Put A Quilt On It: Modern Barn Blocks


A couple weeks ago we journeyed through rural America on a tour of beautiful barn quilts. We discovered their surprisingly recent inception inspired by historical quilt blocks. Read more in this blog post.

You may have read that post and thought, “That was nice, but I live in a neighborhood 100 miles from any barns. Too bad for me. Now what’s for lunch…”

Well, throw away that lunch you were about to stick in your mouth cause I’ve got news! Barn blocks just got a makeover. I’m talking – bright, fresh colors, lightweight AND (this is my favorite part) made for both indoor and outdoor display.

If you’re like me and spend a good portion of your life rearranging your furniture, you will appreciate this feature a lot. Since getting my barn block last week I’ve already hung it up in three different places. The consensus – I need three different blocks for each of those places.​


Pictured above is my very patient husband. What you can’t see in this photo is a sassy quilter (yours truly) standing off to the side saying super helpful things like, “Higher, John, higher! No, no...actually lower. A LOT lower. Now to the right a smidge...good. And back to the left just a touch...PERFECT! Hmmm...ya know, now that I’m looking at it, I think I want to hang it back in the front entry where we had it earlier. Or...maybe I’ll put it in my sewing room...Yes. That’s what I’ll do. Take it down! Take it completely down...but bring the ladder inside – I’m having a BURST of inspiration and I think I want it front and center in the living room! Come along, John! Off to the living room!”

Doesn’t that sound like a husband’s ideal Saturday afternoon?​

A Coupon Just for You!

Before getting too far ahead of myself, I want to share with you a Suzy Quilts coupon exclusive! Use coupon code suzyquilts to get 10% off your entire modern barn block order. That is 10% off in addition to any existing sale prices! AND not only do you get the 10% off, enjoy FREE shipping too!* Check out all of the modern barn block designs at PutAQuiltOnIt.com. Coupon expires Midnight CST 5/29/2017. *Currently only shipping to residents in the USA.

Modern Barn Block Deets

I mentioned earlier that these barn blocks are lightweight (a little over 4 lbs.), but what I didn’t mention is what makes them so lightweight. Put A Quilt On It uses extra thick PVC sheets to make each design so that the blocks feel substantial while remaining lighter than traditional wood.

This material is very durable so it will not rot, rust, absorb moisture or get infested with insects. It’s also coated in UV protection so it won’t fade either. All materials are sourced in the USA and are printed and precisely cut to size in sunny California.​


Instagram Giveaway​

If you’re on Instagram, be sure to check out the giveaway that @putaquiltonit and myself (@suzyquilts) are currently running. Through Memorial weekend (5/25/17 - 5/29/17) you can enter to win a FREE modern barn block of your choice! See all of the different designs here.​


4 thoughts on “Put A Quilt On It: Modern Barn Blocks

  1. Judy Carter says:

    I have painted a couple indoor barn blocks. Fun to do….a piece of wood, small bottles of acrylic paint and good masking tape.

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