Paper Piecing Tips with the Zia Mini Quilt


Before jumping into the book, Southwest Modern: From Marfa to New Mexico (which is AMAZING), and before passing out a few paper piecing tips (less revolutionary, but hopefully helpful), I have a preface: Quilty friends, I may be adventurous when it comes to food, spelling errors and nicknames for my loved ones, but when it's time to learn a new sewing technique, I'm a major scaredy cat.

I don't want to be anxious in this way, but I can't seem to stop that flutter in my heart and the way the room spins in and out of focus when I think of really and truly struggling at sewing – which IS inevitable when you are learning something new! I love quilting so much and have gotten (dare I say?) really good at it. I don't want to struggle and potentially bite the dust!

So let me tell you, with my head held high, after over 16 years of quilting, I finally learned to paper piece.

[Pause for applause.]

This is something I cheerfully avoided and would have kept avoiding had I not tried the fantastic Zia Mini quilt pattern.

English Paper Piecing Tips with the Zia Mini Quilt Pattern! | Suzy Quilts

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I adore Kristi, author of Southwest Modern and founder of Initial K Studio, and was so excited to be included on her book release blog hop. When she sent out an email asking different bloggers to pick a project from her book, I flipped through the book multiple times, but kept circling back to her elegant and minimal Zia Mini. 

Before looking at any of the instructions, I signed up to make it.


Lucky Spool Media, LLC: © 2017 Kurt Griesbach

Flash forward a week before my turn on the blog hop and I open her book to read the instructions.

Bum bum BUUUMMM!!! PAPER PIECING!! Crap! Crap! Crappity crap! All of the fear-induced excuses immediately began playing before my eyes like an old home video projector:

  • "I don't have time to learn something totally new!"
  • "Kristi is going to be so sad when she sees the terrible job I do making this mini!"
  • "Paper piecing is stupid and I already know I'm going to HATE IT!"

I could keep going, but let's not dwell on that vicious little voice that likes to whisper negativity in my ear. Let's jump to the GLORIOUS ENDING! I, Suzy Quilts Williams, learned to paper piece. Not only that, I freakin' nailed it. [insert 20 flexing arm emojis]

English Paper Piecing Tips with the Zia Mini Quilt Pattern! | Suzy Quilts

The Zia Mini

Although I'd looooove to keep talking about how proud I am for making such a beautifully paper pieced mini, the true hero of this story is the Zia Mini quilt pattern. If you have never tried paper piecing, THIS SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST PROJECT.

Sorry to yell, I just didn't want you to skim the photos and miss that important bit. I personally believe that starting small is the best way to learn something new. There's very little commitment and you get the instant gratification of a fast finish.

Did I mention that Scrap is mad crushing on the Zia Mini too?

English Paper Piecing Tips with the Zia Mini Quilt Pattern! | Suzy Quilts

A Few Paper Piecing Tips

As a first timer, and with no paper piecing friends within a 30 minute radius, I looked to the Internet to guide me. I watched a couple video tutorials...some OK and some veeery confusing. After 20 minutes of searching, I found this one. It is clear, concise and uses a triangle pattern that is almost identical to the shapes made in the Zia Mini quilt pattern. WIN!

I watched the video three times before my mind stopped melting. I probably shouldn't admit to that...but if you're out there getting frustrated with learning this new skill, just know that I've been there and still came out on the other side.

More Paper Piecing Tips (which are probably obvious, but they weren't to me)

  • Regular computer paper can work, but not well. I remember writing about this when I first blogged about paper piecing, but I've always been a rebel and a rule-breaker...even when it's my own rules. The pattern clearly states to use 20 lb. paper. Which, after using the 40 lb. from my printer, I know would have been a lot easier.
  • Don't rip the paper until the end. Again...this is stated in the pattern....but again, I was like, "meh. I'm going to rip it the second my block looks like a block." If you do this, you miss out on some of the amazing paper pieced preciseness. HOWEVER, if you used regular computer paper, like me, it gets pretty hard to rip once you have multiple seems intersecting.
  • Use a spray bottle of water. All of these tips could probably be ignored if you just followed the pattern and used 20 lb. paper and didn't rip it out until the very end, buuuuut, on the chance that you're a rabble-rouser like me and live on the dangerous side of life, dampening the paper with a spray bottle makes it a lot easier to rip off.
  • Reduce your stitch length. I am adding this tip after getting a great reminder in the comments. I reduced my stitch length from the typical 2.5 I use for patchwork piecing to 1.5 and that helped keep my stitches secure while ripping my heavy duty rebel computer paper. 

My Zia Mini Fabric

English Paper Piecing Tips with the Zia Mini Quilt Pattern! | Suzy Quilts

You could make this Zia Mini any way you like, but in my opinion, one of the aspects of the original design that make it such a striking quilt is the color gradient. In addition to the background fabric, the mini calls for 4 color fabrics. Since I was trying paper piecing for the first time I thought, "What the heck, let's use some fabric I designed too!" So, my quilty friends, not only are you witnessing my first foray into paper piecing, you're also seeing my first quilting project using an original fabric design. Pop the champagne, people!

Fabric Specifics:

English Paper Piecing Tips with the Zia Mini Quilt Pattern! | Suzy Quilts

Giveaway! [CLOSED] Get a FREE copy of Southwest Modern.

Interested in trying out this Zia Mini for yourself? I'm giving away a copy of Kristi's book and all you have to do is follow @initialkstudio on instagram and write a comment below! Tell me anything – your latest food obsession, your current sewing project, your newest fabric crush, and obvi, any paper piecing tips you have up your sleeve. 😉 I will pick a winner 24 hours later.

(FYI, I have to approve each comment, so if you leave a comment and don't see it up right away, it probably still worked, I just haven't gotten to it.)

Congrats to Nancy for winning the giveaway!

Check out the rest of the Southwest Modern blog hop tour here:

293 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Tips with the Zia Mini Quilt

  1. Cathy C says:

    Just finished up a rainbow double star quilt top today. Yah! My next project is a vintage sheet Irish chain. Plus I have a stack of quilts for the long arm – lots of fun things to do!

  2. Karen DeWitt says:

    Great blog post and your mini looks great! Happy to see you jumped into fabric design. I’ve used Spoonflower and have had decent results. I too was scared stiff of paper piecing, but like you was pleasantly surprised after my first attempt…love the accuracy. Give Scrappy a scratch behind the ears for me!

  3. Mareike says:

    Dear Suzy,

    I always usw computer paper, but reduce the stitch lenght to 1.5mm. So the paper ist densly perforated and easy to rip out. See, I am a rebell too 😁

    Best Mareike

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only rogue paper piecer out there using computer paper. 😉 I reduced my stitch length to 1.5, but still had a lot of trouble ripping the paper out where the seams connected…Maybe my computer paper is a little heavier than I realize?

  4. Sophie Zaugg says:

    I have currently a pile of five tops to quilt … So it would be better I don’t find any inspiration for a new project … This book looks wonderful ! Thanks for the chance to win !

  5. susie hemmelgarn says:

    My sweet husband of 54 years gave me a Janome 6600P for my birthday. Talk about scared..but, at 73 I think it is good to always learn something new. I took a lesson from a great gal at the little shop where he bought it. I just finished a large 95 inch quilt for our niece’s wedding in June. It was truly amazing how quickly it went many little time-saving devices. I am in heaven. I am loving your site, Suzy. You do good work/play.

  6. Andrea says:

    I used to use computer paper until I discovered paper piercing paper, what a difference! I love how crisp the points and corners come out! Currently obsessing over Deb Perelman smitten kitchen everyday cookbook!

  7. Rosalind Gutierrez says:

    Just starting a quilt called “Carefree” and using a charm pack called “Woof Woof Meow” by Moda.

  8. Theresa says:

    I have been thinking about taking a class on paper piecing. I love the colors you picked. It looks great. I have been busy learning to embroidery. I just made a foldover clutch from a class I took at Sew To Speake. You would be proud that I am now posting my projects on IG.

  9. Pam says:

    I’ve just learned to paper piece using the freezer paper method, which I love, making one of my bucket list quilts, a double grandmother’s wedding ring quilt. I’ve always been afraid to do traditional paper piecing after listening to fellow quilters complain about “picking little pieces of paper out fo the seam.” You’ve inspired me to try!

  10. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    I too was terrified by the thought of FPP but once I tried it I am hooked! The precise points are something I cannot get any other way. And I LOVE your fabric. Orange is my all time favorite color. You certainly did nail this one!

  11. Rachel says:

    Hey Suzy –

    3 things: you’re hilarious and I’m so glad you managed the paper piecing. I’m dying to try paper, but haven’t made the time in years of wanting,… maybe I’m scared of failing too. Typical.

    2. I finished a quilt from the Bows and Arrows pattern. Amazing! I’ll post soon. You gotta see it. Maybe the prettiest quilt I’ve ever made.

    3. How do I send you real mail? I have a present in the works for you and maybe would get a fire to finish if I had your address. Could I, might I, would you share?


    P.s. typo alert: “I Suzy quilts Williams leaned to paper pieces.” Maybe just the “piece” there. 🙃


    I love the colors you chose. So pretty! I want to try paper piecing too but keep putting it off. I would love to win a copy of this book❤️

  13. Jennifer Terrazas says:

    I absolutely love paper piecing! The absolute perfection of angles and intersections makes all of the hard work worth it! Now mind you after spending anytime paper piercing, the next project must be mind numbingly easy! This is beautiful! Great job!

  14. Moira says:

    I hear you about not tackling paper piecing for so long. I waited until last year to try it myself. It’s unlikely to ever become my favorite technique but it has its place. The book looks yummy, though.

  15. Shawna says:

    I was so intimidated by paper piecing at first too. It still blows my mind, and people who can design paper piecing patterns are even more mind blowing!

  16. Christine says:

    I paged through this book at quilt con & just loved it. Would have snatched it up right then if I had any room in my suitcase.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  17. Sara says:

    My husband and I raise heritage poultry near Austin, TX, and I came across a paper pieced turkey pattern by WisconsinQuilting last Thanksgiving. I was so excited to make one for my husband, and then I panicked after watching (not-so-helpful) YouTube videos about paper piecing; it seemed so difficult! I chickened out (pun intended). Thank you for sharing this video and your successful journey with paper piecing. I feel more empowered to give it a try!

  18. Janet says:

    I am new to quilting and Everytime is see something about paper piecing I think that is something I want to try. Your first pieced project is beautiful. I love modern so would love to win this book to inspire me to do my first!

  19. Alicia Round says:

    I’ve never tried paper piecing and would love to. I’m about to start on a Star Wars quilt for my little guy.

  20. Rachel Milgroom says:

    I also just learned how to paper piece after resisting for a long time because I am doing the Mighty Lucky quilt club and the first blocks were all paper pieced! I was so nervous and then so happy with the results. Also, your fabric is gorgeous.

  21. Tracy Martin says:

    Maybe it’s your beautiful wooden baseboards, or the colors of the fabric you designed, possibly your thriving snake plant, could be all of the above but everything about this reminds me of my grandma, and not in an old lady sort of way, but in an I loved everything about her sort of way. So if I copy your look and beg you to make your fabric available to us on spoonflower it’s basically the best compliment I could find to give..

  22. Becky Brink says:

    I love paper piecing but am currently working on a color wheel that has lots of itsy bitsy pieces. I have learned (?) while doing this that for itsy bitsy pieces, it is better to set my stitch length at 1.0. Small pieces with only a few stitches really need to be stitched with a smaller stitch. Love your MINI! You are coming to our Modern Quilters Group in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Can’t wait to see you!!

  23. Deane says:

    I’m still wondering what does paperpiecing different than just sewing blocks? But I think I will give it antry and enjoy this fearsome thrill of testing something new ☺

  24. Veronika says:

    I love paper piecing! My biggest tip is to use a clover mini iron to iron the tiny seams, that way you can do it all at your sewing station, no getting up to walk over to the ironing board! And I’ve never heard about 20# paper OR the spray bottle technique – I’m definitely a rebel in that I purposefully rip out the papers as soon as a section looks like a block (like you did) so I don’t lose my mind later, but these tips may just change that!

  25. Brenda H. says:

    Hi Suzy, you did a great job on the mini, the blog, the Scrap! I like paper piecing, but I have to really want to do it. Always inspired by your work!! Thank you 😊

  26. Sharon Drobka says:

    Hi ya and scrappy too! Very pretty colors you picked for your mini. I enjoy paper pricing but learned from the 2012 craftsy of the month. She shares about using computer paper which I’ve used on lots of seams intersecting and it works great all the time. I did have to laugh how you used crap a few times and had recently blamed scrappy for it when it really was you lol 😂. I’ll be working or atemping to make a bag that I found at quilt con. Loved your quilts there and seeing your beautiful hand stitching was amazing.

  27. Nicole M says:

    I went simple with my first paper piecing project, too. It was a rainbow pattern in a free tutorial on Craftsy.

    I have pre-ordered a bundle of Santa Fe fabrics by Sarah Watts and I’m sure that a design from this Southwest Modern book would be perfect. I’m very into themes. 😉

  28. AJ Grossman says:

    I was a 7th Avenue Fashion Designer and Pattermaker back in my day and I too am scared to death of paper piecing. Not sure why that is, but now that I read the blog post I think, i mean, I know I can do this with confidence. Thanks again for sharing and give Scrap a pat on the head for being so cute.

  29. Kristen says:

    The second quilt I ever made was a queen sized paper piece modern double wedding ring quilt. It took me 7 months and many trips to the fabric store. Most people would have been scared off quilting after that, but I just dived right back in

  30. Megan says:

    I’ve been thinking about this book since I first saw it two months ago. I never thought of myself as a fan of Southwestern design, but I loved almost every quilt in this book.

  31. Frannie M says:

    I agree with the paper piecing paper comments. I used to use computer paper but it’s totally worth the price to switch when I kept ripping my stitches out when i was wrestling the computer paper out.

  32. Darlene says:

    I love this book, it’s on my list……and so is paper piecing. I want to try a very small paper pieced memory quilt with hand dyed fabrics. Hope I can master the technique like you did. Thanks for that video.

  33. Cristen says:

    Oh, Suzy, I love you to paper pieces! 😂. That smiling pictures of Scraps is too much. I’m going to need some new projects soon…half way thru getting all my mojo back in a house full of sick kids and husband! It’s not horrible that I’m trying to hide from them and sew, right? RIGHT?!?

  34. Krystina says:

    I love paper-piecing for its versatility, but for me, ripping the [computer] papers off at the end is more soul-sucking than trimming HSTs… I don’t know how people do full quilts with it! I’d love to get my hands on this book! ❤️

  35. Casey Cometti says:

    I’m new to quilting, but apparently paper piecing is how I did my first one! It would definitely have been easier with a lighter weight paper, although I’m sure that was the least of my first-timer mistakes.😂 Would love to learn more from this book!

  36. Judy says:

    Fantastic blog post! I now understand paper piecing! Yay! I love your fabric. Can’t wait to see what you will make with it next!! 💕😘

  37. Nicole says:

    Beautiful mini quilt! I love paper piecing because as long as I see on the lines, all my points match up perfectly!! 🙌

  38. Ashley Phillips says:

    I love this! I’ve only tried paper piecing once but this is the perfect modern design to refresh myself. Also love your spoon flower fabric. I ice dye my backing fabrics sometime and spoonflower would be a great option to recreate. Thanks for posting!!

  39. Kathy says:

    I’ve been paper piecing for a while now, but I have never felt more stupid than when I was trying to learn it! So counter intuitive 😣! Your mini is gorgeous—thanks for sharing it! And thanks for the giveaway!!

  40. Hannah says:

    Love this! I’ve been wanting to learn paper piecing for a while now but am kinda scared to try it out!! This project plus your tips looks like a perfect place to start!

  41. Tonia Holm says:

    I too thought I would hate paper piecing until I actually tried it. Hello?! A small light box by my machine is the most awesome tool ever to make paper piecing a breeze!

  42. Marisa says:

    Love your color choices for the Zia Mini! It’s so great that you’re jumping in and learning new quilting skills. Go Suzy!

  43. Tina G says:

    Hi there!! Informative post and beautiful photos!! I love that your sweet little doggy is named Scrap! I have done a few paper pieced projects. It’s one of my favorite techniques!! I like the idea of trying 20-lb paper. I will try that. I also have this new Daylight light board I bought st QuiltCon so I’m ready to use it. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  44. Kristine says:

    Right now I’m working on a heart quilt for a friend who lost her husband. But I am planning a solid based quilt I’ve had in mind for awhile, can’t wait! And I love your mini❤️

  45. Chong M Fu says:

    I’ll second what Tracy Martin said and beg you to make your fabric available on Spoonflower! It’s so lovely!

  46. Jessica W says:

    Suzy you did a great job! I really like that you can’t tell this pattern is paper pieced. I currently have five quilt projects going on. Two of the five are gifts for two different weddings. For one of the quilts I’m using your rocksteady pattern and the other is a whole cloth quilt. The third project is a reverse sawtooth quilt for my 3 years old who asked for a star quilt. The last two are fun projects to pick up whenever. I have only been quilting for a year now and I love it.

  47. Fran says:

    Susie you are so amazingly prolific! HOW do you do it? I LOVE paper piecing… is addictive…..but it is also confusing at first to learn……so I think you are ‘normal’;-)

  48. Amanda Gilmore says:

    Congrats on your first paper pieced quilt! It is sooo intimidating. Also I’m totally adoring the picture with scrap smiling with her teeth out. I donmt know why but pictures of dog’s toothy grins just crack me up!

  49. Robin says:

    YAS!!!! Ok maybe I need this book. This is the first mini that I’ve wanted for permanent decor, like in a room that’s not a sewing room! Love it. Gorgeous and simply perfect. Slow clap.

    • Fireside Quilter says:

      Love the name of your pooch… he’s adorable💙💙💙 Love the subtle colours of your mini… I need to try this paper piecing too!!!

  50. Liz says:

    This mini quilt is Gorgeous! And I want to make it in your same fabrics for my daughter’s new apt. She wants some “peachy” accents.
    I did my very first paper piecing this past fall when I made VioletCrafts elephant quilt. I can’t believe I tackled it but a young woman who is like another daughter to me went to Thailand to visit elephants and when I saw pix of her with them I knew I had to try to make it.
    My hints are : take your time and cut the fabric overly large.
    And if I can do paper piecing anyone can, believe me.
    Thank you for all your inspiration.

  51. C says:

    Pretty! It’s nice to see you trying new things. I’m terrible at paper piecing but this year I’m trying to work at it.

  52. Cindy G says:

    Paper piecing should be in everyone’s bag of tricks. I have done my share!! I’m digging into my stash of handdyes more frequently because I dyed them myself!!!! I guess they were to precious to cut🤔

  53. Sue Hall says:


    Love your new fabric and this gorgeous pattern! I’ve never tried paper piecing either. Now, after many decades of quilting, your story has me ready to rock it!! Thanks for sharing💕

  54. Julie says:

    Thanks for this post! Paper piecing is definitely an area I’ve been intimidated by and I also struggle to follow the rule so this should help me get my butt in gear!

  55. Katie McNamara says:

    I’m in love… I need this book! Only recently started my quilting journey but I’m already obsessed!! I’ve learnt a lot from your blog Suzy so thank you for the never ending inspiration x

  56. Simone says:

    I’m a new owner of a Bernina, slowly working on my quilting. Just finished a beautiful bear top that I’m in love with!
    I’m terrified of paper piecing but also intrigued enough to try it 🙂

  57. Diane says:

    Love the colors of your Zia Mini and love the original, too. I have this book on my wish list. I’ve tried a few versions of paper piecing and like using the freezer paper method best – that way I don’t have to rip the paper off at the end.

  58. Tammy says:

    This is a great pattern for a first-timer! I did a very small Christmas ornament for my first attempt. Came out great and I love the technique. Bigger is easier though! The water tip is great to help get the paper removed! Can’t wait to make this one. Love your sidekick!

  59. Aloha Brokopp says:

    So many wonderful patterns and beautiful ideas… I love this Blog! Time to buckle down and choose a project! Wish you’d come back to Ohio to teach again:) so much fun!

  60. Amy says:

    I have a stack of blocks that I have paper pieced, using my scraps and different white on white fabrics for the background. I love making these blocks when I have just a little time or want a break from other projects. Eventually, I’ll have a quilt filled with fun fabrics I’ve used through the years. I am using Missouri Star’s Wacky Web template and Jenny’s Periwinkle Quilt tutorial and foundation papers. This goes together beautifully and is great for a beginner like me!

  61. Mary D says:

    Hooray for you. You didn’t let a little something like you paper piecing keep you from powering through and creating a beautiful mini. Now you have another skill to add to your quilting belt. I still do not love PP but I do love the sharp results it creates.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  62. Mindy says:

    Way to be brave!!! I love seeing women get out of their comfort zones to learn new things! It gives me courage. 💪🏻 You totally rocked it too!!!! 🙌🏻

  63. Angela Coleman says:

    Beautiful job on your first paper piecing try. My favorite tip is to always trim each piece to 1/4” before adding the next piece. Seems silly I know but the extra fabric in the seem allowance can put your accuracy off just a bit.

  64. Kathy E. says:

    Suzy, you certainly did nail the paper-piecing technique! Are you hooked? I’ve made a few projects using PP, but it’s not my favorite and each time I go back to it, it’s almost like starting over. It does give exact detail and that’s what I like! What’s new with me? About the best thing is that I’m down 17 pounds since the first of January! That makes me feel wonderful! Oh, and I’m willing to get out my PP skills from the closet and try my hand at the mini!

  65. Emily K says:

    2018 is the year of new techniques for me (tackling curved piecing now!) so I’d love to get my hands on this book to try paper piecing too!

  66. Jill B says:

    Never tried paper piecing, but would love to learn something new. By the way, your tutorial of sewing a hanging sleeve for quilts is my go to, it’s my preferred way to hang a quilt and your instructions were easy to follow.

  67. elizabeth rehmer says:

    I love this mini! And I LOOOOVE paper piecing. I was also terrified to try it, but once you see the preciseness it is addicting! This book looks beautiful and I’m excited to follow a new inspiration on ig!

  68. Jeanne says:

    Just starting the Siena starburst qal… but surprising my daughter, because she is doing it too, but doesn’t know *I* am!

  69. Donna Lee says:

    Just love the colors and your fabric designs! the straight line quilting is perfect! Great job! My newest food “discovery” is smashed Brussel sprouts! Yummo! Winning this book would be awesome!

  70. Denise says:

    My first paper pieces project was a kit of 3 mini birdhouses. Smaller in scale does not make it easier. Then I did jelliquilts heart with regular computer paper but was hooked. I then found out about the paper made for this and love it even more. I did a crafts design shamrock for my sons irish girlfriend. So many pieces but so loved it. I am hooked! I’d send a pic if I could!!

  71. Sue M says:

    The projects in their book remind me of a favorite trio to Santa Fe and other parts of New Mexico … so very beautiful and so different from the Pacific Northwest. I want to go back!! And I LOVE to paper piece – my last one was an old fashioned coffee percolator that I made into a table topper for a friend. So fun!

  72. Kit says:

    Thanks for the fun blog post in this new book and yourjump into paper piecing! I’ve just gotten into it too and love how sharp the corners turn out. I’m a rebel too with using regular old computer paper 🙂

  73. Tamara Gingerich says:

    Congratulations on your fabric! I just posed the question on IG on how I missed you announcing that you are designing fabric then I had an ‘AH HA’ moment… Go check her latest newsletter! Duh! How fun and exciting on many fronts for you…fabric design, paper piecing and overall just being so talented! Love following you, love this mini!

  74. Dita says:

    I still yet have to try paper piecing. A lot that I see look really complicated and hard! This one actually looks do-able! (But it still scares me)

  75. Mary T. says:

    I never thought about dampening the paper I’ve pieced with water could make it easier to tear! Have to try that asap. Thanks for tat tip!

  76. Lindsay says:

    Suzy! I love your blog! You bring such a fun spirit to the world of sewing and I love it! This is such a sweet mini quilt! I recently challenged myself to try some paper piecing too! It was completely intimidating to me in the beginning but after I tried it and watched several tutorials I decided it wasn’t too bad!

  77. Heather says:

    I am somewhat new to the quilting world, and I love these paper piecing projects so much! These patterns are beautiful. You make it look so easy! You’re inspiring, beautiful, and so fun.

  78. blg2240 says:

    After over 25 years of quilting I’m in the process of learning to paper piece. Seeing a gorgeous pattern and then reading “paper pieced” I’d feel sad that I couldn’t make that quilt, quite honestly paper piecing scares the bejeebers out of me. However there are so many patterns that I love I’ve decided that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I’m not into modern quilts for the most part, but I love yours and the mini is just too much to pass up. Thank you for helping a 77 years old quilter have confidence to try something new. You are a major talent and I am a big fan.

  79. K says:

    Hi Suzy !

    I too just dipped my toes into paper-piecing — I finished the paper-pieced Center block for green bee pattern’s Marcelle medallion quilt. Would totally try out the Zia mini were I lucky enough to win! :]

  80. Karen B. says:

    Love this little wall hanging! I live in the southwest (NM) and love her colors and patterns. Need to practice paper piecing though.

  81. Kellye says:

    I’m so excited about this book too, your quilt looks wonderful! I’ve also not done foundation paper piecing (lots of English paper piecing, though, good for piecing on the sofa), I keep wanting to try, but getting distracted by the 1 billion things I need to finish before I start new projects. Thank for the chance to win the book! xx

  82. Stephanie D says:

    Ooh girl. I feel you on the brain melting aspects of paper piecing. But once a few blocks go by, it was like,oh OK. And I’m still not very perfect at the scant 1/4 inch seam, so the precision of cutting it at the end is a huge bonus for me! The quilt is gorgeous and the dog is TOO MUCH CUTE.

  83. Katie says:

    Was just talking with my mum about being tempted to dive into paper piecing! Still borrowing her cutting mat and rotary cutter.. currently to make a quillow for her!! haha.. But loving learning more every day. Thanks for the chance, really excited to check out this book!

  84. Anita says:

    Paper piecing hasn’t been one of my favorite techniques, but after reading through the comments, I think I’ll order some paper made specifically for paper piecing and give it another chance. I enjoy your blog: beautiful photos, cheerful and honest writing, and of course Scrappy!

  85. Alice says:

    I never read the directions first, either. Where’s the challenge in that? 😉 I’ve had some disasters but also tried a lot of stuff I’ve never would have otherwise.

  86. Lupe says:

    So excited for this opportunity and learning from you and other quilters. I enjoy your posts and videos. Thank you!! ❤

  87. Kristen says:

    Scrappy matches so nicely. I’ve done a tiny bit of paper piecing. I’m not a super precise person so it was a struggle!

  88. Shannon says:

    It looks amazing! I love the quilt design and I love how you used your fabrics! Woot woot for learning new skills and nailing it! Now, pretty please, be a pal and pick my name to win the book 😉

  89. Lauren says:

    You make it look so easy! I’ve always wanted to start paperpiecing, but definitely avoid it because of fear! Your fabric is gorgeous!!! 😍😍

  90. Laurie says:

    Once your block is all sewn and the paper is still on, you can stretch the block on the diagonals and it will help pop the paper off the stitches. It makes it a lot easier to take the paper off!

  91. Jane says:

    Thinking of making a southwest modern for our home in Palm Springs! Please come live with me (bring Scrap) and we can make it together! 🤣

  92. Tamara says:

    I love your sweet quilt. I haven’t tried paper piecing, but I have purchased the paper for doing it; I have the fabric set aside for the quilt…and there it sits on the chair in the sewing sanctuary. You inspire me to focus and get busy with this quilt! XOXO

  93. Maryanne Wilson says:

    I have you beat— quilting since 1985 and just tried paper piecing. I found it challenging and my Sean ripper became my new best friend
    But I would definitely do another one!!!

  94. Ashley Pierce says:

    Girl you know I love a good book! Nailed it, INDEED! Maybe you should try new things more often if they’re going to come out like this! I’m falling more and more in love with how you use quilts to decorate your house…hhmmm next project inspiration? I finished piecing my Flyaway top last week, popping out today to get backing. I’ll post/send a photo soon!

  95. Kathy says:

    Well done!! High five for diving into paper piecing! I’ve been doing it for a few years and I gotta say, I LUV it! It feeds the perfectionist in me and gives me goosebumps every time I look at the perfectly matched points. I was wimpy at first, but not anymore, I say bring it on! ha! Don’t you love Spoonflower?! I designed quilt labels (including brief care instructions) and they turned out great! I give them to my quilting clients as a little thank you for letting me quilt their treasures. 🙂

  96. Rachael says:

    I love the fabric! And I can’t wait to try paper piecing and take a look inside this book. Inspiration is everywhere!

  97. Andrea Donnan says:

    I have been scared to try it as well! What a refreshing and hilarious written blog! I’m gonna try it now, thanks to you!

  98. Yvonne says:

    My first foray into paper piecing was a marine’s compass. It’s been a while since I’ve done one but this looks fun and amazing!!

  99. Mary Reyngoudt says:

    I love the Southwest motif and have had this book in my Amazon cart for a week now. I’ll wait one more day to purchase it, just in case I’m the lucky winner.

  100. W Marshall says:

    Yay! I am so excited! I’ve been wanting to try paper piecing because it looks really satisfying to get such precise lines and points. And this is the year I want to try new Quilty things!

  101. Susan Stanton says:

    I’m so interested in this book because I live in Texas too and I’m so interested in the southwest influence on all quilty things!

  102. Danielle says:

    Hello! I use a Daylight company Wafer Lightbox to paper piece. It helps me line up the fabric exactly as I want it. P.S. I love your color selection for this mini quilt.

  103. Hillary Bryant says:

    Ahhh this makes me want to rush out & try paper piecing today! It is on my list of goals for the year. First up is practicing free motion quilting now that I finally upgraded my machine, but between 3 jobs finding the time is now my new mission 😜 You gave me the push I needed to try hand quilting so maybe this is all I needed to try paper piecing!

  104. Crystal Dooley says:

    Never tried paper piecing, but totally want to! Currently working on my sister’s Birthday quilt that was supposed to be done in January!

  105. Tess Bossert says:

    Introduced to paper piecing by my 87 year young aunt. I love it! Starting with a mini project is a winner! Thank you Aunt June!🌷

  106. Rhona says:

    I have been paper piecing for about 4 years now , l love it, but hate ripping out the papers, everything comes out so accurate. I love the colors you used on your mini and scrappy looks like she loves it also, l would really like to see the projects in this book would love to win it.

  107. Renee says:

    I LOVE FPP! I jumped in feet first with my first project: Violet Craft’s LION! I made some mistakes but I learned a lot and I am totally hooked. Would you consider making those patterns in the future?

  108. Anneli says:

    Thanks for lovely giveaway! I just finished a scrappy quilt. I like paper piecing and I also use a computer paper with stitch 1,5 for me it works great!

  109. Lexie says:

    What a beautiful mini! I always feel like I waste so much fabric paper piecing, but it may be time to give it another try.

  110. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! This book looks amazing! I’m always too nervous to try out paper piecing so it would be awesome motivation. Normally too busy working on unfinished quilts 😬

  111. Barb says:

    I’m getting fabric donations and making catnip padded mats for local cat shelters and cat sanctuary’s! I may make some mats for dogs as well depending on the fabric donations!

  112. Sydney Schatz says:

    The name interested me because I love anything southwest. The colors soothe me. Haven’t done much paper piecing but willing to try again.

  113. Zanymouse says:

    I avoided paper piecing for 12 years until Quilt Con ’18, when I took a class from Sarah Bond and was forced to face my fears of paper, my needle becoming dull because of paper, and the worst, wasted fabric. It’s not as if I don’t have enough fabric to last me until I’m 280 years old, but still! Fast forward to this week. I am in the process of quilting my third pp project, a cute little hanging sloth by @krankykangaroo. I. am. hooked.

  114. Jennie Goodman says:

    I recently tried paper piecing too and loved it! I am really glad I got the add a quarter ruler and folded and trimmed as I went. It was so satisfying. I made way more flying geese than I needed. I may make a bunch of minis with them:) thanks for all your beautiful posts!

  115. Jill B says:

    I have only done a very little paper piecing, but have been soooo pleasantly surprised at the precision it gives! I’m really looking forward to this book!

  116. Machelle says:

    Thanks for cracking me up. I am an experienced sewist( I think that is a word!) Started at age 8. Made a quilt at age 17. Fast forward many many years and quilts later…I confess I too have an irrational fear of paper piecing! It seems upside down and backwards to me. Thanks for the inspiration. Now it’s time for me to put on my big girl pants and just try it!

  117. Kari says:

    Never even heard of paper piecing… crazy!! Very exciting thought! Currently hoarding fabric for some fun baby quilts.. and making pressed flower jewelry. Always in the mood to try something new! 😉

  118. Kassandra says:

    You have seriously inspired me to get into quilting! Thank you for all of the helpful information on your blog and your Instagram. I can’t wait to try out this new paper piecing style. 🙂

  119. Vanessa says:

    Suzy! Seriously such a gorgeous mini quilt! Wow. I really am working on choosing more refined and complimentary colours but you are my constant inspo. I can’t wait to see your fabric collection in its entirety. I hope I win so I can get busy trying out her designs 😍

  120. Carol Womack says:

    This is a really beautiful quilt. I, too, am trying to expand my skillset and my solution is to make SMALLER projects.
    Thank you for enticing me to join Instagram, finally.

  121. Frieda Tong says:

    One of the things I found difficult when I first learned to paper piece was how to fold the paper before you attach the next piece. I found a tip somewhere to use a piece of cardstock, something like a postcard would work, and to fold the paper-piecing paper over the postcard, trim the seam allowances, then match the next piece of fabric on that newly cut edge.

  122. Margaret says:

    I am eating taquitos and watching friends while planning out my next quilt aka the best way to spend a Saturday. IMO. Super excited about this book!

  123. Mei Christensen says:

    Learning paper piecing has been on my to-learn list for a while too! Would love to try out this project!

  124. Sarah says:

    Paper piecing sounds soooo hard….then I tried it and thought “That’s it?!” much easier than expected. It has been awhile and this looks like the perfect project to test my skills. Happy Sewing!

  125. Leah Pearl orchard says:

    Paper piecing scares the cuss outa me as well. I wanna learn, but I think I need someone by my side to show me how!

  126. Danniey says:

    Yes! This! Been quilting and sewing for years and made it a goal to learn paper piecing this year. PLUS these would go great with my saguaro cactus minis I’ve been making! 😍😍😍

  127. Mara says:

    I like paper piecing and use regular computer paper but I do rip out the seam allowance after making sure the corners are pinned correctly and matching and I use lots of clover clips: )

  128. Shannon says:

    Like you, I’ve always been scared to try paper piecing! I’ll find an amazing pattern, fall in love with it, only to find out it involves paper piecing. The horror! Your sewing bravery has inspired me to try something new (I also fear being bad at something after years spent mastering the skill of regular piecing) and I would LOVE for this mini to be my first paper piecing adventure! Your blog is fantastic, you inspire me to try new things and always make me laugh. Thank you for being you aka the mom to adorable Scraps!!

  129. Lisa jJohnson says:

    Use hemostats to remove the papers! It works great! I really want one of these books! Love watching your stories

  130. Laura says:

    I love that started with a smaller piece. Every time I see a La Passa Caglia Quilt I want to take yo paper piecing but probably shouldn’t start there 😂.

  131. Julie A Craven says:

    I need a new wallet/bag for spring. I searched high and low on line and brick and mortar. Nothing that fit what I am looking for, so……… I am in the middle of designing my own. On my third try and I think this one will be a winner.

  132. Hilary says:

    Congratulations! This came out so beautifully! I’m currently working on my own first paper pieced quilt, so I understand the nerves. 😬

  133. Barbara says:

    Your quilt is beautiful. I too have kept putting off making a paper-pieced project since I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it.
    But Suzy, if you can learn it and do it so well, well, so can I. Why, why, are we so scared of jumping into something new?
    But i know, once started, I’ll be good to go, I think, I hope.

  134. Tammy Wiens says:

    I have not tried paper piecing. I have been thinking about it though! I think you did a great job and You fabric is beautiful. I also like your dog!

  135. Ru says:

    After months of lurking on your instagram, I just finished my first quilt (of my own design too)! You’re a huge inspiration and I would love love to learn paper piecing the way you did 😉

  136. Genevieve C says:

    Hey Suzy, I’m just like you, a big sissy, when it comes to paper piecing. Your a lot better sewer than I am. I tried a santa knome once & he kinda looked like a crooked totem pole. lol I would love to win this book so I can redeem myself & try to learn how to make them right. Thanks for the video & the contest!

  137. Megan says:

    There were already so many quilts out of this book that I want to make, and your quilt just added another. Beautifully done!

  138. Theresa says:

    My first (and only) paper piecing was done for my (still in progress) Sarah Fielke Down the Rabbit Hole Quilt. I’m happy to have learned it because I found some sweet paper piecing patterns to make the “Rudolph” characters, including the Bumble. I’m a huge Bumble fan!

  139. Alyson says:

    Such a pretty mini. Great seeing it in the salmon colorway. I just did paper piecing last week and it was fun to see you had similar feelings, but the finish is so nice! I’d love to try this book.

  140. Vicky F says:

    Pretty little quilt! I find I need to relearn paper piecing every time I go back to it. Which makes it seem new each time! Not a good thing

  141. Andrea says:

    I (mostly) love paper piecing. I learned it early in and I didn’t upgrade my machine from my starter machine until this year. So precision was always an issue and paper piecing was so amazing and accurate! The only thing I don’t like is it is time consuming….and I already take forever on quilts! I’m so looking forward to this book….the patterns look awesome! And awesome job 👏 it looks great!

  142. P.J. Miller says:

    I’d love to win this book. (And I love paper piecing, too…sewing on the line and not worrying about 1/4” seams? What’s not to love!)

  143. Patricia McCormick says:

    I look forward to your posts… I’m trying to get back into quilting after a many year break …. work, life raise a child etc… really it’s a time management issue but that’s my story.. I love this quilt and maybe a little project would be perfect to dust off the old quilting skills and learn new ones like paper piecing. Thank you and. my Scottie would love to hang out with dog

  144. Laura Buchanan says:

    You so inspire me! I was giggling when you signed up for a quilt class and found out it was paper piecing!! Yep!! Just signed up for a BOM at my local quilt store, first block, yep you guessed it…paper piecing! Onward we go!!!

  145. Effie says:

    i bought some awesome kelly green fabric with teal tigers on it, not going into a quilt project but a sweet bean bag chair for my little dude. plus this book looks mighty rad!

  146. Cassie Charbonneau says:

    Hi hello!!
    I love love love paper piecing! The first time I attempted it, I sat staring at the pattern and the instructions FOREVVVVERRR! But once I watch a few YouTube videos and figures the whole process out, I absolutely fell in love with it.

  147. Eliza says:

    Great job! I recently had my first go at paper piecing and it messed with my brain, but I’m getting there…. I used standard computer paper too, I guess I’ll be making use of the spray bottle with water tip shortly!

    • Wendy says:

      Hahaha – I got suckered into buying a ridiculously expensive package of “paper piecing paper” at my quilt shop and could have laughed when I opened it and realized that it is just thin, newsprint quality gray paper. I am thinking that one could use a pad of kids paper from the craft isle (the thin greyish stuff) and save a bundle. Cheaper than computer paper and probably not too hard to find. Have fun!

  148. Cindy DeLacey says:

    I’m loving that mini quilt the colors are so dreamy. I would be happy to add that book to my collection. Right now I’m working on some baby quilts, seems like everyone is having a baby!

  149. Cristina says:

    Hope I win! I am totally crushing on all your quilts! You’ve done beautiful quilts and you are SO good on your color choices!!! ✨❤️✂️

  150. Zenna says:

    Currently in the wilderness with no sewjo but this is just beautiful. Love your colour palette! It is so hot here that my current food obsession is green juice iceblocks (do you call them ice lollies?).

  151. Hannah says:

    I’ve been procrastinating on the whole paper piecing train for literally every reason you said 😂 but this does make me ready to jump on in!

  152. Amy Jerome says:

    I have been avoiding paper piecing like I avoid chiggers. The trouble! The intimidation! The itching! (Well maybe those are just chiggers.) I have my eyes on Southwest Modern since its pre-pub days and your willingness to give paper piecing is an inspiration. Maybe it’s time I give it a go.

  153. sandra vitiello says:

    Love quilts from Southwest Modern. Your wall hanging is beautiful with your fabric. I did your Maypole pattern in purple batiks. Retro Plaid are his and hers. One in homespun and the other in florals. Fish Net is in the wings. I still have the three to bind. Thank you for the inspiration.

  154. Julia says:

    You are the best! Don’t you ever doubt your abilities as there’s nothing you can’t accomplish! And I don’t even know you, just Instagram know you! Keep up all the beautiful work! You’re truly an inspiration. ❤️

  155. Lisa Hamann says:

    Wonderful first attempt. I can still remember my first mini with paper piecing. My points weren’t as accurate as yours but I was just as excited. I love paper piecing and wish everyone would give it a go. Once you’re past the first join, you’re ok 🙂

  156. Susan says:

    I’m high fiving ya with a you go girl. I love paper piecing and use copy paper. I know I know they say not to and yes paper piecing paper works better but I’d rather spend my money on fabric and it’s like copy paper is a necessity and staple. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  157. janet says:

    i am so happy that you took the dive into paper piecing … i love it. carol doak books and patterns was my teacher…your choice of pattern and fabric was perfect for a beginner. i love the look of southwest colors…turquoise, corals, sky, sand, red rocks…my mom is in arizona and so different from my current home state of nj. i have my fingers crossed for winning this wonderful book. thank you for the generous book and sharing your experience…i look forward to your sharing your future projects. janet [email protected]

  158. Melanie says:

    Your blog and Instagram posts always make me smile!! I’m fairly new to quilting and paper piecing looks very intimidating, but…… after reading this I might give it a go. Your result is just gorgeous!

  159. Kim says:

    This is lovely! I’m a fan of its home on your wall. I would have never guessed that was your first paper piecing piece!

  160. Elizabeth says:

    Ok, these tips make a lot of sense since I tried doing some paper piecing last weekend to pretty meh results.
    I love your patterns. My Nordic looking bead spread is almost all hand quilted! Probably two more nights of tv and working on it before I can bind it.

  161. Nancy says:

    Loved the paper piecing tutorial! Now I too am no longer chicken lol!
    Southwest Modern?!! Love Kristi’s quilts!
    Just finished another Suzy Quilts pattern and love them!!
    Currently working on “Beads” a raw edge appliqué pattern of Emma Jean Jansen. Since I’m only a year and a half into quilting I keep pushing myself to try new techniques to challenge me. You can teach an old gal new tricks! 😂

  162. Karen Caves says:

    I adore paper piecing…..and you should check out the paper-less paper piecing technique. So cool….and no paper ripping. 💗👍🏽

  163. Sandie Cornish says:

    Love your Zia Mini & looks like your furry friend does too! Never tried paper piecing before – Now it’s definitely on my bucket list! x

  164. Mary says:

    Hey! I’m just learning how to quilt and I love it so far!! Learned the Ohio star, card trick, an one other today. I’m a new follower but I love your quilts!

  165. lindak21 says:

    Your mini is pretty fantastic! Paper piecing looks so great in that it’s so very accurate. I do want to try it.

  166. Bridget says:

    Your mini looks beautiful! I loved Craftsy’s beginner paper piecing class and still refer to it EVERY TIME I start a new project. Why is the first part so confusing??

  167. Anna Mendenhall says:

    Just finished the bird watching quilt and moved on to the hexi stripe quilt! I making one for my chronically ill friend ( she doesn’t know) she spends a lot of time in bed .I know a bright hexi quilt will cheer her right up 😊

  168. Felie Hempfling says:

    What a gorgeous mini! I love paper piecing and actually have a project I’m working on that’s paper pieced. I’m totally going to try spraying the paper to make it easier to rip!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this book!

  169. Linda Mee says:

    I just did a heart mini quilt that was paper pieced and really enjoyed it. Moving onto a bunny quilt next. Would love to try the Zia Mini, just need more time in my day😉

  170. Dottie says:

    I can use all the help i can get for paper piecing…….I have the same mental block now as i did 10 years years ago and since it seems like a lot of fiddly work, i need to be dragged kicking and screaming to try it….yet again. I do like this color combination and the sharpness of the piecing 🤗🤗🤗

  171. Jeifner says:

    For paper piercing: if you have a big piece of fabric that will flop around unless you use a bunch of pins… flatten it out to where it needs to be, then do a quick stitch/backstitch in the seam allowance. When you tear the paper off it pops right off and in the mean time it all stays in place.

  172. Julie says:

    Your Zia is very pretty! Currently, I’m working on piecing my first quilt that I’ve designed! That’s fin and adventurous, right? I walked into Modern Quilt in Phoenix while I was visiting my daughter and her family and I fell in love with Blushinging Peonies right away, bought it on the spot. I had no pattern to go with it so I designed my own! Thanks for the chance to win this book. I’ll probably give it to my daughter because she loves modern quilting so much and she’s the one that inspired me to begin quilting.

  173. Vicki says:

    I love the colours you’ve chosen. Gorgeous! Thanks for letting us know what they are to save on asking. (on a side note, is there any way to get rid of the advertising banner at the bottom of the page? It moves up and down as I scroll(using my iPad) and is making me feel sea-sick.)

  174. Karen Diedrich says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all the great tips and tricks that you do! I also just want to say, keep being you! I just love your sense of humor and all your funny stories on Instagram. 😊

  175. Jenny says:

    Love this! I’ve never done paper piecing and have wanted to try it but don’t know where to start… this would be amazing to win!!

  176. Melanie says:

    I LOVED your thoughts on paper piecing! They are mine too ;)…though I just gave it another go last week and it worked!

  177. T. Johnson says:

    Very nice table runner. I follow you on Instagram and your are one of my favs especially Scrap.. I have been quilting and wishing to quilt for 18 years 🙃 also have a lot of UFO’s.. Modern’s are great too!!! Thanks.

  178. Angela purrenhage says:

    I do love learning new patterns! I seem to end up doing a lot of paper piecing and always for other people. When leftvto my own devices though I always go improv which I guess would be the opposite, lol.

  179. Amy Caldwell says:

    I really need to learn paper piecing. I dont know why it intimidates me, but loving your post. May have to give it a shot. Thanks for sharing your beautiful project and for the chance to win.

  180. Lillie Pardo says:

    It’s good to conquer your fears and try something new! You have a wonderful eye for color, and I love the palette you chose for the Zia Mini! Your dog Scrap is so photogenic too.

  181. Kristal says:

    I enjoy your blog. I’m a recent paper piecing convert. I love the creative PP patterns available and had to jump in last year, only to discover PP is as addictive as “regular” quilting.

  182. Pauline C says:

    Thanks for all the paper piecing tips – I need to throw myself in and do some. And this book, it’s on my shopping list, those quilts are to die for!

  183. Judy says:

    I’ve been sewing for many years but just recently took up quilting and would love to try the paper piecing technique!

  184. Christine Kackman says:

    Love love love this pattern and the colors. I have done one project with paper piecing, so hope I can do it!!

  185. Jo Ivens says:

    I just bought myself a new sewing machine and I can’t wait to get to try it out properly! I did a quick HST block yesterday with some unattractive fat quarters, and it’s going to be a dream to use. Even though it’s Mother’s Day here in the UK, I don’t think I’m going to get a chance to spend any time with it today *sigh*

  186. Fran says:

    I was hugely intimidated by paper piecing too & only tried it once I signed to a quilting bee – a bit like you, I didn’t realise that it would be a skill that was needed. But I’m a huge fan of it now & it’s so good to learn new stuff, even when you think you don’t want to, lol!

  187. Kathryn says:

    I love your mini quilt so much! I’ve been following InitalK for a while now & been looking forward to this book for months! Thanks for the giveaway.

  188. Alanna says:

    I love that this is your first time actually paper piecing but that you had a previous blog post about paper piecing tips and tricks already. haha I’ve done it with tracing paper (where I traced the pattern on with penicl-ugh time consuming) and regular printer paper. How do you print onto freezer paper? Do you have to trace the pattern on?

  189. Barbara Wood says:

    I had to laugh when I started reading this because your words echoed what goes on in my brain whenever a pattern includes those dreaded words “paper piecing.”! Those words strike fear in my heart. Also, I do admit that I’m a lazy quilter and paper piecing always sounds like a lot of work to me. You have given me courage. Your quilt is so cute that I don’t think I can resist trying it. Thanks for always being so inspiring.

  190. Tiffany says:

    This is so great! The fabric you designed looks wonderful 🙂 I’ve done some paper piecing when I was first starting out but it would be so much fun to revisit it!
    Thanks for sharing your work!

  191. Sarah L says:

    I have made one paper piecing project, and I too was surprised at the accuracy of my piecing! But I guess that’s the point, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I still consider myself a newbie, but would love to try new things from this book!

  192. Krystal says:

    I’ve wanted to try paper piecing too but what’s stopping me?… fabric waste. I just can’t stand the thought to loosing so much precious fabric using this method. I hope I’m wrong because the preciseness is 👌🏻

  193. Tylene says:

    Your journey to completion is encouraging!! I’m in the midst of selecting my first quilt item!! So excited to start but hoping it comes out well.

  194. Jeanine K says:

    Given that a.) I’ve just started quilting and b.) I’m planning a move to Santa Fe in the near future, I am loving this book! If I don’t win the giveaway, I’m still going to buy it. ☺️

  195. Jan says:

    Love your mini! I ran screaming from paper piecing until this year when I decided I’m old enough (70) to try something new. I’m halfway through Jinny Beyers Kashmir b/c why not plunge right in, and I love it! Should have done this years ago, some of my other quilts might have looked better.

    • Wendy says:

      Yep, me too! It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks and I like you decided it was worth the struggle and am so glad that I did. Besides, screaming started to hurt my throat and I am too tired to keep running from the room…:-)

  196. Shaena says:

    I don’t have any paper piecing tips b/c I just made my first entire quilt from a paper piecing pattern but….I was wondering if there were any out there about how best not to waste soooo much fabric. I tried my best with my little light table. I just felt like I used so much extra or had so many little pieces to throw away. Also, I love chocolate brownies….boring, maybe but sooo yummy!

  197. June says:

    Your colors are beautiful. Great that you have added paper piecing to your skill set.

    Food: I just found out that our Ralph’s Grocery has started carrying Pre+Prep meals. They are sort of what I think Blue Apron is, but since you just pick up at the store can be last minute decision! We have tried five different recipes, then that inspired me to follow a Rachael Ray Lemon Chicken recipe, and to make pizza from scratch. So it’s been a fun new thing. Going to pick up a few more Pre+Prep meals today.

    Projects: I’m being pretty good with keep up with Leah Day’s Exploring Walking Foot Quilting and Alida’s Starry Bright Sky QAL. Every week it seems I receive a new challenge to complete! It’s been fun.

    Thanks for the chance.

  198. Terri Sawyer says:

    Your points are perfect!! I, too am totally afraid to try new techniques. You have given me the courage to try this. Thank you, Suzy!!

    • Wendy says:

      No no no – don’t be afraid! If I can do it, anybody can! The struggle is real, but it opens a whole new realm of quilting possibilities! And don’t forget, try and have fun. Thats what its all about!

  199. Jill says:

    Suzy, I made your triangle quilt , the Bayside quilt and just finishing a second Warrior quilt. I’m wondering if I could’ve used paper piecing for those triangles or if the pattern is designed specifically for paper piecing??
    You’ve totally gotten me interested in Modern quilts and encouraged me (although you didn’t know it) to want to quilt my own quilts as well as try different fabrics. I want to make a denim quilt top at some point. Working gets in the way. Learning something new is so good for our brains.
    Thanks for awesome blogs and tips.

  200. Wendy says:

    Oh my gosh – I am feelin’ you on this one! I went to Quilt-Con and treated myself to a really cute pattern but when I got it home and realized that it involved extensive paper piecing my heart dropped! Nevertheless I couldn’t stomach the idea that I had wasted $12 on a pattern, so I went for it. I literally spent about 20 hours over the course of the past 3 weeks trying to figure this out and I think I FINALLY got it. I watched videos over and over, asked quilter friends, sewed, ripped stitches out, sewed, tore things apart again and again but and went back at it. It became my personal Mt. Everest but I did it!!! I don’t think it would take the average bear nearly as much time as I took but I had a mental block, much like the days when I was struggling to learn my multiplication table. So don’t let the fear win – go for it. And there is nothing like the feeling of success when you have worked so hard to learn something. Makes the success that much sweeter!!!

  201. Ganaa says:

    Wow you have eye for color combination 😍 beautiful!!! I have a lot planned this month. But I have not started any yet😬😭 anyways! Today today today I will start! 😊

  202. Sherrylyn says:

    Gorgeous mini! I’ve paper-pieced a few times and ripped out a few times. I will have to get some 20lb paper because I just used what was in the printer and it was a heck of a job removing the backing!! On my table is a baby quilt, a table topper and about 10 more UFO’s including some quilt tops that I need to put on the long arm but I am so scared of trying that!! I bought a used machine and she’s been to the shop and well, just call me chicken little and getting back to her, so instead I decided to renovate two rooms for sewing…now slowly getting them finished. MAJOR PROCRASTINATOR & Scaredy cat here.

  203. Courtney Fail says:

    This looks beautiful! I JUST made my first quilt last summer, and haven’t started on a second yet, as I sew more clothing, but I love following you and reading your posts. I am really looking forward to deciding on a second quilting pattern. Looking forward to browsing the Southwest Modern book.
    Ps. – I didn’t even know what paper piecing was until I read this post.

  204. Shannon Y. says:

    Oh man … paper piecing is on my list but I haven’t had the courage to do it yet. What a great project, though! And the crafting/sewing/quilting rabbit hole continues …

  205. Diane says:

    Crushing on any of April Rhodes for Art Gallery fabrics (Arizona After, Arizona, Bound).
    Cool you learned to paaper piece…I’m a novice at it but keep on going on!

  206. Patricia Draa says:

    I too am very intimidated by paper piecing. I am sure I won’t get it! After reading your tips. I will try again!

  207. desiree bell says:

    I need to make this! I’m a self taught quilter and have only been sewing for 3 years, but when I saw Violet Craft’s abstract lion, I knew I at least needed to buy and save the pattern for my husband. Despite being totally scared and confused, I just watched one of her youtube vids and five minutes later had a crazy block done. I too used computer weight paper (I think Violet prefers it too) and sewed a short stitch length. I also back stitched places as I pieced the top, anywhere that I felt nervous about it staying together. Other tips I learned were using a Add a Quarter ruler, glueing the first piece of fabric on for each block (so it is easy to work with lining up the next piece), using a pin to line up points perfectly when piecing two blocks together then using wonder clips to keep it all in place (and easier to sew). Happy Sewing!

  208. Glo says:

    I love paper piecing! When removing the (yes) computer paper, I score the stitched line with my awl on a hard surface, like my kitchen counter. It softens the paper and is fairly easy to remove that way. Love your project!

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