Sewing with knits doesn't have to be stressful! Read this informative post for tips and tricks about working with knits, and use what you learned to make your own Bohemian Garden shrug with step by step photos! #quilting #sewingdiy

Free Bohemian Garden Shrug Tutorial

Using knits for the first time is intimidating, but this tutorial will guide you through all of the steps to make your own elegant and simple Bohemian Garden shrug using a combination of machine and hand sewing.

We've talked about knits previously on the blog, so this first section will link to other posts that cover basic knit knowledge and answer any questions you have about purchasing and sewing with knits.

This DIY reusable sandwich wrap tutorial will help you become more green at home! A free scrap fabric pattern tutorial! #DIY #recycle

DIY Reusable Sandwich Wrap Tutorial

If you're looking for a quick, eco friendly gift that's sure to impress, these reusable sandwich wraps are perfect! You can, ahem, wrap up this project from start to finish in about an hour, and whether you're making a gift for a loved one or for yourself, you'll have something lovely and useful for your next picnic or packed lunch.