This DIY reusable sandwich wrap tutorial will help you become more green at home! A free scrap fabric pattern tutorial! #DIY #recycle

DIY Reusable Sandwich Wrap Tutorial

If you're looking for a quick, eco friendly gift that's sure to impress, these reusable sandwich wraps are perfect! You can, ahem, wrap up this project from start to finish in about an hour, and whether you're making a gift for a loved one or for yourself, you'll have something lovely and useful for your next picnic or packed lunch.

The New Horizons quilt pattern includes instructions for both fat quarters and limited-color yardage instructions. #modernquilt #quilt

New Horizons Quilt with Double Gauze

This blog post is a total baby bomb, but this quilt made me do it! How can such a soft and cozy quilt not also include my two-month old baby? Impossible! The New Horizons quilt pattern is now available!

This pattern checks all of the boxes for what I love in a quilt:

  1. Large pieces: These blocks are big and use large pieces of fabric making it perfect for double gauze and other scrumptious wovens!