Minimal Triangles Quilt


The Minimal Triangles quilt pattern is now available for digital download! Click here to buy. 

On March 2, Suzy Quilts will also partner with Cloud9 Fabrics to offer a Minimal Triangles quilt kit giveaway! Fabrics from Elizabeth Olwen's newest line, Underwater, plus coordinating solids make up this great kit. To enter, visit either the Suzy Quilts Instagram or the Cloud9 Fabrics Instagram on March 2.

Below is a picture of the kit!


Cutting and sewing triangles can be a little intimidating, but armed with the right tools, I promise you will find success. The most important tool in this pattern is a 60° triangle ruler. The pattern comes with a template, but if you find templates to be tricky to handle (that's me raising my hand), treat yourself to this Clearview ruler – it's the newer version of the one I use...apparently mine is from 1988 and they no longer make it.

What can I say? Once I like something I use it forever! (You can see more of my Favorite Tools here.)


This pattern is a fantastic way to use up old scraps. If you're organized with your scrap bins and have them nicely color coded, try sticking with one or two colors to give this pattern a clean, minimal look. Another fun idea is to dump out your scrap bins and make a rainbow explosion! Both great options. 🙂


My second Minimal Triangles quilt stayed true to a black and white theme on the quilt top and then HITS you in the face with a citron back. BAM! The binding uses the same yellow backing fabric so that when looking at a flatshot, you still get the slightest hint of color – tying it all together.

OK, but seriously, how many of you can relate to this problem...


I honestly don't think she can help herself. If there is a quilt on the floor Scrappy must sit on it. Period.

I guess that's what makes her so good at being my Quality Control Manager...that little butt has sat on A LOT of quilts.


This quilt pattern originally made its debut in Modern Patchwork Magazine a year ago. I have been asked what the difference is between the PDF digital download pattern and the one found in the magazine. The major difference is that the digital download includes fabric requirements and instructions for twin and baby-sized quilts as well as a throw quilt.

There are minor changes to the instructions mainly because I write patterns very differently now than I did a year ago....(better...I'm like waaaay better than I used to be. Also, I have about 20 pattern testers who catch mistakes that used to slip under the radar. Lawd knows how much I luuuuv my pattern testers.)


Neutrals. We've seen what this quilt looks like using high contrast fabrics, now it's time to experience the cloud-like luxury of subtle neutrals. I'm talking linen, poplin, Liberty lawn, and sweet beautiful denim.

Ahhhh the best part of sewing with low-volume colors is that more attention is given to texture. I played up the soft, pillow-like effect by using low-density free-motion quilting. See what I mean? It's a Care Bear cloud.


But, back to that thing we were talking about know, about how animals can't help themselves and must sit/lay/roll all over all of the quilts?? sigh....


After seeing these photos you really would think she's starved for attention...oh Scrap...


Once you get the pattern and start sewing, be sure to use #MinimalTrianglesQuilt so we can all see your beautiful design!

Also, if you to have a furry Quality Control Manager too, link to photos in the comments! I love animals even more than I love quilts and would love to see your cute critter's lil faces.


36 thoughts on “Minimal Triangles Quilt

  1. Terri Sawyer says:

    LOVE all of the colorways that you used for the quilts. I have a quilting friend that thinks the back should surprise you. I really like that!

  2. Belinda says:

    Ha, my dog Barney is my quilting QA manager too… always when making the quilt sandwich… and likes to cosy up on the quilt while I’m hand binding too. (Insta @bjhoward for a few of his furry face).
    Oh and I LOVE this pattern!!! Will be purchasing for sure.

  3. Katie says:

    Love this quilt! What fabric did you use for the back? Also, any advice on how to increase the size to a queen? Thank you! <3

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      Hey Katie, the backing fabric is Cotton + Steel Zephyr Breeze Citron. To make this quilt larger, just add more triangles to each row and add more rows to get your desired height. The height of the twin will give you an idea of how many rows you will need.

  4. Jennifer Gardner says:

    I’m using a tri-rec tool and putting this together without a pattern but despite my efforts I’m finding that the triangles aren’t lining up **perfectly**. I’m wondering if you can offer any tips to help with this problem. Thank you 🙂

  5. Gigi says:

    Love this quilt!
    Also, what kind of dog is Scrappy!? I have a Cooper that looks exactly like him!l, but he’s a rescue and we don’t know what kind he is!! I thought it was Coop when I scrolled down!

  6. Karen says:

    I love this pattern! When I sew my rows together, I’m losing my points… they’re squared off. I’ve tried 3 different times.

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      I’m guessing that when you are sewing the triangles into rows, you aren’t hanging the triangles tips off the edges by a 1/4″. If you don’t do that, then you don’t have the seam allowance built in on top of each triangle tip. Does that make sense? When your rows are finished, you should have a 1/4″ of seam space above each triangle tip.

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      It’s an older fabric, so you may have to do some digging to find it. It’s called Tiny Tiles in the Clover collection by Cotton and Steel – specifically Alexia Abegg is the designer.

  7. elizabeth Gault says:

    absolutely love this one, colorful and neutral (which is just dreamy) what a good eye. thanks for the fun this morning.

  8. Marika says:

    Suzy you are something else. Your quilts take me to places where I can just sit and dream and wish for your patterns. Come and visit me in Namibia and bring tons of your material and patterns with you. You are beautiful and surely you can teach me a lot. After that, you can tour our beautiful country with hubby and baby. How is this for a deal 😂

  9. Karla D. says:

    This quilt is beautiful and I used it with many scraps. Thank you so much for explaining how you piece the triangles together to get the neat seam- your video helped a lot.

  10. Lynne Christiansen says:

    Suzy, I found you when my red, white, and black quilt went pink and your blog saved me! I hope it’s okay with you but I am enlarging the triangle size to use my 9” triangle ruler and make it go together quicker. I also might add some solid triangles of some of the fabrics I’m using. I’m excited! Thanks for all of your inspiration!

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