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​TGIF, everybody! Congrats to us. We made it. Surviving tax week means we deserve a treat, right? Scrappy and I give ourselves lots of treats. It's how we stay motivated. So let me motivate you to buy some fabric. 

What's that? You were planning on buying fabric anyway? Fantastic! Then let me treat you to some discounted fabric and patterns.​

Today, April 21 - Sunday, April 23 use coupon code SuzyQuilts to get 20% off everything at Oak Fabrics! That includes ALL fabric, notions and patterns.

Guys, that's not where this ends! Rachel (Oak Fabrics owner - read more about the shop on the Chicago city guide.) and I put together a few different kits yesterday for some of my patterns. That way you can be in and out and on with your weekend before you finish that Saturday morning cup of coffee.

I know some people truly enjoy online shopping. I'm, however, not one of those people. If you're like me, and would rather buy something you know you'll love without too much thought, these personalized kits are perfect. You could even buy a Suzy-Made kit as a gift for your bestie! Then it's like we're all besties...just hang'n and sew'n and gab'n....sounds great. Should we just be besties anyway?

Check out my very own category in the Oak Fabrics shop! It includes all of the individual fabrics so you can buy them à la carte and not just as a kit.

​Suzy-Made Quilt Kits!

​Don't have time to sift through fabric? Pick up a kit! I spent the afternoon hanging out in the shop selecting my favorite fabrics to pair with my favorite patterns.

​Each bundle includes enough fabric to make a throw quilt. A finished throw Triangle Jitters quilt is 54" x 60", a finished Stars Hollow quilt is 50" x 50" and a finished Nordic Triangles* quilt is 54" x 72".

Kits do not include backing and binding fabric.​

*The Nordic Triangles quilt pattern is currently only sold digitally at suzyquilts.com. The fabric bundle does NOT include the pattern. Get the pattern here!


​Triangle Jitters #1

​The most popular SQ pattern deserves two bundles. This quilt is easy, quick and fun to sew together. Not only is it great for beginners and seasoned sewists alike, it also has a bold graphic look (making it appear much more complicated than it truly is. And isn't that the best?).

The chambray dot, red birds and navy fabric make up the three bold colors and the tiny dancing lady fabric is the background. See the Triangle Jitters quilt below for a better idea of what I'm talking about.

This kit includes the paper pattern.

Triangle Jitters Quilt Pattern

​Triangle Jitters #2

​This kit uses Kona Snow as the background fabric. And aren't those 80's aerobics ladies amazing?? My favorite is the one throwing her arms back and pushing her chest out – breathing in everything the world has to offer. What joie de vivre! She knows how to live life.


​You think I'm reading too much into these tiny dancers? No way. You've gotta try it. Pick one and give her a backstory. It's really fun and also addicting. I've named them all and have created tons of conflict and love triangles. These babes be cray.

Also this kit includes the paper pattern.​


​Stars Hollow

This kit includes 8 Fat Quarters and background fabric of Kona Snow. If you haven't made a Stars Hollow quilt yet, you really should. And, if you haven't watched the new seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, you really really should.

Guys. I just had an idea! Do them both at the same time. Too crazy?? I know. I'm pretty wild.

Stars Hollow quilt below. This kit includes the paper pattern.



​Nordic Triangles

​Even though this printed pattern won't be available in stores until next month, I just had to make a bundle for this Nordic Triangles pattern. These fabrics are a match made in heaven! I love this bundle so much I made Rachel cut it up and send me home with it.

One thing to note is that the navy fabric is lawn with metallic print. Lawn feels thinner than regular quilt-weight cotton, so don't be startled when you get it. Read more about sewing with lawn here.

This kit does NOT include the pattern. Purchase the Nordic Triangles pattern here.​ See the quilt below.

Nordic Triangles Quilt

​And that's when my camera pooped out. I would have loved to curate more kits for you, but sadly sans camera, I couldn't do much.

If you watched my Instagram stories you saw the action play out. It was very exciting – lots of drama, yelling, fist pumping, embarrassment in front of male movie producers, getting lost in old buildings...phew. I'm just glad to be alive.​

Now let's get some fabric! Woot!​

3 thoughts on “Weekend Coupon at Oak Fabrics

  1. Laura says:

    Hey Suzy! I bought the red, white, blue Triangle Jitters #1 kit from Oak Fabrics. When you chose the colors for this kit, can you please tell me which fabric should be used as color 1, which is color 2, etc. in your pattern? I understand that the white / lady fabric is the background, but I am unsure about how to utilize the other three fabrics in the pattern. Thanks!

    • Suzy says:

      Hey girl!
      I left the order of the fabrics up to Rachel, the owner of Oak Fabrics. However, I can make fun mockups for you if you can tell me which fabric you got a yard of. You should have 3/4 yd. of two colors and 1 yd. of one color.

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