What Quilters Want in 2023

After surveying over 2,000 quilters around the world, I learned some interesting statistics about what quilters want in 2023!

Hello friends! I have an odd post for you today, but I think you will enjoy it. A month ago I sent out a survey asking you some questions about what you want from quilt patterns, fabric, and your sewing experience in general. Not only did these results give me a clear picture of what quilters want in 2023, they also made me realize some inaccurate assumptions on my part.

As a quilt pattern writer and newly minted fabric designer, I've always designed things that I personally like, without thinking too hard about if anyone else would like the same stuff. I guess on this rainbows and flowers island where I live, everyone likes the same thing! Ha! Well, can you already see the end of this story? I was wrong!

Once you see these 10 statistics, let me know in the comments if you align with the majority of quilters out there or if you also have different opinions. I'll tell you below the two responses that surprised me the most...

What Quilters Want in 2023

Question 1: What is your favorite type of fabric to use when quilting?

Since I asked all of you these questions, why not tell you how I would answer them. Spoiler, it's usually different than what you said! 2,597 people answered this first question and overwhelmingly picked quilting cotton. 

It wasn't a huge surprise that quilting cotton won the majority vote. If I were sending this survey out again, I would add a follow-up question about a second favorite substrate. I'm still wondering if people like quilting cotton the best, but also sew with other substrates OR if they only sew with quilting cotton. If you have an opinion, let me know in the comments below! I too like quilting with quilting cotton the best, but I almost always include other substrates too.

After surveying over 2,000 quilters around the world, I learned some interesting statistics about what quilters want in 2023! suzyquilts.com

Question 2: What fabric motifs do you like to quilt with the best?

2,600 of you responded to this question and I have to side with the majority. I like to use a mix of printed and solid fabrics.

After surveying over 2,000 quilters around the world, I learned some interesting statistics about what quilters want in 2023! suzyquilts.com

Question 3: Do you prefer to make quilts from a pattern?

From 2,593 responses, 70% of you like to make quilts from patterns. That's great news for me! 😉 I also love to make quilts from patterns. Sewing math is my least favorite part of the quilting process, so it's really nice when I don't have to figure that out every time I want to make a quilt.

After surveying over 2,000 quilters around the world, I learned some interesting statistics about what quilters want in 2023! suzyquilts.com

Question 4: What is most important when buying a quilt pattern?

The response to this question truly shocked me. Maybe it shouldn't have, but I really thought skill level and whether or not the pattern can use pre-cut fabric would rank higher. 2,599 of you responded and 90% of you gave the answer that the quilt pattern design is the most important thing to you when buying a quilt pattern.

After surveying over 2,000 quilters around the world, I learned some interesting statistics about what quilters want in 2023! suzyquilts.com

Question 5: How much do you value using pre-cut fabric when making a quilt?

This is another one that surprised me! When I first started writing quilt patterns I almost never designed them to be compatible with pre-cuts. Do you know the number one customer service question I got back then? How do I convert this pattern to use my pre-cuts?

I just figured that if I made patterns that were pre-cut friendly I'd be pleasing the masses. Well, after almost 50% of 2,601 of you responded that you don't seek out pre-cut friendly patterns, I am left scratching my head. On top of that, almost 30% of you don't care or don't like pre-cuts at all!

Maybe what was happening is the 5% of people who highly prefer to use patterns written for pre-cuts were just emailing me a lot. 😉

After surveying over 2,000 quilters around the world, I learned some interesting statistics about what quilters want in 2023! suzyquilts.com

Question 6: What type of quilt pattern motif do you like the best?

2,597 of you responded and almost 60% of you are open to lots of different motifs! I love hearing that as a pattern designer. It's so funs to explore and grow and it looks like you agree!

After surveying over 2,000 quilters around the world, I learned some interesting statistics about what quilters want in 2023! suzyquilts.com

Question 7: How important is it that a quilt pattern is fast to finish?

In my current season of life, it's hard to make a quilt pattern that is overly time consuming, so I would fall in the extremely important category — which is a minority! Almost 50% of you don't really value speedy patterns, which again, I was surprised to see. You'll be happy then for our winter quilt pattern release in 2023 — Planetarium. It's gorgeous and not very fast...but worth it!

After surveying over 2,000 quilters around the world, I learned some interesting statistics about what quilters want in 2023! suzyquilts.com

Question 8: Do you prefer written or video tutorials?

I couldn't agree more with the majority of you on this one. 2,603 people weighed in and 65% off you like to learn from a combination of video and written instructions.

After surveying over 2,000 quilters around the world, I learned some interesting statistics about what quilters want in 2023! suzyquilts.com

Question 9: Do you feel loyal to a quilt designer, or do you hop around based on what you like and need?

YA'LL!!! I'm not going to say I'm mad at you over this one, cause let's be honest, I can't stay mad at you, but I thought at least the somewhat loyal category would be more popular. 😉 2,591 of you responded and 60% of you buy quilt patterns based on what you like and need rather than loyalty to a pattern designer.

After surveying over 2,000 quilters around the world, I learned some interesting statistics about what quilters want in 2023! suzyquilts.com

Question 10: What's your age?

2,589 of you responded and as you can see, there's a wide age range with 50% of you over the age of 56. I'm 37 with the soul of a 77 year old, so I feel very connected to our 75+ crowd — way to represent!

After surveying over 2,000 quilters around the world, I learned some interesting statistics about what quilters want in 2023! suzyquilts.com

So what do you think? Do these numbers reflect how you feel? Let us know in the comments!

69 thoughts on “What Quilters Want in 2023

  1. Anne says:

    Hi. I’m 71 years old. I started quilting in 1978. I cut up cereal boxes to make templates and marked 1/4 in seams to sew by hand. Quilted by hand. The Dark Ages for sure. Note that slow sewing is back in fashion! I have tons of yardage, so I don’t look for precut patterns. BUT, I am so attracted to those lovely little packages of charm packs that I have started to collect them as well.
    You may be right, 5 percent of people are emailing you a lot! It’s all ok.

    • Marisa says:

      Hola! Tengo 57 años y desde que empecé, hace 19 años hasta ahora, me gusta la costura lenta… Lo hago todo a mano, si no tengo patrones, los hago también, coso, aplico y acolcho a mano. Lo sprecortados son preciosos, pero me gusta mezclar telas específicamente de patchwork y algodones que encuentro adecuados y que no lo son tanto…
      En cuanto al material de relleno para acolchado, uso algodón, pero también algún acrílico e incluso bambú. Me gusta la variedad!

  2. Cindy says:

    interesting survey…… Pre-cuts, well I buy a stack FQ as I only needed 1 or 2 out of that bundle and then a few out of another bundle so for me, pre-cuts are a waste of $$ and fabric. Speedy? Looking at your demographics, seems most of your surveyors could be retired or working intermittently and towards retirement so 1st we have limited income so if we finish fast a project, what’s next? and what will I do with 1 more quilt? and how will it get quilted? We are on a fixed income with time to spare. That doesn’t surprise me.

  3. Suzanne (Suz the Younger) says:

    Super interesting! I think it reflects my opinions pretty well. I like precuts, but I think that a quilt kit is even better! I wish that there were more vendors and options for quilt kits. They are my jam.
    Also, interesting breakdown of age!! It’s pretty evenly split! Just need to get those youngins to join the party! 😂

    • Libby Wheat says:

      I learned to dislike precuts due to being poorly cut, cost and those darn pinked edges. The survey was wonderful; it spanned all ages. Even tho I am 80, I haven’t been quilting long because of a demanding career. The knowledge of older quilters and the openness/enthusiasm of younger quilters have taught me so much. I follow your postings each week. Thank you.

  4. Mo Bonner says:

    The precut question I would have answered I don’t care at all but looking at my library it tells a different story. We need to remember that fat quarters were the first precut and I do love collecting them. The fast question, speed isn’t important but efficiency certainly is.

  5. Eileen W says:

    Thanks for sharing these survey results! I mostly aligned with the majority in my responses. As to fabric preference, a 2nd question might be: why? For me, while I do LOVE linens and wovens, I prefer quilting cotton mainly because of the vast choices and reasonable price (can build a good stash w/o breaking the bank) and it’s sewing predictability (think: perfect points, low fray-age, won’t surprise you in the wash). On pre-cuts, I have certainly evolved, maybe others can relate: when I started quilting a few years back, I loved precuts b/c they take the guess-work out of color and pattern coordination, but as I gain more experience, I think my tastes are evolving too, and now I prefer to choose my own colors and patterns. It’s half the fun!! Nowadays, I view any pre-cuts smaller than a FQ as akin to buying scraps. Why would I pay for scraps when I have a gazillion of my own?! Fun read.

  6. Jeanne Amato says:

    Yes! I am 69 and my answers were consistent with the majority.
    I am particularly pleased to see the percentage of 25 to 45 year olds that are quilting!
    Makes me happy that young women are finding time to quilt while most likely working and raising children! Kudos to them.

  7. Marie says:

    Suzy, thank you for posting the results of the survey. I am in the 66-75 age group. I enjoy reading and learning from your posts. Wishing you continued success with your business.

  8. Morgan Case says:

    1) As a scientist I am mostly geeked about your use of the word “substrate”. 😁
    2) Let’s be honest, I am not loyal to BUYING SQ patterns, but they comprise 75% of the quilts I’ve made and are the only ones I’ve made multiple times. The design and instructions are why.
    3) I actually looked back at my photo roll to calculate the percentage (see No. 1) and realized 2 is wrong, I’ve repeated another pattern, but it’s by Sarah_Made, and since she now works with SQ, it kinda counts (but I didn’t include it in the percentage – scientific integrity 😂).

    • Valerie says:

      Morgan, you could not have said it better, I fully agree with 1.), 2.) and 3.)!
      To add…..I use quilting cotton because I am a bit worried about branching out and after all the effort a new substrate would work!
      I have used your patterns several times…..do not worry about loyalty, I think it is more about what you are making for a recipient…..their style might be different from yours….but your followers definitely follow you for their preferences and the love of your designs!

    • Dawn says:

      I also loved seeing the results of your survey- I am a closet nerd! And I agree with Morgan in that most of the quilts I have made are SQ patterns because I love the patterns, the instruction and the support from the SQ tribe! Keep up the good work Suzy!

    • Lily says:

      Yea, I maybe wouldn’t describe it in terms of brand loyalty, but I am FAR more likely to buy patterns from designers whose patterns I’ve used before and found easy to follow (including Suzy’s!!), especially when I am buying online. I’ve definitely gotten burned buying patterns from brands I wasn’t familiar with and having them be just awful.

  9. Michelle E says:

    I’m impressed there were 397.3 quilters over 75 using technology!!!
    I’m fast approaching that age myself! Thanks for all your work! You’re a blessing to us!

    • Lily says:

      A fun thing I’ve noticed by attending guild meetings is how our members of *all* ages are incredibly tech savvy! Quilting led them to being able to use programs like EQ, navigate YT to find videos, and often use photo-heavy apps like Insta! It has been very cool to see!

      • dianne m says:

        It’s possible I’m in the same guild as Lily – similar situation here. Impressed with how tech savvy my quilty friends are. I’m getting there – at least I purchased EQ8. … still figuring it out :).

  10. Yvette says:

    Interesting results. Thank you for the survey, knowing what your customers like is half the battle and makes you a caring quilter!

  11. Jennette says:

    That survey had interesting results. Most were how I answered. I’m 75 and been quilting for 20 years.

  12. Dana Lanham says:

    Love reading the results of this survey! I would also like to know how many people use quilt kits. I live in an area with few fabric or quilt shops, so fabric is limited and I have to order online which brings challenges. Please offer more kits…they are so helpful! And thanks for the inspiration…always a loyal fan!

  13. Aimee Gelnaw says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! Quilting is a fairly solitary activity for me still. I don’t have a quilting community, though I do sometimes wish I did. And hearing the responses of the survey participants makes me feel part of something. I appreciate that.

      • Terry says:

        I started quilting when I was 70yrs old. Retired and looking to express my artistic side. So I often looked for easier patterns, but picked my own color arrangement. I love SQ patterns and have done most of them. Easy to follow and fun to make. Thank you

      • Susie says:

        This applies to me as well. Nearest fabric shop is hour and half and the choice far from the range when we used to visit US. Even if there was a quilting group my French is not up to rapid conversation between groups. Online shopping and my favorite sites keep me going with my total obsession. Started quilting at 70❤️❤️❤️

  14. Jennifer Cehelsky says:

    I was sorry to miss your survey. I agree with the majority for most of the questions. While I prefer to piece quilts with quilting cotton ( I find it’s the easiest to use), I am now starting to look for organic cotton and fabric that is dyed with less chemicals, such as Pure Solids. I hope the fabric industry
    is following their lead.

  15. Maggie says:

    I really enjoyed reading the survey results. I want to assure you, that while I might get patterns from multiple sources, I own nearly all YOUR patterns! I’m already looking forward to the reveal of the winter project. The name is intriguing.

  16. RagTop says:

    Interesting results. I really am at about the end of my stash that inspires me. Fabric is chosen first and then what to do with it. All of the companies are massively producing flowers about the same scale in all their lines…pretty but no variety and not very inspiring….gone are the selections of textures and colors that used to inspire me…going back to hand dying, block printing etc.

  17. Nancy Corliss says:

    It’s not about loyalty; it’s about talent. You are a talented pattern designer–innovative with lots of variety. That’s what keeps me coming back! (Although your adorable too 😀 )

  18. Allison Gore says:

    I missed the survey, but the results are very much in line with preferences. I’m even in the correct age group. I do notice that if a designer has a quilt pattern I notice and like, I’m much more likely to look at new releases and frequently find we are in sync or I’m in a phase were those designs really speak to me. I also hardly even by precuts (the occasional charm pack maybe but I’ve never purchased a layer cake, honeybun, or even a pre assembled fat quarter bundle.

  19. Elaine C says:

    I do love your blog, your writing style and your pattern designs. I seem to align with most of the comments. I, like a few other responders, do not have a real ‘go to’ quilting community. I am very happy to connect online and become part of communities such as the one you have created. Love it.

  20. Anne Merkel says:

    I think I agreed with most of the survey questions! I do like sewing with FQ, and especially like curated bundles for projects. I’m with some of the other Quiltketeers in that I don’t like too much fabric waste! I also have many Suzy patterns and I love them because you are an EXCELLENT pattern writer and your directions are easy to follow. There are a few other designers out there who write patterns as well as you do, but not many! I’ve made a couple of your quilts many times (I see you Thrive!) I’ve been quilting for over 20 years and am in the very old demographic (64) Thanks for listening to your people : )

  21. Penny L says:

    Very interesting results. I’m 72 and have been quilting for 35-40 years! I never buy pre-cuts! Just feels too contrived. As someone else mentioned – I usually find a few fabrics I like and build a design from there. I do enjoy a good pattern but also might use it as a starting point and tweak it. Sometimes it works out – sometimes it doesn’t! Love your designs and tips!

  22. Jen G says:

    Did you sort Q7 by the age demographic? Would be interesting to see how speed of completion falls along those lines.

  23. RitaB says:

    My age group is 66-75 and I have to admit I am totally aligned with the results of every question of this survey.
    However, regarding precuts, I’ve only been quilting for a few years. When I started I would purchase precuts due to lack of experience in selecting fabrics and the ability to get a g

  24. Sue says:

    Interesting survey. It might be somewhat biased because we all follow you, so it might only represent quilters drawn to your patterns not others. I see many designers that don’t hold my interest, but have large followings. It makes this industry complex and exciting. On precuts, so many of them are not cut precisely, so it can make using them a challenge. The variety you receive for the price point is attractive. I rarely buy them anymore where I bought many of them when I first started quilting. Thanks for the survey, it was thought provoking. Love following you.

  25. Katie Bauer says:

    About the cutting fabric, I think I would be seeking out precut fabric if you didn’t put out such awesome videos/ lives about how to cut fabric for your patterns! 😆 But your awesome designs are what actually keep me buying patterns! 😘

  26. Kathy says:

    Suzy, I love your blog. I read it to try new things – like fabrics other than cotton, fork pins, etc. Not one of the many classes I have taken talked or used fork pins! I find the survey results interesting. I’ve been quilting since my 20s, so precuts weren’t out so I don’t really use them. Anyways, love what you do, and thankful you love it too.
    Just turned 60, and met a young quilter at the long arm place with one of your patterns. We ❤️ u in TX!

  27. Rosemary B says:

    This was an excellent survey and quite wonderful to know that people in my age group (60’s) are sewing and making stuff, mainly quilts.
    I love your blog. Thank you for creating this. I seem to fall into the majority on each of these questions. Thank you Suzy for your enthusiasm, massive creativity and encouragement!

  28. Candy says:

    I agree with the majority of the survey. I was pleased to find that the age groups are so evenly spaced. I know my daughter in law asked me to teach here to sew a quilt. It was for my baby granddaughter ( her daughter) for Christmas, its beautiful, Made her machine quilt it herself. The only other question I would have asked “where do you see yourself in this quilting journey?” I know I have been quilting for over 30 years but still see my self as a beginner, there is so much more to learn. Love your fabric designs, you blog and newsletters and your patterns. Keep up the good work

  29. mts says:

    I appreciate the honesty of your survey and the publishing of results. Yesterday was National Teacher Appreciation Day, hemming the end of National Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you Suzy for teaching us all sorts of wonderful, useful and inspirational things, quilted!
    Now, tomorrow is Mother’s Day and here’s to all the moms out there; young and old, past, present and future, moms of all shapes, stripes and species. May all be wrapped in the quilts of loving arms. Thank you mom Suzy for sharing the pics of your children and fur baby. Happy Mother’s Day.

  30. Kim says:

    I def align with the results and it was SO interesting to see so I appreciate you sharing it! I quilt a ton and follow your blog for years (so inspiring thank you!) but my business (freshly launched) is all about knitting/crochet and hand dyed yarn and I found through studying my analytics (what’s available to me that is) the same is true for me which I LOVE. My audience is 55+ with the majority being 65+. I love surveys like this because it helps align me with my biz too so I can serve my audience in the best way. So again thank you for sharing! ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Louise Fairley says:

    I was impressed by how many of the younger demographic are able to fit quilting into their lives! I have sewed all my life, but only garments, so quilting has been my “learn-something-new pandemic project” to use up all those scraps I’ve accumulated. My first project was an all-by-hand Grandma’s garden quilt I started in my 20s then had to abandon. I’ve hauled it around through many moves but now it’s finished – my 45 year quilt. You have been such a great resource!! And I am hooked!

  32. HD says:

    Very interesting survey results! Reading through them has me wondering a few things but the biggest one to me is this:

    Are you planning to adapt/change your designing of quilt patterns in any way to reflect the survey answers??

    • Suzy Williams says:

      That’s a great question! I’m not really sure. It’s is tough to balance staying true to myself as an artist, but also making stuff people want. These results have definitely given me something to think about!

  33. Kathleen Ross says:

    I enjoyed seeing the results. I agree pretty much with the results. I enjoy BOM and kits accept for one I’m doing this year has used layer cakes. The layer cakes aren’t a true 10inch square and you better not press at all as the shrinkage is horrible. I like Fat Quarters so I can have an entire line without lots of yardage.

  34. Barbara says:

    I was surprised to see that there were so many in my age group I am 76. And also pleased to see the young ones. The ones working and raising children and do not have as much time as my age group. I do liked FQ’s The colors all blend and even at my age and quilting for decades I’m not very confident at pulling fabrics together it takes me forever. As far as loyalty I have almost all of your patterns. I have made a few of yours many times. I have a ton of patterns (before finding you) and some I haven’t made and I have never repeated a pattern. I love easy and fast patterns because I make quilts for family members for Christmas and I make a lot. I find your patterns easy, with clear instructions and the FB group is a great place to ask questions and opinions. And the icing on the cake is your bubbly personality and adorable children. Keep up the YouTube tutorials can’t tell you the times I have watched stopped backed up and watched again lol we love you Suzy thanks for the great patterns.

  35. Erika says:

    Precuts are handy for beginners when everything related to quilting can be so overwhelming ! There is so much to know about quilting and using precuts allowed me to jump in and accomplish many quilts in a short amount of time. Learning how to accurately cut fabric with a rotary blade takes a lot of time and precuts can cut (pun intended 😉) the amount of time way down for a beginner!

  36. Brookshire says:

    So enjoyed participating and reading through the survey and the results. Thank you for creating the survey, Suzy. Have to mention that you are one of my favorite designers and I enjoy topics in your blog. I have several of your patterns. While my favorite fabric to use is cotton, my second would be linen or cotton/linen blend.

  37. Priscilla Wagner says:

    I’m mostly in agreement with the survey, though I definitely lean towards pre-cut friendly patterns. I’m 70 with arthritis starting in my hands. I haven’t gone to the cutting machines, but if I can reduce the amount of cutting I have to do, I’ll do it. I like to mix things up so sometimes I do quilt-in-a-day type patterns, and other times I do slow and steady ones. Interesting survey.

  38. liz stevens says:

    60+ quilting lady here. Been quilting on and off for 35+ years (30 years of log cabin quilts). Never bought precuts till recently (some pkgs are just so darn cute). I am kind of a chicken about other substrates – though with limited local stores carrying them – I hold back. Perhaps a tutorial? Currently sidelined with a broken wrist for the summer (boo-hiss)(hence the choppy sentences). Would love to give some other fabrics a go – if I had some direction. BTW – I agree – you are adorable (as are your wee ones) and I love your patterns.

  39. Katie says:

    I mostly use quilting cottons, however my other favorites aren’t listed: cotton lawn and cotton gauze. I do love cotton lawn, especially Liberty of London. I don’t use lawn often since it’s pricey, but it feels luxurious and smooth, and the Liberty prints are so pretty- it’s worth it for special quilts. So nice for backing, too. Also, I love cotton gauze but it’s a bit tricky, yet so soft and pretty. I missed the survey and I align with the majority on most questions. I mostly use yardage and fat quarters, and have a handful of other pre-cuts. I love the variety of coordinating fabrics in a pre-cut set. Patterns that are pre-cut friendly would be a perk, it would draw me to a pattern, though mostly I care about the design and good instructions. Interesting survey results!

  40. Joan says:

    I’ll try anything ONCE, applique, origami, shadow cutouts, would love to try Hawaiian quilting! I was thrilled to see the diversity of age in your results! Your site is always packed with great information! Thanks so much.

  41. Denise Newman says:

    I like a minimum and bold pattern composition. Whilst not specifically loyal to any pattern designers there are designers who write patterns that really appeal to me so I keep my eye out for their releases.
    I feel like I mostly follow patterns but in the last 12 months my own creations are catching up to quilts I have created from patterns. I am 54 and I have been quilting for just over 3 years.

  42. Mary says:

    I fall into the category of saying I am not loyal to a pattern maker, but like others have mentioned, most of my patterns (when I follow a pattern — I often go rogue) are Suzy Quilt patterns! And certainly the ones I repeat are almost always Suzy Quilts. I use pre-cuts occasionally, but find the cutting the most soothing part of the quilting process.

  43. Libby Wheat says:

    I learned to dislike precuts due to being poorly cut, cost and those darn pinked edges. The survey was wonderful; it spanned all ages. Even tho I am 80, I haven’t been quilting long because of a demanding career. The knowledge of older quilters and the openness/enthusiasm of younger quilters have taught me so much. I follow your postings each week. Thank you.

  44. Sue Hadfield - Hill says:

    Interesting survey and results although I was sorry to miss the chance to take part as I do read all your blogs! I pretty much fit in with the results although never buy pre cuts. All but one of my purchased patterns are yours, Suzy, and have made most more than once. I have sewn both professionally and for pleasure for well over 50 years but have only tried quilting in the past 4 years entirely due to finding your blog and relating to your creative and modern interpretation of the old art. Keep up the fantastic work Suzy, you obviously inspire so many of us!

  45. Becky says:

    Great survey! I love to see how other quilters think! I was a bit surprised on the ages of quilters. I see so many young faces (to me that’s younger than 35) trying to find a place in the industry, but (according to your survey) the majority of quilters are much older than that. I do worry how drastically rising costs may be pricing out the younger generation of quilters.. That would be an interesting survey question: how much are we spending on this hobby we love? Can you quilt on a limited budget and still make projects you love with high quality supplies???

  46. Caey says:

    Very fun to see these results. When I first started quilting, I used mostly FQ bundles because they’re so darn pretty and an easy place to start- no worries about whether fabrics go together. Now that I’ve made about 50 quilts, I tend to use more yardage. I’ve also started using more flannel, linen and blends. As for designer allegiance, I do skip around, but I am always excited to see your new patterns. I’ve purchased most of them, and I think I’ve made 8 or 10 SQ quilts!

  47. SuzyShep says:

    ALL the survey results were fascinating to read! I LOVE precuts, but rarely make quilts with mine because I hate cutting them up. (I never liked messing up a fresh new box of Crayolas when I was a kid, either….) I’m a loyal SQ pattern user because you can’t beat Suzy’s patterns for easy to follow, clear cut directions AND tutorials. I’ve been quilting for a lot of years and have mostly made up my own designs. Suzy’s patterns have opened a whole new world of quilting fun with her fresh designs and superb directions. ~ Suzanne, the Elder

  48. dianne m says:

    Great survey Suzy – wish I had participated, but I fall into most of the majority groups, anyway 😉 Am about to follow your instructions to get a bleed out of a baby quilt I just made. Bummed. All fabrics were pre-washed; red binding (prewashed) stuck to the Color Catch and that is where it bled!! One seven inch spot. Baby due in five days. At least I have some time…

  49. Christine Enyart-Elfers says:

    Loved your survey & appreciated you shared the results. I’m 73, have been sewing since I was 12 years old & I’m embarrassed to say this…. I’ve purchased 5 of your patterns, yardage for 3 of them…. BUT, I have yet to cut & sew a quilt.
    My grandchildren are now 4, 5, 6, & 7. Two girls & two boys. I’ve been making dresses, shirts, pjs, bathrobes, sweatshirts, t-shirts, blankets, pillowcases, etc. I can see that handmade “Nana” clothes will come to an end as they get older & become “pickier” in their fashion style. So…. I AM getting closer to making quilts. The kids are moving into bunk beds, so quilts are capturing my attention again.
    I personally don’t buy precuts because I love selecting fabric. I also buy fabrics other than quilting fabrics. My challenge is the batting. I don’t know what to buy. When I made the kids blankets for preschool naps, I used fleece as the batting. The kids all comment on how COZY their blankets are.

    Keep up the great work. I’m really happy I purchased an annual subscription to The Cutting Table. Suzy, you are a top-notch teacher! Your blog is the only quilter button I have on my home page….

    One idea. I don’t have Facebook, no longer post on my blog, but I post on Instagram. Is there any way to have IG accounts listed in the case a person no longer has a website or blog? Just a thought!

  50. C.M. says:

    Hi Suzy, I loved seeing the results. I half wished there was a category on the age group question for -18, but I guess there’s not enough of us to count 😉. On a different note, I hope to get Butterfly Garden soon — I recently got some fabric that will look great with it!

  51. Carolyn Hejna says:

    Hi Suzy, those were very interesting results. I used to sew from yardage of bold big/busy fabrics as well as batiks for quilts until I had a serious illness. After that I really needed quieter surroundings and projects. Now, while I do use fat quarters, they are usually neutrals and smaller prints. Also, I am doing A LOT of solids and so I often prefer quilt kits that put the yardage together for me. Two color quilts/or a few colors are where I am heading. I tend to buy from only a few pattern designers and fabric suppliers/designers. And I do love your patterns. Thanks for asking all of us about this.
    I am 75, and began quilting when I was around age 50. My mother sewed all our clothing, but did no quilts. Ive gone in the other direction. Carolyn

  52. Birgit says:

    Interesting survey results! I’m over 50 and I work full time hence I do not have too much time for quilting. I love precuts because the colors and pattern work well together and it is fast! I also like pattern that are not overly complicated – not because it is difficult but because I am not a patient quilter at all. I love your patterns but for me personally I would prefer if they actually can be done with precuts (well, not all of them but once in a while??)
    My biggest ‘issue’: I buy fabric I love but I cannot find the right pattern! I love that your patterns are shown with different colors and fabrics – Thank you!

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