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As a subscriber you have access to all past issues of The Cutting Table! Each issue contains tutorials, articles, videos, and more. In addition to beautiful photos and content, the first post in each issue is a letter from the editor, Suzy Williams. She gives further insight into the issue’s theme, how it came to fruition, and if there are certain sewing techniques that need special care.

Because this is a living digital mini magazine, no post is archived which means you can comment on any of them and expect a response within our typical 48 hour window. Whether you have a question, a helpful suggestion, or just a word of encouragement saying that you enjoyed the content, your voice will be heard! Friends, we can’t wait to see you around The Cutting Table.

The Cutting Table Issue 5
Issue 6 of The Cutting Table
The Cutting Table Issue 7
Friendship Pillow Set: Matching pillow set made using a modern spin on the friendship star quilt block. #TheCuttingTable
Cutting Table Issue 9
The Cutting Table Issue 10 cover page
The Cutting Table Issue 11 cover. #suzyquilts #TheCuttingTable
The Cutting Table Issue 12
Issue 13 of The Cutting Table
The Cutting Table Issue 14
Issue 15 of The Cutting Table
The Cutting Table Issue 16: April Showers
The Cutting Table Issue 17
Issue 18 of The Cutting Table