twice.

You know what I’m talking about. This All-In-One Quilter’s Reference book is great because it’s in Q&A format, making it really easy to navigate. If you ask me, it’s a must-have for new quilters.

Everyone needs a great pair of stainless steel scissors, no matter how long you have been quilting. These Famore fabric shears are my all-time fav. They’re the classic, no-frills shears that give you clean cuts every time.

The description says that they “cut like a hot knife through butter.” So true. And such a delicious image, right?


​3. Extra Thread, Rack & Machine Needles


New quilters don’t always have a huge stock of supplies, and back-up thread, machine needles, and a great rack (that’s right, I said it) are an awesome gift.

Get them started with all your favorite (or my favorite) brands. I always go for Mettler and Aurifil thread, and some high-quality needles.

Now, let’s talk racks. This one is simple, super-functional, and leaves room for the new quilter’s collection to grow!​

Rulers, guys. We all know how super, super helpful rulers are. And even though the standard 6" x 24" ruler is a no-brainer, all quilters should also have an 8 ½"  x 24", 60-degree triangle and 6" x 12" ruler on hand as well.

I mean, really go crazy on rulers. I've never regretted a ruler purchase. Having the right ruler for each project is a game-changer, especially for less-experienced quilters.​



I’m obsessed with storage bins. Did you guys know this? Boxes, bins, jars, tins, you name it. Storing your quilting supplies is just so stinkin’ satisfying (and the others who live with me don’t mind it either!)

This multi-use storage bin is really sturdy and versatile, with space to separate tools and fabric and sewing machine parts like nobody’s business. New quilters, get ready to look like veteran quilters.

Fabric is not only really fun for new quilters to receive, is also really fun to shop for! This site sells pre-made bundles, but if you want to pick out some rockin’ fabric on your own, check out any of these online shops for some amazing sites, and amazing deals (and more bundle options!)



Here’s another book that I HIGHLY recommend, that’s a little less term-oriented. Lucky Spool’s Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making walks new quilters through 10 different design workshops.

It’s written by some very knowledgeable teachers of modern quilting techniques, so it’s super authoritative… and inspiring. The illustrations are also A. Maz. ing. And amazingly helpful.

This one’s a personal fav. I can’t live without my wireless bluetooth headphones. I love quilting to a groovy beat, but headphone cords? Ain’t nobody have space for that.

These earbuds are also noise-cancelling, which is great when you really have to concentrate. Also great when you don’t want to hear people complain when you’re singing along… really loud… to your favorite tunes.


​9. Fabric Swatch Books


Most fabric lines carry fabric swatch books that are not only really fun to look at, but really useful to the new quilter who doesn’t yet know that the color possibilities are endless! I personally use fabric swatch books all the time.

Check out the books from these manufacturers:

This last one is important. New quilters (and, let’s admit it, all quilters) make mistakes. Lots of ‘em. It can be hard to bounce back from serious seam-ripping sessions, especially when you’re just starting out.

Give the new quilter in your life a little pep-talk with the “You Got This” mug. And speaking of pep, maybe fill it with these dark chocolate covered espresso beans. Yummmmm.


Let’s get some new quilters set up right… and expert quilters, don’t forget to include your digits and an invitation for unlimited questions, with no judgement 🙂

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