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A common misconception is that quilters just sit at home in front of a fireplace in a rocking chair all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love pretty much everything about that, but a lot of quilters are on the move too! Y’all know I am.

Day 3 of the Holiday Gift Guide Series (Day 1, Day 2) is just for you, you travelling artisan, you! Quilting on the move has its own set of unique challenges, but there are some awesome books and gadgets that can help you make it happen. Here’s a list of ten great gifts for quilters who are on the road (or in the air) for both business and pleasure:

1. Boho Embroidery Book​ & Embroidery Floss


Embroidery projects are a great way to take quilting with you, wherever you’re headed. For those who are new to embroidery or just want some modern inspiration, this Boho Embroidery book has the coooolest projects, both “inside and outside the hoop.”

Might as well throw in this gorgeous rainbow of embroidery floss, since that’s what embroidery’s all about… and it’s so pretty!

Sticking with the embroidery theme for a minute, these embroidery scissors make a great gift! They’re the classic stork design (which I love), and since they’re so small, they’re perfect for travel.

These cute lil snippers are perfect for intricate thread cutting, and these even have gold-plated handles! Fancy!



Hear me out on this one. You might think headlamps for crafters are a little much, but just listen: When you’re travelling through the night, or even when you’re camping, quilting projects can be such a comforting activity. There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting project-less because you don’t have enough light to see what you’re doing.

Headlamps are PERFECT for this. I mean, they might as well be made for it! And this Energizer LED lamp is smaller, and less overwhelming. Try it. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

When traveling, it’s really important to stay hydrated…or caffeinated. Plus, this water bottle is just plain awesome. Even if these 24 oz. are only used to fill up the water tank in your iron, it's a fun way to show off your quilt love!



Not everyone is familiar with English Paper Piecing (or EPP for the pros), and this book is a great way to introduce this technique to the traveling quilter in their life.

English Paper Piecing is a tried and true practice of using paper templates to guide your quilting patterns, making sure all of your quilting shapes fit together perfectly before you start sewing. This book is a great introduction, and it pairs great with...

...A great paper piecing kit. I like this one because, duh, cute canvas bag, but also because it includes many different shapes to work with.

The kit also includes a glue pen, wonder clips, appliqué pins, and straw needles. This all-in-one kit is perfect for gifting!



This one probably should have been up at number one. You can’t go anywhere without a craft tote! There are tons of really cute travel bags out there for crafters, but here are two that caught my eye:

  • This tote illustrates the quilting steps (don’t forget the love!), and it’s jumbo-sized which is totally my jam.
  • This second one​ comes from our girl, Vera Bradley, and is more like a duffle on wheels. You can pack your overnight gear in this one… or just fill it with more quilting supplies!

Comfort is important, people! Give your loved one (and their neck) the gift of a good night’s sleep with this patchwork travel neck pillow. It’s so cute, AND you get to make it yourself.

Everyone loves a hand-made gift, especially a comfy one! Follow the link to find the FREE tutorial.



This enamel pin is the perfect stocking stuffer for the travelling quilter. Perfect for messenger bags or pea coat lapels, the “Quilter for Life” pin let’s the world know that no matter where you are, and what you’re doing, quilting is your first love (or at least up there in the top ten.)

And now, for the grand finale, here are some go-to fashion accessories for the hip traveling quilter. It all starts with...


Traveling quilters don’t have to leave their quilting projects behind! Help the quilter in your life travel in style with some great books, mobile projects, and of course, snazzy accessories.

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