Sweet Jane

I’ve been wanting to write a Mother’s Day post about my sweet mom for a couple months now. The more I think about it, however, the more my thinking has turned to fretting. I want to say so many things and make this tribute to my mother the most beautiful, insightful, ground-breaking thing she has ever read that now...now


How to Make a Simple Square in a Square Quilt Block

Subtitle: The Life-Changing Magic of Beautiful Fabric

One aspect of sewing that all quilters deeply experience is the power of beautiful fabric. Beautiful fabric will make us quilters do crazy, irrational...partially erratic things – like convert a guest room into more fabric storage, even though you have lots of company and they would REALLY appreciate not having to spend the first hour of their visit pushing fabric off all of the furniture; like labeling boxes of fabric “MORE TAMPONS” so your husband never fully knows how much you actually have; like buying yardage from your favorite designer knowing full well that you love it waaaay too much to ever cut into it – thus perpetuating the cycle of having stacks and stack of too much fabric.


The Making Of A Quilter

In The Beginning

I have now been quilting for exactly half of my life. I started at the impressionable age of 15 and am now...ahum...well, you can do the math 🙂 I wasn't exactly a "cool kid" back then. Let me paint a quick picture.


Drip Quilt Dance Off…With Myself

The conversation I'm going to have with my husband tonight...

Me: How was your day today, honey?

John: Super busy and kinda stressful. I had a conference call at 9AM, an 11AM dashboard deadline and another client call at 2. After that I figured out a complex algorithm to better display the statistical analysis of my market research.


Gingham Spring Quilt

There’s no dancing around the issue, so I’m just going to come out and say it.

I’m a feminist.

A radical, equality-love’n, girl-power karate-kick’n feminist (I’m not totally sure karate has anything to do with feminism, but it sounded good in the moment).