A Fast Finish Holiday Quilt: Christmas Bayside


The Bayside quilt pattern is available in the pattern shop. Click here to buy!

Quilty readers, I don't want to dive into a ton of backstory on this charming holiday quilt – like how I used to dread Christmas, but now, slowly over time, and through many Hallmark movies, have become quite the Yuletide enthusiast. I won't go into detail about tragedy and redemption. Loss and gratitude. Love and hope. No, no, no. This post will be 100% about quilts. Becaaaause...

...this is my first holiday quilt ever! After 16 years of quilting, I have finally finished my very first red and green (and pink, obvi) Christmas quilt!

Never in all of my quilt designing days have I designed a quilt that screamed, "MAKE ME CHRISTMAS!" Like this Bayside quilt pattern.


Every time I see this quilt I think two things: "How did pink not make the Christmas colors cut?" and "I have a craving for candy." Doesn't this holiday quilt have the joy and magic of a candy shop during Christmas time? I want gummies and taffy and candy canes and ALL THE SUGAR!

Bayside Holiday Quilt Fabric

Are you antsy to make your own sweet-as-candy Bayside Christmas quilt? Here's the scoop on the exact fabric I used and where to get it. All of the prints are from the holiday line by Cotton + Steel called Noel. You can find the entire collection of fabric, including solids, at both The Fat Quarter Shop and Fabric.com.

Trending patterns!

If you haven't seen the video tutorial on cutting templates for this pattern, check it out!


For more pictures of a non-Christmas Bayside quilt, check out this blog post! There are tons of variations and this quilt can be made in so many different ways. The pattern includes king - baby quilt sizes! But for now, here's some more adorable Alicia and Scrappy goodness. I just can't get enough of these two!


I think Alicia might be more into Scrap than Scrap is into Alicia. hahaha. Oh Scrap...always playing hard to get. She secretly loves the attention.


Bayside Quilts in the Wild

My very talented pattern testers got to work this past month and made some incredibly beautiful quilts. Each one looks vastly different from the other and I love them all! I want to know what color combos you love – share in the comments section.


Krystina, KH Quilts



Elizabeth, @elizabethkray


Veronika, @vdizzledazzle

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  1. sueferrell49 says:

    I would love the Bayside Quilt as a free download, but I went through the “purchasing” steps all the way to PayPal and never saw where I could download it for free. What am I doing wrong? Blessings, Sue

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