How to hand quilt in 3 easy steps! In this blog and video tutorial I'll list out all of the supplies you need and show you how simple hand quilting can be. Get this Bayside Quilt pattern and make your own!

How to Hand Quilt (with Video Tutorial!)

[…] who enjoy these SQ tutorials have been asking me to “finally write that tutorial!” Even though I’ve filmed many spontaneous Facebook live videos and IG stories about hand quilting, only now have I planted myself in a chair and filmed everything I know on how to hand quilt.  Writing this tutorial loomed large in my […]

How I Learned to Hand Quilt with the Mod Mountains Pattern: A fat quarter friendly design that lends itself to lots of creative interpretation. This pattern includes fabric requirements for queen/full, twin, throw and baby quilt sizes.

How I Learned to Hand Quilt with the Mod Mountains Pattern

[…] conclusion, I had to know for sure that I wasn’t just falling into my typical loosey goosey ways of sewing. I needed a quilt to practice my hand quilting, but I wasn’t committed enough to hand quilt the entire thing. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to design a quilt pattern that purposely interacted with […]

The Reflections quilt pattern is a beginner-friendly modern design that includes king, queen, full, twin, throw and baby quilt sizes.

The Reflections Quilt Pattern: A Modern Strip Quilt

[…] instant PDF download! The Reflections Wall Hanging & Pillow Extension pattern is also available. Shop here!I hold this quilt very dear to my heart. What started as hand quilting therapy to get through a miscarriage, ended with a birth announcement 8 months later. Thousands of stitches sewn through tears of pain and then tears of […]

Learn the 6 simple steps to straight line quilting, or as some call it, matchstick quilting. This is a great beginner quilter tutorial!

6 Tips for Straight Line Machine Quilting (a.k.a. Matchstick Quilting)

[…] Tools Fusible Batting Tape: Why You Need It and How to Use It. 8 Things You Never Knew About a Tailor’s Clapper 5 Types & Sizes of Hand Quilting Needles Must-Have Quilting Tools Learn the 6 simple steps to straight line quilting, or as some call it, matchstick quilting. This is a great beginner quilter […]

Week 6 is the final week of the Holiday Party quilt sew along! This week we assemble the quilt blocks and finish the top. #quiltalong #modernquilt

Holiday Party Quilt Sew Along Week 6: Assemble the Quilt Top

[…] quilt it yourself I suggest simple straight line quilting or, if you want to get a little fancy, machine quilt down the sashing and then add some hand quilting in the blocks. Here are some tutorials that will help: 6 Tips for Straight Line Machine Quilting (a.k.a. Matchstick Quilting) How to Hand Quilt (with Video […]

In week 4 of the Garland quilt sew along we assemble the strips to finish our quilt top! Watch this bonus tutorial video to help!

Garland Quilt Sew Along: Week 4 – Finish Quilt Top

[…] quilt top. Hand quilt it yourself. Someone recently commented on one of my Instagram posts that “Nobody hand quilts anymore.” Well call me Nobody then! I adore hand quilting and if I had the time, I would exclusively do it. If you have any interest in dabbling in hand quilting, this is a great quilt […]

The Voyage quilt sew along is a community experience! Let's make this modern quilt together - one week at a time. #quiltalong #quiltpattern

Voyage Quilt Sew Along Week 7: Finish Quilt Top

[…] no right or wrong way! You made a beautiful quilt, and your quilting will only enhance it, whether you go with straight lines, wavy lines, or even hand quilting. Labeling Your Quilt It’s so easy to forget this step! But the more you include making a label as part of your quilting process, the more […]

This quilt tying tutorial shows how to tie a quilt with yarn or embroidery thread. Quilt ties is an easy and fast way to finish a quilt. #quilting #quiltties

Quilt Tying Tutorial: How to Tie a Quilt with Yarn or Embroidery Thread

[…] thread, yarn or even tassels. Get creative in your color choices, use more than one yarn type, make clusters of multi-colored ties or use them alongside some hand quilting. The only constraint is that the quilt tie must be able to fit through the eye of a needle and the needle must be able to […]

The Quilt Alliance is one of five nonprofits Suzy Quilts is donating to in 2022. Learn more about their important mission to preserve quilt stories! #quilting

Suzy Quilts Gives Back: The Quilt Alliance

[…] year is the Quilt Alliance—one of the most vital and important organizations in the quilt world. As a Quilt Alliance board member myself, I have seen first- hand the impact of what this organization is able to do with just a staff of three and a team of volunteers!  With a focus on preserving […]