A Quilty Adventure Part II: How to Sew with Double Gauze

The next stop in our Quilty Adventure is a good one: Double Gauze. (Check out Part I: Denim, if you missed it!) Double Gauze is the destination you see on a billboard while you’re driving down the highway and you’re like “STOP EVERYTHING WE’RE GOING.” It’s super intriguing, right? I’m with you. But you’re going […]

The New Horizons quilt pattern includes instructions for both fat quarters and limited-color yardage instructions. #modernquilt #quilt

New Horizons Quilt with Double Gauze

[…] all of the boxes for what I love in a quilt: Large pieces: These blocks are big and use large pieces of fabric making it perfect for double gauze and other scrumptious wovens! Beginner friendly: The blocks are made with only two beginner techniques. Looks harder than it is: Although the pattern uses one simple block, it achieves […]

How to make the softest baby quilt in the world! The answer is to quilt with double gauze and wool batting – a sewing tutorial on how to do both! #babyquiltpattern #quiltbindingtutorial

How to Make the Softest Baby Quilt in the World

[…] I knew that I could find something softer. Through writing about many different kinds of fabric in our Quilty Adventure, I discovered the sweet, delicate wonders of double gauze. Read more about the origins and special features of double gauze here – How to Sew with Double Gauze. Even though double gauze is very different than […]

The Maypole design is the fastest baby quilt pattern you can make! It's beginner friendly and made using large strips of fabric. #babyquilt #quilting

The Fastest Baby Quilt Pattern!

[…] pattern, it’s wonderfully versatile and allows you to use all different kinds of fabric other than typical quilting cotton. Have you been curious to try out flannel, double gauze, or maybe even knits? Ooooh baby, this quilt pattern is for you! I had a moment two weeks ago when I looked at a calendar and […]

Learn how to spruce up your fall wardrobe with this easy DIY patchwork infinity scarf photo tutorial! #sewingdiy #quilting

DIY Patchwork Infinity Scarf Tutorial

[…] infinity scarf.For the patchwork front of my scarf, I knew I was going to use primarily quilting cottons from my scrap bin. So I decided to use double gauze as my scarf backing material, for its loose drape and incredibly cuddly texture. This just left my center “batting” layer as my wild card, in terms […]

The Reflections pillow is a very fast project that is perfect for using scraps of fabric! This modern quilt pattern includes instructions for an 18-inch pillow and a 30-inch wall hanging.

A Moody Blue Reflections Pillow

[…] kinds of fabrics. We even went on a Quilty Adventure to discover how to sew with each one! How to Sew with Denim How to Sew with Double Gauze How to Sew with Wool How to Sew with Jersey How to Sew with Poplin How to Sew with Linen How to Sew with Lawn How […]

In the final week of the Starling quilt sew along we sew our star blocks together and finish the quilt top. I've got a video tutorial to help!

Starling Quilt Sew Along Week 6: Finish Quilt Top

[…] they have the highest thread count quilting cotton, thus making their fabric the softest.If you are comfortable machine quilting, why not explore a cuddly fabric like flannel, double gauze, or even minky!If you are hand quilting or tying the quilt, opt for a 100% natural fiber like quilting cotton, flannel, or double gauze. A longarm […]


How to Tie a Quilt…with a Modern Twist!

[…] duvets and love using them in tons of projects. You can see a few appearances in my Rocksteady quilt and free table runner tutorial. Connecting Fabric:Nani Iro Double Gauze (this isn’t where I got mine, but they sell a lot of Nani Iro) Background:Kona Bone How to Tie a Quilt After threading your needle with […]

This Ultimate Guide to Picking Fabric for a Quilt is packed with actionable steps and tools help you choose fabric with confidence.

Picking Fabric for a Quilt: Part 2 – Design & Color

[…] applique. All of the instructions are included in the pattern! Bohemian-Baby-Quilt The New Horizons quilt pattern uses large quilt blocks, making it the perfect quilt pattern for double gauze! The New Horizons quilt pattern uses large quilt blocks, making it the perfect quilt pattern for double gauze! New Horizons Bright New Horizons Bright In this […]