Bohemian Garden Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts

The Bohemian Garden Quilt Pattern: Choose Your Own Adventure!

This light-hearted and whimsical design has been itching at my brain for over a year, and only now am I finally scratching that itch. My high school art teacher always emphasized the importance of an artist's "layering of experiences." I think about that all the time when tracing back the inception of a design.

Terial Magic is a stabilizing spray that makes fabric completely stiff, so you can use it like paper! You can even send it through your printer.
Sewing Tools

Terial Magic: Your New Favorite Fabric Stabilizer

If you're a quilt-til-you-drop kinda sewer, such as myself, stabilizers may not be on your radar. For garment sewists, bag makers and other crafters, stabilizing papers and adhesives are just another tool lining the shelves of their studios. So, my quilters, before hopping into the magic that is Terial Magic, and before giving you the cuuuuutest quilt labels designed by yours truly, let's review a quick Stabilizers 101.