This quilt tying tutorial shows how to tie a quilt with yarn or embroidery thread. Quilt ties is an easy and fast way to finish a quilt. #quilting #quiltties

Quilt Tying Tutorial: How to Tie a Quilt with Yarn or Embroidery Thread

This quilt tying tutorial is the most beginner-friendly way to finish a quilt. If you are a new quilter, using yarn or embroidery thread and these simple steps will secure your quilt layers quickly, effectively and last but not least, beautifully. Even if you are not a new quilter, quilt ties can be a […]


How to Tie a Quilt…with a Modern Twist!

Learning how to tie a quilt, but with a modern twist is a great example of what we 21-century quilters are all about – honoring the past through imitation and transformation. Sometimes I dress Scrappy up as a pioneer dog by placing bonnets and adorable chihuahua-sized aprons on her. But do I make her sleepContinue Reading…

Make a Triangle Jitters Quilted Dog bed with this free tutorial! Step by step instructions for this pet sewing DIY! #dogbeddiy #sewingtutorial

How to Make a Triangle Jitters Quilted Dog Bed

One of the best parts about being a quilter is making quilts for others to enjoy, so why shouldn’t that extend to our furry friends? This Triangle Jitters quilted dog bed tutorial is the perfect way to share the quilty love with your pet, in a way they’re sure to appreciate.As a family made upContinue Reading…

How to sew a kid's apron in just a few simple steps! This this tutorial and downloadable PDF to get started!

Kid’s Apron Tutorial

Here at Suzy Quilts, we’re big fans of aprons. Maybe it’s because we’re terrible at keeping our cooking contained, or maybe it’s because we love adorable projects that come together really quickly (or maybe a little bit of both). This tutorial walks you through how to sew a kid’s apron for that special kiddo inContinue Reading…

Learn all of the skills needed to make a quilt with this free DIY quilted checkerboard tutorial. A great sewing project for kids! #quilt #sewingtutorial

Free DIY Quilted Checkerboard Tutorial

This DIY quilted checkerboard is a perfect project for beginner sewers and children learning to sew. You only need small scraps of fabric and the most basic tools. Let’s get started! I’m so excited about this sewing tutorial because have fond memories of playing checkers against my dad – first me getting mad and cryingContinue Reading…

Learn how to make a fast and easy color block apron in this step by step photo tutorial. Perfect for summer grilling and baking, this apron makes a great gift too! #quilting #sewingdiy

Free Color Block Apron Tutorial

In so many ways baking and quilting go hand in hand. They are both comforting, cozy and the fruits of your labor make for the sweetest gifts! So whether you’re cookin’ up treats in the kitchen or at your sewing machine, appropriate attire is a must. Previously on the blog we made a patchwork apron, so now,Continue Reading…

This modern patchwork apron tutorial is a quick project for beginners! It's a unisex apron that fits all sizes and you only need basic sewing supplies. #sewingtutorial

Free Modern Patchwork Apron Tutorial

Today on the blog is a FREE step-by-step tutorial on how to make an adorable modern patchwork apron! This is a beginner-friendly sewing pattern that uses only the most basic sewing supplies. You know those projects that you make a dozen of for Christmas gifts… the night before Christmas?? For me, 2016 was the yearContinue Reading…

How to make a patchwork bandana with the leftover scraps from the Adventureland quilt pattern. This bandana tutorial is fast and easy! #bandana #sewingtutorial

How to Make a Patchwork Bandana with Adventureland Scraps

[…] that you can trim down to fit you perfectly. Trim as needed. If you’d like to add a buttonhole to one corner of your bandana instead of tying it when you wear it, keep reading for some video tutorials!  Step 3: Sew Square Bandana Front and Back Together Next, sew the bandana front and […]

How to Make a Butterfly Garden Table Runner

[…] is featured in this video and can be purchased here! Different Ways to Quilt Your Butterfly Table Runner How to Tie a Quilt…with a Modern Twist! Quilt Tying Tutorial: How to Tie a Quilt with Yarn or Embroidery Thread How to Hand Quilt (With Video Tutorial) 6 Tips for Straight Line Machine Quilting (A.K.A. […]