Tips and video tutorials on how to quilt with triangle blocks for the Perennial Quilt by Suzy Quilts |

Perennial Quilt Tips & Video Tutorials

The Perennial quilt pattern will be available on Thursday, October 17! If you're reading this post on Perennial quilt tips and video tutorials, chances are you fall into one of three categories:

  1. You've never sewn triangle blocks before and you're curious if you can figure it out.
Quilters and crafters notoriously have multiple works in progress, or WIPs. These 3 steps will help you sift through those WIPs, clear them out or get them finished! #sewing #WIPs #HST

3 Steps to Finish Your WIPs

Before I sift through my pile of unfinished sewing projects to give you 3 steps to finish your WIPs, indulge me with one quick story. The year was 2007. I was 21. Although I wasn’t overly ambitious in my studies, I did have one special skill – I said yes to almost everything.

There's so much to think about when picking shoes! Let's walk through the process together | #shoes #funny

SQ Thoughts on Picking Shoes

Ok, SQ readers. It’s happening again. I’m re-opening my diary and letting you take a peek. If you missed my confession about Baking Shows and need to take a minute to empathize with my obsession, go ahead. I’ll wait. But when you come back, get ready to dive with me real deep… into my shoe closet. 

Dear Diary,

Remember when we did free-association writing therapy about my difficulty picking out a toothpaste… and then also my difficulty picking out quilt batting?