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It's happening!! AHHH! Guys, it's happening!! I would say, "the people have asked and so I have conceded," but I'm pretty sure nobody asked...haha.

Anyway, ahhhh! I'm so excited I can't even get out what I'm trying to say.


You + Me + sewing machines + coffee/wine/snacks + wild music + possibly glue + bad jokes = YOUR WILDEST DREAMS COMING TRUE??? I mean, MAYBE! right??

OK, I'm taking a breath. Let me start over.


This Saturday workshop will be broken up into two separate sessions. You can sign up for one or both...or none...I guess you could sign up for none, but you don't want to do that. It's going to be so much fun!

When: Saturday, June 17, 2017
Where: Sew to Speak - 752 High St, Columbus, OH 43085
Who: ME!! and you. US. 🙂
What: Session 1 will cover Sew Mojo #1, Session 2 will cover Sew Mojo #3
Why: Because these Sew Mojo mini quilts are crazy fun to make!

Sign Up for the Workshop Here!

Class sizes will be small, so sign up before they are full.

I'm too excited to write properly so I'm going to just start linking to stuff...

Sew Mojo #1

Click here to read more about the Sew Mojo series.

Click here to read more about the Sew Mojo #1 pattern.


​Sew Mojo #3

Click here to read more about the Sew Mojo #3 pattern.​

Framed Mini Quilts

If you can't make it to the workshops, I still want to meet you! I will have a trunk show/meet 'n greet at Sew To Speak the Friday before classes from 4-6. I hope to see you in Ohio! xo


3 thoughts on “Sew Mojo Workshop

  1. Mareike says:

    Dear Suzy,
    I would definitely subscribe if I wouldn’t be from Germany. But I’m pretty sure there will be enough crazy sewing-addicts in Ohio who needs their next shot.
    Have fun and looking forward to see your report.
    Best Mareike

  2. Marnie says:

    I wish there were more online workshops! I would gladly pay to follow a class online like yours. Your work is beautiful. 💗

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