FREE Warrior Quilt Pattern (Video Tutorial!)


Are you ready to tap into your inner quilt warrior? Then this quilt is for you. It's got a little bit of everything – half square triangles, stripes, swans, bias edges, dragonflies, isosceles triangles, sashing, frogs and more.

If you are a newbie quilter, I would suggest putting this pattern in your queue, but attacking it after you've worked with bias edges a few times. If you're unfamiliar with what a bias edge is, it's the diagonal direction across the surface of a woven fabric at a 45° angle. Fabric cut on the bias stretches easily and must be handled with care. (For more quilting terms, check out this blog post - Quilting Terms, Tools & Supplies.)

Working with bias edges is kind of like sewing curves – after a little practice, you're a pro...but only after a little practice.  Also a 60° triangle ruler makes cutting muuuch easier.

Below is my valiant effort to hold a quilt while getting batted around by the Windy City wind.


Not an easy task. Eventually we got one...and it only took about 25 tries 🙂

This Warrior quilt uses fabrics from Swan Lake, manufactured by Birch Fabrics and designed by Patrick and Andrea Patton. Aren't those swans dreamy?? If you look closely you can see little frogs on lily pads and buzzing dragonflies swooping about. Quilted meandering dragonflies mimic the fabric to created a quilt that humzzzz. Feel like you're relaxing by a sweet spring lake? A swan lake, perhaps?


In addition to the pond creatures, I also scattered in some of my favorites from the Mod Basics 3 collection. The binding is Firefly Dots in Pond and the dark navy is Wink in Dusk.


At this point, you may be asking yourself, "What do swans and frogs have to do with warriors and tribal patterns?"

But let me answer your question with another question, "Have you ever met a swan?"

Cause if you haven't, you may not believe me when I say that they are meeeean and tough! Like waaaay tougher than a pretty white fairy-princess bird should be. BUT, when you think of a quilter, do you think of someone who is strong and tough? Maybe? Well, I hope you do now. Cause we quilters are up for a challenge and know how to conquer any obstacle! And by obstacle, I mean bias edge. (seriously, they are preeeetty tricky.)​

So while making this quilt, think of yourself as a warrior swan – Fighting. Squawking. ​Conquering. Kicking butt and looking good while doing it.


After attacking and vanquishing every stretchy edge and triangle, pound your chest and scream, "I am quilter! Hear me ROAR!!"

Oh, and then be prepared for your dog to look at you like a crazy person while making a bed out of the quilt you were just so proud of. Scraps, just let me have this moment!

sigh...she never lets my head get too big.


Kits for this pattern are available at Fabricworm! For the FREE PDF pattern, CLICK HERE.

Also, since releasing this pattern, I created an instructional video tutorial showing step-by-step instructions on how to make the triangle row portion of this quilt – which is identical to the triangle rows in my soon-to-be-released Mayan Mosaic quilt.​ See below!

(Once I start making videos, it's pretty hard to stop...I got half way into making the first viedo then somehow stumbled into the black hole that is iMovie...came out on the other side with this totally unnecessary video...haha oh well. Here it is!​)


93 thoughts on “FREE Warrior Quilt Pattern (Video Tutorial!)

  1. Brooke says:

    I’m so happy I stumbled across your Warrior Quilt on instagram. It’s the PERFECT design I’m looking for to make a quilt for my grandmother. I’m refreshing your post constantly! 🙂

  2. Brooke A. says:

    Absolutely in love with this design! I’ve never quilted (or sewn, for that matter), but I couldn’t find what I wanted for my bedroom, so I figure I may as well dive in and hope for the best! If it takes a few tries k just have a few backup quilts, right? Haha!

  3. Colleen says:

    We had a dog who looked just like yours. Her name was Ginger. She could smile on command. She was the best “mommy-dog” I have ever owned. I will leave that description to your imagination. The more creative you can think (I had children in diapers at the time) that is who she was. I have a picture of my 2 year old watching TV while her head was laying on Ginger’s tummy; so very precious. She had been very abused and had a permanent “funk” about her but in comparison of the love she gave us we honestly never noticed.

    Thank you for all of the work you do to continue to keep us loving your blog… somehow that doesn’t sound right but I think you get the gist of what I mean.

  4. JulieAnn says:

    Suzy, thank you so much. I love this pattern and it will be perfect for my daughter. Actually, I love all of your patterns! Swans are Divas! They are beautiful and graceful and mean as the dickens!!! BTW, I have a crush on Scrappy.

  5. Sharon says:

    Absolutely love this quilt! It has a Native American look to it. I can’t believe you are offering it for free! Thank you so much for the pattern!

  6. Dominique says:

    I love the quilt. My husband is of Native American heritage and I have been searching for pattern to make a quilt for him. Also love your pictures of Scrappy. We have a pound puppy that could be your dog’s sister. Do you have any idea what your dog’s breed mix is?

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks, Dominique! I think Scrappy is a chihuahua/Carin terrier mix, but that’s based on Google images searching and a few convos at the dog park 😉

  7. MaryLu McFadyen says:

    Been cutting fabric for this wonderful quilt. I think there is a BIG ERROR in the cutting instructions for the cream fabric. How can you cut templates that are 3″ tall from 2″ strips???

    • Suzy says:

      I just double checked the pattern to see what is causing the confusion. From the Solid Cream, cut 12 – 2″ x WOF strips AND 12 – Template 3 AND 12 – Template 4, etc… Those are all separate cuts and pieces. The 2″ x WOF strips are used in the stripes on the top and bottom of the quilt as well as in Row B. If you would like to cut strips to make cutting certain templates easier, like you said, you will need to cut 3″ AND 4″ x WOF strips.

      Let me know if you have any more questions and happy sewing! xo

  8. Brittany Lloyd says:

    Hi Suzy,
    I love love love this pattern! I am sitting here cutting out the templates and I am trying to figure out where to tape the 2 portions of template 2 and template 9. Template 9, the triangle, says that it should be 8.25 inches high, so I was able to figure that one out, but I don’t know how wide the trapezoid should be? The answer may be easier than I think, but for some reason, I can’t figure it out. Thanks so much!!

    • Suzy says:

      Hey Brit! Line up the dotted lines on the templates and tape them together there. You will probably want to cut one of the templates a little bit longer so you can have some overlap for them to tape together well. Template 2 ends up being 14″ from point to point. I hope that answered your question and happy sewing! xo

  9. Sue says:

    I would love to make this quilt for my husband. He has recently found he has Cherokee heritage. Thank you thank you! Hopefully I can figure out how to download this. Sue

  10. Diana says:

    Thanks for the info on how to create a pattern. I’ve already created the quilt, I didn’t know how to write it up. I appreciate the lesson. A beautiful quilt that you have designed and made. I hope you client was happy with her quilt.

  11. Joan says:

    Absolutely amazing photo’s and instructions. TY so much. I haven’t made a quilt in 25 years but have recently decided I wanted to “personalize” our bedroom. I deconstructed an old papasan chair and created a large dream catcher with real turkey feathers (our nephew hunts) to hang behind our bed. This quilt is going to be PERFECT. And, I am going to use the swans, because you are 100% right, they are…..territorial and mean as heck! I am going to up-size it (170% instead of 100%) to make a true full size quilt tho. 😉

  12. Heidi McClain says:

    Absolutely love his quilt. I would love to make it in a king size. Any suggestions on how I would double this design? Or where I could buy the pattern for a king size.

    • Suzy says:

      A king-sized Warrior pattern does not currently exist. As long as you scale the sizes proportionally, I think you could work it out – just always keep the 1/2″ seam allowance in mind. Also, when making the HSTs, figure out the finished block size and then do the math to find the shortcut method – here is the blog post with that information. Good luck and let me know how it goes! xo

  13. Natasha says:

    I love this pattern and I’m just starting on it! I’m super pumped! I had a question about using a 60 degree triangle ruler to cut. I watched your video tutorial on how to cut out the triangles and I have the templates also printed out, but when I saw how easy it was to cut with the ruler, I thought I would just do that. When I line up the 60 degree triangle ruler to the templates, it doesn’t quite line up with the angles. I triple-checked to make sure my printer printed the templates off at the right size and it did (and the heights measure correctly). Am I using the wrong type of triangle ruler? I’m super new to triangles! 🙂

    • Suzy says:

      Hey Natasha, a 60-degree ruler should line up with the template provided. What kind of ruler do you have? If you link to it, I can tell you if it will work or not. Another way to check is to open the PDF on your computer screen, make sure it’s at 100%, and hold the ruler up to the template on your screen. I actually just did that and they line up perfectly.

  14. Cody says:

    I’m working on this quilt and it’s super fun and really easy to follow along with. I’m at the point of sewing all my rows together but on row C I can’t get my solid pond to match bevy shell. My bevy shell row is the correct width (56″) but my solid pond row is 48″. I measured all my templates and they matched my fabric I’m not sure what I did wrong..

    • Suzy says:

      The easiest way to do this is to make the rows wider by continuing the block patterns. To make it taller, you could add another row of your choosing to both the top and the bottom of the quilt. Make sense?

  15. Marissa says:

    Prepping to begin this quilt and I’m curious, do you use organic thread when sewing with Birch Organics? Do you have an organic thread/s to recommend?

    • Suzy says:

      That’s a great question. I use Aurifil thread when machine piecing and quilting. It’s an Italian brand with high standards for quality, however is not organic (as far as I can tell). I haven’t personally used any organic thread. If you find some that you like, I’d love to hear about it.

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  17. tarah says:

    I absolutely LOVE this quilt pattern and am hoping to use it for my son’s bed (I will extend the rows and add a few extras to make it a twin)—however, I’m planning on using Birch’s Saltwater fabric (the same fabric you used for Ahoy Sailer Quilt), but, do you think the print is too big for me to use in the Warrior quilt? I really love the aztec look of this quilt, but want the sailor fabric—but do you think I’ll loose all of the whales and octopi?

    • Suzy says:

      I think it could look great! I do, however, have a few suggestions to help showcase the fabric: 1. Pick your favorite fabric and use that in the Row B large triangles, that way you don’t have to worry about chopping it up too small. 2. Consider making the strips in Row A up to 3xs wider. Currently the strips are quite narrow, but if you need to make the quilt taller anyway, why not showcase that fabric too? 3. If you really want sailors in this quilt, and those little triangles aren’t doing them justice, consider using a few solid fabrics in the piecing of the quilt and the sailor fabric as the backing.

      Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you make! xo

      • Tarah says:

        Thank you!! Exactly what I was thinking—I plan on using the wonderful sailors as the back and putting whales in the big triangles; and YES! I’ll just make the strips wider. Super excited about it. Thank you for the reply!!

  18. Deborah Bartilotta says:

    Thank you so much for this pattern. I made it for my granddaughter in pinks. It was so much fun. I named it the Love Warrior Princess quilt. I used black polkadots on the back.

  19. S D says:

    Could you give me an rough indication of the origin of the symbols, used in the quilt.
    For example, are the eagle symbols Native American, or the triangles Mayan?
    I have pieced together the quilt top, but done it in, what I think are Navajo colours; gold, rust, turquoise, brown and blue, and would like to attribute the symbols to a cultural background, if I can.

    • Suzy says:

      I pulled design elements from various patterns and various places. The name Mayan Mosaic was cobbled together because 1. The white sashing references the mortar uses in mosaics to hold the glass pieces in place. 2. Mayan art uses a lot of repeat patterns consisting of simple shapes such as triangles and squares 3. I like alliteration…thus Mayan Mosaic. I don’t know much about Native American art, but I believe you are correct about the eagle symbol originating there.

  20. Jill says:

    Hi Suzi
    I love this pattern and thanks so much for designing it. I’m making the warrior quilt for my husband. I am currently matching up the triangles. My question is in the video you trim the bevy shell triangles to 3 and three quarter inches , template 8 is 4 inches. Should I trim that row to 3 and three quarters as well?
    Lining up the bases is the tricky part.
    Thanks again

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      Great question! Row C uses Template-7 and Template-8, both of those are 4″ high unfinished (unfinished being the keyword). Once you start sewing pieces together with a 1/4 seam, your finished pieces will get smaller by a 1/4″, and then a 1/2″, once both sides of the piece are sewn together. In the video I trim down the sewn pieces to 3 3/4″ because once they are sewn together, that is how large the finished unit is. Does that make sense?

      I think once you start sewing and trimming it will be easier to understand. To answer you question, though, don’t trim the templates – cut the fabric the same size as the templates.

      Good luck!

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  22. Janet says:

    Just finished my Warrior quilt for a new grandchild to be born in the spring 2018. We don’t know the sex until they are born but this one works for either! Wish I could post a picture!

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  24. jeanne says:

    do you use a 1/4″ seam allowance on the whole quilt?? my daughter is making this for a school project and I am really nervous with the templates also. the ones she printed out, did not measure what they were marked. good thing i caught that. i will try to print from a different printer to see if I can get the correct measurements. i am afraid i will not have enough fabric if I make a mistake cutting. hope all goes well !!!!

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  26. Maggie Drafts says:

    Suzy!!!!!! I have Native American friends and have had the PERFECT fabric for a quilt for them for YEARS and until now, I have never seen a pattern that I wanted to use for “their” quilt!!!!! THIS IS IT!!!!! I think that the Kokopelli fabrics will be just hunky dorey for this pattern!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your talents with those of us who just wish we could!!! : )

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  28. Krista Bice says:

    Hello! I was trying to download this pattern but the link seems to be broken. I was wondering if it was still available? Thanks!

  29. Joan says:

    A big hug to the Quilt Tester Pup! Now I’m sure Scrappy knows a thing or three about being a warrior! Quilters not warriors? Have you ever been to a quilt guild at judging time? There’s a reason they make them wear gloves. This is a special quilt but they are all splendid. Loving the Maypole and all the rest. Lord let me live long enough to finish my stash!
    Thanks for all your work.

  30. Sheri says:

    My daughter wants me to make this quilt for her king bed. Do you have the fabric requirements for that size? If I knew what the finished size of your quilt is, I might be able to guess how many times to repeat the pattern to achieve the size I need.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pattern!

  31. Michele Halls says:

    The link to the Warrior quilt pattern doesn’t work. Is it still available? I really like that pattern and would love to make it.

  32. Jill Applegate says:

    This is perfect for my sister who lives in AZ and I’d love to make it for her. I found the download and then went to watch your YouTube video on how to sew the triangles. I wanted to save the video to my Quilting Playlist to watch later when I get going on the quilt but you have it listed under “Made for Kids” and so it can’t be saved into a playlist. I have a few other quilts I’m in the process of making so I won’t get to this one for awhile and don’t want to have to try and remember what the video was called so I can search for it later. Just wondered why a quilting video is “Made for Kids”? Thanks and I love the quilt!

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      I’ve got to chalk it off to my YouTube ignorance. I thought that “Made for Kids” just meant it wasn’t inappropriate. I need to go into my settings and fix that. Let me do it right now…

  33. Kathy says:

    Hi Suzy!
    I’m working on this quilt. I’m at the point of putting Row B together. I cut the triangles according to the template 9, but find when I lay it against the trapezoid unit I’ve made the triangle is about 1/4”. short to have dog ears on each end. Clearly this is not going to work. When I measure my trapezoid height is 8”, the angled sides 9 1/4” vs the triangle side at 9 1/2”. I’m not sure where I went wrong here. I’m thinking of trimming the trapezoid height down an 1/8” th inch on each side to compensate for the triangle being too short. I’m making a King sized quilt so don’t think this will be noticeable. Thoughts?

    • Suzy Quilts says:

      I’ve figured out the problem! It took me a few minutes, but I realized it when you said that you will be short having dog ears on both ends. When sewing the 8″-high trapezoid unit to the 8 1/4″-high triangle first flip them so they are right sides together. Line up the bottom right corners so that only one corner overhangs a 1/4″. Here is a quick illustration to show what I mean…
      Warrior quilt Row B added illustration

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