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The Reflections pillow is a very fast project that is perfect for using scraps of fabric! This modern quilt pattern includes instructions for an 18-inch pillow and a 30-inch wall hanging.

A Moody Blue Reflections Pillow

It’s a dreary mid-December day here in Chicago and I’m feeling all of the mellow, moody blue feelings. Even though this Reflections pillow is actually quite cheerful, I’m choosing to see it through an overcast lens. Currently I’m sipping peppermint tea and enjoying the small stretch of silence that comes with Desi’s afternoon nap. Ahhhh….let meContinue Reading…

How to use scrap fabric in quilt patterns! Use these tricks to make Suzy Quilts patterns with recycled fabric you already have. #scrappyquilt #sewing #quilt

How To Use Scraps in Suzy Quilts Patterns

Happy New Year, friends! If you’re anything like me, your scrap bins are positively overflowing from last year’s projects. One of my quilty resolutions for this year is to use more scraps than I make. So with that in mind, let’s make a scrappy quilt!If you’re new to scrappy quilting and just don’t know whereContinue Reading…


Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Quilt Shows in the USA

Most of us can easily fall into simple categories without much thought. For example, there’s “people who like peanut butter,” and then there’s “peanut butter people.” (I’m a peanut butter person.) There’s people who wear tank tops,” and then there’s “tank top people.” Oh you know who you are. There’s “people who like museums,” and thenContinue Reading…


Stars Hollow Quilt

Gilmore GirlsLove it? Hate it? Never heard of it? (To those who fall in that third category…really??)​ Whether you are a die hard fan, a 4-season shoulder-shrugger…“meh, take it or leave it,” or a confused person who is currently Googling “Gilmore Girls,” (again….really???) you should know that after an almost 10 year hiatus, it’s back. New episodesContinue Reading…


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