Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters: Part V – The Seasoned Sewist


We’re wrapping up (See what I did there? Gifts? Wrapping paper?? forget it...) the Suzy Quilts Holiday Gift Guide with a group of quilters who are near and dear to my heart… the long-time, seasoned sewists. These are the quilters who seem to have collected everything over the years… a huge stash of fabric, two sets of every tool, a shelf-full of books and a wealth of practice.

So they leave you asking, “what do you give the quilter who has everything?” Well, you’ve come to the right place. I am that quilter, and I’m here to tell you that I still drool over more quilting gear while surfing Pinterest. Here are some of my personal picks that would be perfect for the veteran quilter in your life.

1. WALK: Master Machine Quilting​


Using the walking foot is definitely an advanced skill… especially if you decide to take it rogue.

WALK will take you out of the ditch and into the wonderful works of master machine quilting. It’s challenging and liberating all at the same time. The author, creative genius Jacquie Gering, starts with the basics, and ends with some truly breathtaking designs. But don’t take my word for it (cue Reading Rainbow music!).

In my opinion, all quilters are Quilters for Life (once a quilter, always a quilter) but some of them have pretty much already proven it.

For those who eat, breathe, and sleep (under) quilts, pick up this Quilter for Life mug, so that they can show everyone that they are drinking coffee so they can stay up late...and finish binding.



You guys. Quilters are really up on modern lingo and funny innuendo. This Netflix and Quilt shirt will break through a few quilting stereotypes and earn us some respect…well-deserved respect.

Also, Netflix and Quilt is pretty much the story of my adult life, and I’m almost positive I’m not alone. Let’s start a team. This can be our jersey.

Holly from Maker Valley, if you see this, can I request a gray edition? Red's not my color and I super need this shirt for the holidays. (Guys, I never said I wasn't high maintenance. If we're going to be teammates, you should know  this about me.)

So, yes, there are a ton of books out there about quilting, and quilters who have been in the game a while probably have a lot of the basics. This book is not one of the basics.

The Quilter’s Yearbook is an awesome way to “explore your inner quilt genius and have some fabric fun.” This book lets quilters track and record ideas, journal as they quilt, and read up on some new ideas on how to use up that huge quilting stash. It’s awesome. And if I get one I want you all to sign it.



You’ve all heard of those box subscriptions that are getting crazy popular… like the one for snacks or the one for razors and the other one for snacks… well this is the ultimate monthly box subscription for the long-time sewist: the Stash Builder.

But their stash is already so big, you say! Don’t even worry about that. The Stash Builder Box delivers fabric, thread, fabric, and notions to your doorstep, and gives 20% of the proceeds to make quilts for kids in need. You can’t go wrong.

This is a weird one for those who are little less familiar with quilting, but take it from me: a rotary blade sharpener is an AWESOME gift for the seasoned quilter in your life. There is nothing worse than a dull rotary blade. Am I showing my level of quilting nerdiness right now? I don’t care.

When the quilter you love opens up this rotary blade sharpener, with its blade handler, sharpening stones, and cleaning cloth, their eyes are going to well up with happy tears.


Love Patchwork and Quilting

If you don’t want to commit to a box subscription, consider gifting a good, old-fashioned magazine subscription. Oh, you didn’t know they made printed magazines anymore? Well they do. And quilters love them.

Love Patchwork & Quilting is a great one for the advanced quilter. They’re based in the UK (which makes them über classy) but they will ship to the US! Otherwise, you can give a subscription to digital editions if you’re all tech savvy like that.

There is nothing like the OttLite lamp. It’s a lamp. It’s a magnifying glass. THERE’S A CLIP TO KEEP SUPPLIES OUT OF REACH FROM YOUR PETS! (I’m looking at you, Scraps.)

If you’re looking for a gift for a night-time crafter, this one is a lifesaver. Although keep in mind that you’re probably enabling all-night quilting sessions.


9. Online Class at


The long-time quilter in your life may know a whooole lot about quilting… but they can’t know EVERYTHING… at least not yet. But if you gift them one, or two, or a dozen classes from, they’ll be well on their way to quilting genius status.

Craftsy has 145 online quilting classes, you guys, from patterns to quilt-as-you-to techniques to free-motion quilting essentials. There’s literally something for everyone.

Nothing says “pro quilter” like custom, handmade quilt labels. I love the labels from Wunderlabel because they are simple and unassuming, but there are many others on Etsy that you can browse until you find something that matches the style and vibe of the quilter you’re shopping for.

Giving customized quilt labels to a quilter is the perfect way to show that you respect their work – which is great because this is super serious business, everyone!


That’s a wrap on the Suzy Quilts Holiday Gift Guide! I hope I gave you, or someone who loves you, some great ideas on how to show love toward quilters of all age levels, ability levels, and lifestyles. These five gift guides were my gift to you! But don’t worry, no need to get me anything 😉

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  1. Susan Stanton says:

    Suzy, I have really enjoyed your Holiday Gift Guide series. Both informative and entertaining! I just started following your blog, and I so glad I did! Thanks so much!

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