Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters: Part IV – The Young Quilter


You know who really gets excited about Christmas? Me. And kids. We’re the ones who bake cookies for Santa and try to stay up all night waiting to hear the footsteps of reindeer on the roof. That’s why getting gifts for kids (and me) is so much fun: the holidays are still so magical!

Part four of the Suzy Quilts Holiday Gift Guide is all about the little ones. It’s never too early to encourage kids to start learning the art of sewing. Here are some gifts to spark their interest in fiber arts, because quilting is really just as magical as Christmas.

1. Future Quilter Onesie​

future quilter onesie

Remember how I said it was never too early to encourage kids to quilt? I mean it. With this “Future Quilter” onezie, you can get ‘em while they’re young. Reeeeal young.

Won’t fit into an infant size anymore? Try this “Quilter in Training” upgrade.

If your young quilter is ready to join the big leagues, the Janome Fastlane sewing machine line is awesome for the little hands of budding sewists.

This sewing machine is simply designed, easy to use, and comes in almost every color of the rainbow. I don’t know about you, but I might sew more often if my machine was hot pink.



Every young quilter needs a book full of beginner-level sewing projects to get them started. My First Sewing Machine Book is my fav because of how stinkin’ cute the projects are.

The instructions and photos are also really friendly to kids. Note: This book does lean a little bit toward the female persuasion. If you are looking for something more gender-neutral, try the book Let's Sew Together: Simple Projects the Whole Family Can Make.

Your young quilter might be hanging out in that sweet spot where they’re old enough to start sewing, but maybe not quite mature enough to wield a rotary cutter. Don’t despair! With pre-cut fabric bundles, kids can jump right into sewing without sweating the sharp stuff!

These “charm packs” are color-coordinated, pre-cut, and ready to go.



Here’s another book of great sewing projects for kids…and this time, they’re a bit edgier. Sewing School will teach kids how to make a Super Hero cuff, and even use those new-found sewing superpowers to mend their injured stuffed animals!

This book is complete with a Sewing School Dictionary and Resource Guide that’s easy for both kids…and parents to understand!

Count on Land of Nod to kill you with creative cuteness. This pillow kit is not only perfect for kids who are just starting to dip their toes in the sewing pool, but it is actually stylish and you’ll actually want it in your house.

Land of Nod also offers an adorable needlepoint kit.



Let’s talk tools. Young quilters need quilting tools that are geared toward smaller hands, and perhaps some smaller projects. I love this Beginner Sewing Kit because it comes in an adorable case (with drawers for small parts!), and includes all the basics:

  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • needles
  • color wheel
  • as well as some supplies like embroidery thread, stuffing, and felt.

This sewing kit includes a book with instructions for two projects, and some basic skills.

When little quilters get tuckered out from a long day of crafting, they need to unwind with some quality, quilt-themed storytime!

Start things off with Stitchin’ and Pullin’, and get young quilters excited about the history and relationships of quilters through generations.

Follow it up with The Quiltmaker’s Gift, and let their imaginations run wild with this kind-hearted fairy tale. They might even fall asleep on their new, hand-sewn pillow 🙂



Giving kids a little bundle of new, colorful supplies is a great way to get them excited about sewing! (I mean, who doesn’t love new supplies. Don’t even deny it.)

This embroidery kit is a great way to start things off, since it comes with felt, embroidery floss, scissors, and a few buttons. But let’s go even further. Check out these adorably bright and flexible thimbles, and this RAINBOW full of buttons. Put them all together, and you have shiny happiness in a box!

For the grand finale, we’re going to go back to the adorable Land of Nod for a must-have for any serious young stitcher: a comfy chair.

Give a kid a comfy place to practice their skills with this Polar Bear Executive Chair! In this chair, they can hand-stitch like the budding BOSS they are.


They grow up fast, folks. Make sure they grow up quilting. Have more great gifts for pint-sized sewists? Throw ‘em in the comments down below!

Tomorrow's gift guide covers the Seasoned Sewist, so get excited and stick around for more gifty goodie ideas!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters: Part IV – The Young Quilter

  1. karen s says:

    Suzy, thanks so much for this delightful post! My daughter, who will wed a wonderful man this spring, has strongly hinted that a grandchild will be in my future in a year or so 🙂 I’ve been a sewist since the late 60’s, but never really taught my kids to sew more than some buttons or hems. I intend to remedy that with the generation to come 😉 and I’ve pinned the h .. out of this list 😉

    • Suzy says:

      First off, CONGRATS on both the wedding and the grandchild! I’m so happy to hear that you already have plans to sew with the new baby. And who knows, maybe your daughter will learn to quilt along the way too! 🙂

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